‘The Clone Wars’ Isn’t Kidding With This Dark Theme

The Clone Wars has always been an animated series that hasn’t been afraid to push the envelope on the darker side and the last three episodes of this momentous final season have proven that point with flying colors.

The latest episode, “Shattered”, features the moment the dreaded Order 66 goes into effect, but this time we get to see Ahsoka’s side of the story. The anxiety, the emotions, the music, everything about this episode reeks epicness. On Monday (May the 4th), the season finale arrives and I am beyond excited. It should be a conclusion worth waiting years for.

Now, personally, my favorite episode of The Siege of Mandalore storyline has been “The Phantom Apprentice” simply because the duels between Ahsoka and Maul were pretty fantastic but it’s safe to say “Shattered” wasn’t too shabby in the awesome department either.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the Force be with you.

2 thoughts on “‘The Clone Wars’ Isn’t Kidding With This Dark Theme”

  1. “Shattered” was probably the most tense episode of the series. There’s repeated milestone moments spliced in hinting at exactly where in “Revenge of the Sith” you are at a given moment, like a “you are here” sign in motion. You know the excrement is about to hit the rotating blades. And when Ahsoka gets on her Star Destroyer, there’s an underlying dread because you know at the moment, she’s going to basically be the equivalent of Ripley stuck on a ship full of aliens.

    Much looking forward to the end.

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