Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eight

As the storm’s power increased Valkyrie hurried through New Asgard, ignoring the cheers of her supporters or the jeers of those hoping to see her fail. Through the noise of the thunderstorm, she could hear Grail’s voice calling after her but she didn’t have time to stop and chat. She had the battle to prepare for.

When she entered her small home and slammed the door shut behind her she stopped, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. She paused for several seconds, forcing herself to remain calm and to forget the raw fear she was feeling deep down. She could still run.

“But you won’t,” she spoke out loud to herself.

With that declaration, she exhaled a long breath and turned on the light.

The house was simple; there was a small living room and a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom in the back half of the house. She wasn’t a fan of decoration, hence the white walls were not adorned with portraits or paintings and the tables weren’t topped with vases or pictures or plants. This lack of decoration kept her from thinking about the past. Besides, she had her fill of over-excessive interior design on Sakaar. She could deal with a home that was a little plain.

Running a hand through her wet hair, she walked through her house to the bedroom and opened the closet. Inside were a few normal garments but there, tucked away into the darkest corner of the closet was her armor. She ran a hand over the tough fibers of her breastplate, felt the soft fabric of her blue cape, and immediately she was swarmed by Thor’s kindness, for he was the one who had given this armor back to her when they strove to save Asgard from Hela’s return.

She still remembered sliding on the armor for the first time in nearly a thousand years on that stolen ship from Sakaar. She had expected to feel a sense of despair. Instead, it felt like she had freed herself from the anguish of the past, that she had finally come to grips with what had happened and was ready to move on.

She hadn’t planned on wearing this armor to the Test of Valor. Now, she knew there was no other way she would represent herself.

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