‘The Clone Wars’ Delivers Its Best Episode Yet

I love Ahsoka. She’s become my favorite Star Wars heroine (even past Rey) because of her empowering, inspiring, and fascinating story throughout the franchise. Now that the “Bad Batch” storyline is over the season has turned to Ahsoka Tano and catching back up with her since last we saw her. Unsurprisingly this fifth episode, “Gone With a Trace” was more than enjoyable. It was exciting!


We got to delve deep into Ahsoka’s emotional contemplation over no longer being a Jedi in a really brief and quiet moment that was a bit heartbreaking. We were introduced to two new characters, a pair of sisters named Trace and Rafa who are simply trying to survive in the criminal underworld of Coruscant, and speaking of this underworld, we got to see a whole new side of Coruscant we’ve never seen before.

I loved every moment of this episode for so many reasons and now I’m really excited to see where this story continues to go over the next few weeks. Things are only going to get better and I’m ready for all of it.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.

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