The Stormtroopers: Part 13

FN-3043 tapped FN-1217’s shoulder. “I just saw Kylo Ren go through a door down there,” he said.

Seventeen looked in the direction that FN-3043 was indicating Kylo Ren had gone.

“Honestly, Double-Three, how can you think this is a good idea? Haven’t you heard the things that the Supreme Leader has done to those who upset him?”

3043 glanced sidelong at him.

“They’re never good,” 1217 finished.

3043 dropped his helmet, readjusting his grip on his blaster.

“I’m tired of following the rules. Our friends followed the rules and look, they’re dead. Why are we down here? Who are we fighting against? What are we fighting for? No one will tell us because no one cares about us!”

FN-3043’s expression grew sterner.

“Well, I’m tired of playing the mindless soldier,” 3043 continued. “I’m going to find out some answers. For you, for me, and for Two-Three. I can only ask if you’re with me?”

A strong gust blew Seventeen’s locks across his dark-skinned face, intensifying the moment.

“You know, if we get in trouble…we could be killed,” 1217 stated.

“Seventeen, that’s obvious.”

1217 nodded before he too dropped his helmet, his lips drawn in a determined line.

“Then I’m with you, Double-Three,” he said.

FN-3043 smiled.


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