The Stormtroopers: Part 19

FN-3043 stared at the space where FN-1217 had just been a moment before and couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Was FN-1217 really gone?

3043’s gaze averted to Seeth whose expression was strained.

“You…cannot…defeat me,” the massive being spoke, his hand still outstretched toward Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren.

But the gust had died down and FN-3043 could relinquish his tight grasp on the overlook’s stone. The other Knights, who were knocked unconscious after they charged the giant, began to wake.

“Knights!” the Supreme Leader yelled. “Attack him.”

FN-3043 didn’t care to see what happened next. He ran to the edge of the overlook, hoping to see FN-1217 desperately hanging from a ledge. But as he reached the spot where Seventeen had disappeared all he saw was the forest. FN-3043 shook his head, tears forming in his blue eyes.

“No,” he whispered.

His head fell and his shoulders trembled.

His two best friends, FN-2358 and FN-1217 were gone, lost to the insensible tragedies of war. And for what? He remembered the glorified tales of war in the First Order dormitories. Tales of “heroism” as a stormtrooper were told. Of fighting valiantly for the First Order’s goal of peace and potentially dying for the cause.

It seemed noble when he was safe in his bed listening to the stories. Now, with his friends gone, those stories didn’t seem so grand.

And then behind him, for the first time that evening, Seeth cried out in agony.



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