The Stormtroopers: Part 20

FN-3043 looked back, tear streaks coursing down his pale face. Seeth was crouched, his long fingers grasping his head as he snarled in pain.

“No! I cannot be beaten,” he yelled.

Three Knights of Ren charged his weakened form, their weapons raised to inflict harm. Supreme Leader Kylo Ren kept his hand outstretched to the giants while the other two Knights stood diligently at his side.

3043 watched as the three Knights fastly approached the massive bat-faced man. Seeth saw the Knights about to finish him and with an angry screech, he thrust his right hand forward, lightning shooting from his fingers, sending the Knights flying.

FN-3043 gasped.

The giant’s gaze focused on the Supreme Leader.

“You will die!” the giant screamed defiantly.

He sent a stream of lightning straight to Kylo Ren who barely managed to block the power in time with his red saber. His fellow Knights, unfortunately, were not so lucky as they were struck by the electricity and immediately fell to the ground, unconscious.

Seeth grinned sinisterly, his fangs flashing.

“Your Knights of Ren are no more,” he boasted. “Your powers are weak compared to mine. Your death will be painful. Any last words?”

Kylo Ren could not respond as he used every bit of his strength to block the being’s lightning with his saber to prevent being killed.

FN-3043 knew the Supreme Leader was in trouble. He could see it in the way his feet slid across the overlook floor. He had to do something. Seeth was weakened. If the Knights of Ren could kill him maybe he could too.

His gaze fell on one of the Knight’s weapons; an ax. If he could get to it maybe he could do something. Without wasting another second he sprinted across the overlook, ducking behind massive stones torn from the palace’s ceiling in order to avoid the giant’s attention. Thankfully Kylo Ren was distracting him well enough.

FN-3043 continued his path forward, sweat rolling down his forehead from the anxiety. He was but a few feet away from the weapon. With his breathing quickening, he leaped for it and much to his relief he grabbed it. He looked up and to his great dismay at that very moment, Seeth had overwhelmed Kylo’s defenses.

Kylo Ren yelled as he covered in the being’s lethal electricity. FN-3043 knew he had only seconds to save his Supreme Leader. He charged the giant, urging his legs to move faster than they ever had.

Seeth noticed him and his eyes widened.

“You!” the giant yelled condescendingly.

His fingers crackling with lightning moved away from Kylo Ren, who immediately collapsed, and pointed straight at FN-3043. As the bolt of lightning raced toward the trooper he could only do one thing. He threw the ax as hard as he could, hoping against all hope that it would pierce the giant’s form.

The lightning struck 3043 and he could only gasp at the white-hot pain as it sent him flying backward. He fell on the ground hard, his breathing coming in short pants. He looked over and watched as the ax tumbled end over end through the air and embedded itself in the giant.

Seeth stopped, his mouth hanging open, as the weapon pierced his heart. The giant looked down at the spear, he looked at FN-3043, and then he yelled a cry of unadulterated pain before falling to the overlook facefirst. He was dead.

FN-3043’s gaze faced the sky and his eyes closed.



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