Marvel vs. DC: Whose Outfits Are Better?

Marvel Studios and the DC Extended Universe have taken the superhero world by storm with their incredible films that have generated billions upon billions of dollars and while the superheroes that have helmed these films are usually really enjoyable and easy to get behind sometimes their incredible outfits help make them that much cooler. And so, because the DC Universe has only six major superheroes in their roster so far I’m going to compare their suits with six of Marvel’s best-outfitted heroes. Enjoy!

Superman vs. Doctor Strange

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Superman’s outfit is basically the classic design but what makes this suit stand out are the metallic accents to the waist area. It makes the suit look alien and it provides a slightly epic feel to the overall outfit. Now I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman because of his suit; the red cape just never appealed to me, but I will admit that Henry Cavill wears it well and makes it not look as corny as it used to.


Doctor Strange’s outfit is also highly inspired by the original design from the comics and that’s why it’s perfect. The high collared red cloak provides an impeccable sorcerer sort of look and the dark blue robes and several belts also make him look different in a very good way. There is no doubt who I think wins this round.

Marvel: 1 point

The Flash vs. Spider-Man


I’ve never been a fan of Flash’s suit as well but I have to admit, they did a remarkable job on actually making a rather fascinating looking suit for the speedy hero. The yellow on the sides of the head doesn’t look corny, the lightning symbol on the chest actually looks cool, and the armored material they used for the suit makes it rather stunning. Whoever designed this outfit did a marvelous job because I can look at him and say, “Wow, he doesn’t look corny.” That’s a win in itself.


I’ve always liked Spider-Man’s suit and after Tony Stark made it into basically an Iron Man suit it has become even cooler but it’s facing some pretty stiff competition against The Flash. Now as it stands The Flash has won this round but The Flash can never beat the Iron-Spidey Suit.


This suit is AMAZING!

DC Universe: 1 point

Cyborg vs. Vision

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Cyborg, of course, doesn’t have a suit. He is the suit. Now, I’ve always wondered what Cyborg would look like if he was live-action and for the most part he’s kind of really cool. I like the red and blue and I like the crumply look of his robotic form. Could he have looked better? Of course he could have but overall he’s a pretty cool cyborg. ūüôā


Vision is awesome, pure and simple. I remember when I first saw him in¬†Avengers: Age of Ultron¬†I was utterly shocked. It was Tony Stark’s AI, Jarvis, come to life, in this sentient¬†being who could make his own clothes just by a single thought, who had a mind stone lodged in his forehead, and was so powerful he could pick up Thor’s hammer with ease. *jaw drop* And not only was that amazing but he also looked really interesting too.


I love the golden cape, the silver metal across his deep red skin, and the grey of his suit. Vision has one of my favorite outfits in the MCU and that is why he has clearly won this round.

Marvel: 2 points                                                                    DC Universe: 1 point

Aquaman vs. Iron Man


I did not like the comic book version of Aquaman in the slightest. I mean popsicle orange and lime green, ugh, that’s a bad color combination any way you look at it and so when they announced Aquaman was going to debut in¬†Justice League¬†I was not excited. And then I saw the revised version of the underwater Atlantean hero and I was so happy. His suit in¬†Aquaman¬†made me only happier.

I love the scaled armor, I dig the gleaming gold and almost seaweed-green pairing. He’s really the only DC superhero whose look is completely different than his comic book counterpart and I love that they decided to not make him wack anymore.


Iron Man is impeccably designed, pure and simple. I was a young child when the first two¬†Iron Man¬†films came out and even though I wasn’t old enough to completely watch them at the time I still remember the awe I felt every time I saw Iron Man with his gold and red armored suit. He was amazing, a work of pure genius, and he was my favorite superhero for quite a while. Now it’s ten years later and his suit still continues to improve and get cooler as the years go by.

This category is a tough one for me because I like both of these hero’s outfits so much. You know what, this category has come to a tie.

Marvel: 3 points                                                                   DC Universe: 2 points

Batman vs. Black Panther


Batman is cool, cool, cool, and did I say he was cool? I have loved Batman’s outfit ever since I was a baby. The long flowing cape, the black suit, the pointed ears, everything about Batman’s outfit is five stars. Now the thing about Batman is every actor who dons the superhero’s suit wears it differently. Personally, I think Christian Bale wore the dark knight’s outfit the best because he was small and lean like a ninja and the cape hung off his shoulders in such a magnificent way. Ben Affleck, at times, makes the Batman suit work but most of the time I just feel that he’s too big. Now I know the cartoon version is rather hefty but I like lean Batman (Christian Bale and Michael Keaton) better than bulky Batman (Ben Affleck).

