The Stormtroopers: Part 23

FN-3043 hurriedly walked down a corridor, his heart beating quickly in his chest. He felt uncomfortable. He was dressed in a high-collared black shirt, black pants, and boots. These were clothes unworthy of a simple stormtrooper. But he didn’t have time to mind his attire or whether he’d get in trouble. He just wanted to see if the droid was telling him the truth. That his friends were truly still alive.

He reached the door of the stormtroopers’ dormitory and suddenly stopped.

What if the droid had been wrong? What if it had misidentified the wrong people as his friends?

The door suddenly slid open as a pair of chatting stormtroopers exited the dormitory. They didn’t give him so much as a glance. With a deep breath, he entered the area.

His eyes scanned the room; a large space with white walls and polished grey floors.

Plain white chairs were sprawled around the lounge room where troopers sat around unmasked talking jovially amongst each other. Long tables were placed here and there where troopers could be seen sitting quietly and eating.

There was also a small sporting area where there was equipment to stay in shape.

FN-3043 searched every face and couldn’t find FN-2358 and FN-1217 anywhere.

Then, a door opened in the back of the room.

From the door emerged two troopers in their suspected black attire chatting to another happily. When their gazes caught FN-3043’s their eyes widened, as did FN-3043’s.

The droid had been telling the truth.

There were his friends, alive and well.

So, 3043 did the only thing he could do.

He ran to them.



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