The Stormtroopers: Part 28

The elevator doors opened and FN-3043 saw, much to his elation, the medical droid T4-79 waiting for him. The black droid cocked its elongated head when it saw him.

“Judging from your jovial expression the meeting went well,” T4-79 spoke.

FN-3043 launched forward and hugged the droid, a grin on his face.

“Yes, T4, it went very well.”

The droid made a noise of surprise.

“No one has ever hugged me before,” T4-79 said.

3043 released the embrace.

“I don’t know why,” 3043 said. “You’re a great friend.”

The droid’s amber eyes blinked.

“You consider me a friend?”

3043 grinned.

“I always will.”

FN-3043 walked into the dormitory, his heart pounding with excitement. During the entire trek back to the dorms, he had wanted to run. Run as fast as his legs could take him. But he had to stay conservative and calmly but briskly walk through the Destroyer’s corridors.

Now that he was in the stormtroopers’ quarters he could release himself from such restraint and he did. He ran into the main area, his gaze scanning the room for his friends’ faces. When he saw them on the far side of the room sitting in two chairs he sprinted to them, a wide grin on his face.

“Two-Three! Seventeen!” he called.

Every stormtrooper in the area looked at him, expressions of confusion on their faces.

FN-2358 and FN-1217 saw him and stood.

“What’s wrong, Double Three?” FN-2358 asked.

He took both of his friends and drew them into a tight hug, taking them by surprise. He then kissed them both on their sides of their foreheads which caused their confusion to deepen. Seventeen looked at him.

“What has gotten into you, Double Three?” FN-1217 said.

FN-3043 couldn’t stop grinning.

“Kylo Ren! He made me a captain. And I have a name now. Captain Spere!”

“Wait wait wait,” FN-2358 said. “Kylo Ren rose your rank to Captain?”

FN-3043 nodded.

“Captain Spere?” FN-1217 said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah,” FN-3043 said, still beaming.

His two friends looked at each other, looked at him, and then they clobbered him with an even tighter hug, bright smiles on their faces as they knocked him to the ground with their joy. Eavesdropping stormtroopers hurried over, congratulating him as they stood around and clapped.

And as this happened all he could do was laugh and smile as his friends pummeled him with excited punches. This was a day he’d never forget.

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