Fan Art Wednesday

Oh man, I have waited for this day since the past weekend. My sister has drawn some amazing pieces of art and I have been so excited to share them with you. So, with no further delay, here they are.

The Empowering Princess Leia


For International Women’s Day, my sister drew this beautiful piece highlighting the two most impactful and inspiring heroines in the Star Wars franchise.

Bilbo and Smaug


Based off of the moment Bilbo comes face to face with the terrifying dragon, Smaug, in The Hobbit, my sister depicts the scene in an utterly stunning way that left me completely flabbergasted, wowed, and actually emotional. As a child, I would read books and gaze at the art in those pages in awe. This piece gave me that feeling of being a child by wowing me so immensely with this piece.

Ascending the Steps of Ahch-To


Rey ascending the steps of Ahch-To to find Luke Skywalker is still my favorite ending in Star Wars and this beautiful take on that scene depicted by my sister is EVERYTHING! I love it so much, I watched her slowly but meticulously bring it to life, and it makes me want to watch The Force Awakens.



Beautiful! Absolutely. Beautiful!!! Cate Blanchett is one of my favorite actresses, one of my favorite roles of hers is Galadriel, and the fact that my sister was able to bring her to life in such a simplistic yet powerful way is utterly breathtaking. Wow!

Usually, I only share two pieces for Fan Art Wednesday but I couldn’t help adding two extra pieces because they were so amazing in their own right.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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