Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Three

Zorii had seen tyranny but there was nothing quite like the First Order’s grip. A little under a year ago the regime armed with their red and black flag and obnoxious attitude occupied Kijimi City. They pretended to be “protectors” who were assigned to protecting the citizens from any activity caused by the Resistance. It wasn’t long before their true colors began to show.

First came the frisking in broad daylight to any wandering civilian who simply looked at the white-armored troopers the wrong way. Then came the regulations. And finally the curfew. Some civilians tried to fight back and voice their anger against the policy. Those individuals went missing. After that, the city quieted and not long after the First Order started raiding homes, kidnapping children from their slumber to be forced into their armies.

People fought back. A secret rebel cell had grown in the city’s underground. And now the nights were filled with the screams of children and the noise of battle as the rebels tried to fight back against the First Order. Zorii couldn’t handle it anymore. She needed to get to the colonies, get a better life, maybe give up the life of crime. Maybe.

Who knows. Maybe she’d even get the notion to join the Resistance. Perhaps she’d be reunited with Dameron. What a thought. He’d probably laugh. And she’d shrug.

“Probably thought you’d never see me here, did you?” he would say.

He’d step close to her. “Actually, I had a hunch you would.”

The sound of someone slamming their door shut as she walked by their home jarred her from her daydreaming. Good thing too, as she noticed a squad of stormtroopers heading her way. They saw her and immediately their paces quickened. She could understand why clad in this helmet like she was. She looked like a prime suspect of the rebel cell in this city. She didn’t wait to see if they were coming after her.

She turned a corner, her boots casting deep prints into the incessant white blanket of snow as she broke into a full sprint. She could hear the muffled orders of the troopers ordering one another to get her. She unholstered her blaster and whirled as they rounded the corner, downing two of them in an instant. She then continued running as the troopers chased after her, vaulting down a flight of stairs and nearly slipping at the bottom. She grunted, annoyed with herself.

“What a morning,” she muttered.

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