The Stormtroopers: Part 18

Kylo Ren saw Seeth and his teeth clenched.

“He must be stopped,” he said.

The Knight of Ren named Cardo placed a hand on his shoulder.

“But how Master?” he asked through his mask.

Kylo’s gaze turned to him.

“The Force is the only thing that can contain his power,” he said. “I must use it.”

FN-3043 and FN-1217 watched this in gape-mouthed silence, not understanding what the Supreme Leader and his Knights were speaking of.

“When do you think we can make a run for it?” 3043 asked.

A chunk of stone the size of a TIE fighter motor raced by.

“Honestly, I’m afraid to move,” Seventeen said.

Kylo Ren raised his hand, his gloved fingers seeming to reach toward an invisible purchase.

Seeth saw them and snarled.

“How dare you try to use the Force against me,” he boomed.

He thrust his hand forward and the very wind’s speed increased.

The Supreme Leader and his fellow Knights withstood the storm but the troopers were sent tumbling. FN-3043 tried to grab something but his armored hands couldn’t find anything. He screamed.

As rocks zipped by him and he couldn’t stop sliding he knew he was going to die. His time had come. Like so many other troopers before him. And then, his fingers grasped stone and with a yell, he held on for dear life.

He looked back and saw that FN-1217 was still tumbling to the edge of the overlook where a hundred-foot drop awaited anyone who fell over it.

“Seventeen!” FN-3043 cried.

1217 yelled.

FN-3043 could only watch in horror as FN-1217 slid, flailing for a grip, until he was eventually gone, over the edge. 3043 gasped.


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