Watching ‘The Matrix’ For the First Time

Growing up in the United States as an avid movie lover The Matrix has been as constant a pop culture phenomenon as the likes of Star Trek. I vaguely knew what the movie was about, I’d seen bits and pieces of some of the films in no particular order but had no idea what was going on. So, last night, I decided to watch The Matrix for the first time. Dang, it was better than I expected!

I’ve seen a lot of science-fiction films but this was definitely a trippier one than most movies I’ve seen of this genre. It’s like the next level story of The Terminator‘s concept–A.I. takes over humanity–but adds horror to the recipe. I was positively blown away by the simple but easily riveting story that concocted a movie that would permeate pop culture forever.

By the end, when Keanu Reeves’ Neo finally tapped into his full potential against The Matrix, I was positively pumped and ultimately pleased with the overall experience. No, it isn’t the best science-fiction movie I’ve ever seen but heck yeah it was enjoyable and I’m glad I finally watched it.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.


5 thoughts on “Watching ‘The Matrix’ For the First Time”

  1. My honest recommendation: now that you’ve seen the Matrix? Stop watching. Don’t watch the sequels. It would’ve been better if they’d left it alone, because an excellent piece of open-ended dystopian sci fi that ends with a slight ray of hope. I have a coworker who feigns skepticism that the sequels even exist.

    I will refrain from spoilers, though, for it is likely that you will give in to the dark side and ignore my advice. 😉

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    1. Thanks for telling me. The funny thing is, I’ve seen bits and pieces of the other ones (I didn’t know what was going on though) and I didn’t like them.Your advice is reaffirming what I suspected.


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