Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Seven

It wasn’t long before Zorii had joined the fray. The tunnels were crowded with First Order stormtroopers firing into the darkness at the rebels who peeked from their hiding places only to down their enemies or to be shot down in the process. Bliss helped the rebels’ odds big time when she joined the fray.

She tore into the First Order’s flank, letting off a barrage of blaster fire from her two blasters before rolling forward, rising to a crouch and shooting several troopers’ kneecaps out from under them before finishing them off with precise shots to the head.

The troopers turned as they realized a new (and much more dangerous) enemy had joined the party but they weren’t ready for her speed and agility. She danced through their ranks, using her blasters as both handheld weapons to knock her opponents unconscious before ending their miserable lives with efficient blasts. It wasn’t long before this particular squadron of troopers was taken care of but the fight was far from over.

As she surveyed the tunnels to make sure there were no more survivors the surviving rebels hurried toward her. One individual, a familiar older man with thinning white hair and rugged features by the name of Joon, approached her.

“Zorii Bliss. For once I’m glad to see you. We were getting our asses kicked…if you didn’t notice.”

Zorii had no time for jokes. She knew the First Order and she knew this squadron was just a test to root out the rebels. She holstered her blasters. “There’s a boy by the entrance. He’s dead.”

One of the rebels, a young girl with brown skin and dark brown eyes gasped. Without another word, she ran by Zorii in the direction of the tunnel entrance. A second later, they could hear her cries echoing through the tunnel. Zorii’s heart panged at the sound of grief. She had lost those she cared about before. The pain still had never truly faded.

Several of the other rebels went to console the teenager while Joon remained with Zorii, a grim expression upon his face.

“How did they find us?” he mumbled darkly.

“There’s scum in your midst,” Bliss assured him. “An agent who helped give the First Order all of the information they needed. Right now, the entire length of these tunnels is compromised. As we speak the First Order is attacking the other entrances. That leaves you with only have one option; escape and live to fight another day.”

A muscular man with blond hair and a strong jaw stepped forward, his eyebrows creased into an angry expression. “I don’t know who you think we are lady but we are not cowards. We fight the First Order on a daily basis and now they think they can scare us by coming to us? We will not back down from this fight.”

Joon nodded. “I agree. This is our moment. We know these tunnels better than they ever will. Now that we know what to expect, we’ll give the First Order a fight we’ve always dreamed of.”

Zorii shook her head. “The First Order will crush you!”

“They only crush the weak.” Joon looked her up and down with apparent disdain. “Apparently you’re one of them.”

He turned, his rebels following him as he moved deeper into the underground labyrinth. A second later, there was an earth-shattering explosion that sent Zorii careening back into the stone wall of the tunnel just as an avalanche of stone and rock rained down upon the very rebels that she had been talking to, crushing them instantly. As her head collided with the wall she was knocked unconscious, crumpling to the ground as rubble fell around her in a cloud of dense brown smoke.



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