MV5BMTUyODAwNzAyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjAyNTQ5MjI@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,937_AL_ (1).jpg

Black Panther has been cool since he appeared in¬†Captain America: Civil War.¬†His suit is sleek, I love the silver in the helmet and around the neck, and it can repel bullets because it’s made out of vibranium. AWESOME! There’s no conversation about this suit. It’s impeccably designed, simple as that.

Now if Black Panther was going against Christian Bale’s Batman this category would probably end in another tie but because it isn’t Marvel wins yet another round.

Marvel: 4 points                                                                   DC Universe: 2 points

Wonder Woman vs. Captain Marvel


Wonder Woman has always been an inspiring hero for women and girls since she was created in the previous century but I’ve never been a fan of her suit…until now. They modernized the Wonder Woman look and I love it. I love the maroon in the bodice, the dark blue in the skirt, and the gold throughout the suit. I also love her tiara, her beautiful shield, her wonderful lasso, and that amazing sword of hers. Another thing that’s impressive about the suit is that even though it does expose a lot of skin it never feels inappropiate and that’s very important. Now my favorite version of her suit is the one she wore in¬†Batman vs. Superman.¬†


It was a darker color and because I love darkly colored outfits since they always look the coolest this was undoubtedly my favorite version of the Amazonian goddess. The dark color of her suit made her also look more epic in my opinion but they didn’t stick with that design so, oh well.


Like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel’s design consists of lines and colors distinctly focused on red and blue while combining an armored feel along with a comfortable fabric-lined suit.


And don’t even get me started with her outfit in¬†Avengers: Endgame¬†with the uber-rad sash design and the ab illusion. Captain Marvel looks like a boss, which she should.

Now her competition is pretty intense. I mean she’s going against Wonder Woman! Between these two heroines, it almost feels unfair to choose but I think I’ll give Captain Marvel the point.

Marvel: 5 pts                                                                                                       DC Universe: 2 pts

Shazam vs. Captain America


Shazam, next to Superman, feels like the most righteous hero in the DC Extended Universe with his pure heart and innocent values, making him the perfect hero to compare to Captain America.

As you can see, Shazam’s rocking the all-red suit but what brings class to the overall look is the fancy white cape and golden belts/boots, adding pizazz to a suit that could’ve, overall, looked really bad.


And then you have Captain America sporting the red, white, and blue colors of the United States of America. Not only does he look patriotic but his suit is pretty awesome on top of all of that.

It’s very easy to decide who’s getting the point between these two.

Marvel: 6 points                                                                  DC Universe: 2 points


Ding, ding, ding. Knock out! Marvel wins yet again! It’s a shame because I really was hoping that maybe the DC Universe could at least beat Marvel with their superhero’s outfits but there’s a reason why Marvel beats them every time. Marvel evolves. I mean take Captain America for example. In every movie, he comes back looking a little different.

In Captain America: The First Avenger he had more of a traditional design.

Then in The Avengers, he was at his wackest with that super tight blue suit with the awful red and blue stripes along the midsection and that horrible mask.


At that point in time Captain America was my least favorite Avenger mainly because of his horrendous outfit. Then they adjusted and made him uber cool with that dark blue suit in The Winter Soldier and ever since his character has changed for the better.


And that can be said with many of the characters in the Marvel films. Every character has changed in these Marvel movies, some considerably and sometimes they have only minor changes that you would miss if you weren’t really paying attention. I love that about Marvel and that’s why they’re still going strong. And with the X-Men joining the MCU there are going to undoubtedly be more superhero movies, plus more superhero outfits to gawk over, for another decade.

Yeah, I’m trying to jump on the DC Universe bandwagon but until they start making their movies and heroes better Marvel will always, unfortunately, win.

I thank you for reading my post and I hope you have a wonderful day.




One thought on “Marvel vs. DC: Whose Outfits Are Better?”

  1. This is such such such a damn biased article. You have clearly favored Marvel on literally everything. Yes, Marvel is great but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING can beat the costumes of DCEU


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