‘Singing’ In the Rain’ Is a Fun Musical

My mother provided my love for musicals once she showed me An American in Paris, the first musical to ever win Best Picture. Since then, I have wanted to watch all of the great musicals. I’ve recently seen The Sound of Music and now I’ve added Singing’ In the Rain to the list.

Of course, it’s famous for its most famous tune, “Singin’ In the Rain” but beyond that I had no idea what the film’s plot was. So imagine my surprise when I watched the movie and learned that it was about an actor in the film industry who had to tackle the growing complexities of the movie industry when movies with sound became the thing to watch.


Jean Hagen was a hilarious antagonist as the visually-captivating yet truthfully dimwitted Lina Lamont. Her voice was so comical and really brought a humor to the movie that I wasn’t expecting.

Of course, I’m a Gene Kelly fan. The man can dance, taking us on a heartfelt story as he danced, sung, and beamed across the screen. And Debbie Reynolds, oh, it was the first movie I had ever seen starring the well-known actress and to know that she was Carrie Fisher’s mother just makes her that much more interesting.

All in all, I loved the film and would probably watch it again in the future. I’m giving this movie 95 out of 100 and 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s no An American in Paris but it is worth watching.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

3 thoughts on “‘Singing’ In the Rain’ Is a Fun Musical”

  1. I also see Singing in the Rain as a fun musical.

    I am a massive musical fan: I was raised on musicals. At first I enjoyed them. But it wasn’t until I saw Wicked on Broadway that I started to fall in love with them. However, another musical would turn the love into a passion: that musical was Les Mis. So family, Wicked, and Les Mis are the three main things that made me the musical theatre fan I am today

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      1. It is really good. Despite being heartbreaking, still an inspiring musical. Even I can’t fully put into words why I love it

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