Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Ten

It wasn’t long before Zorii and her band of spice runners found the secret First Order base hidden in a well-fortified cave on the side of the towering mountain that reached toward the cloudless blue sky.  From their vantage point on a small cliff opposite the base, they were able to see just how difficult finishing this job was going to be.

Two-legged AT-ST Walkers patrolled the plateau in front of the cave, their every step announcing their intimidating presence. But Bliss and her runners had taken down AT-ST’s before. That wasn’t the problem. It was the small army that resided within the secret base located inside of the mountain. Squadrons of troopers were protecting the cowardly First Order captain. For some reason, the thought made Bliss angry.

Gibble seemed less than enthusiastic about their chances of actually completing this job. “That’s a lot of First Order. We don’t have the firepower to defeat them.”

Zorii nodded. “No, we don’t.” She looked at him. “But we are good at diversions.”

Gibble’s shoulders tensed. “I’m not liking the sound of this.”

Bliss turned to look back at the base. “I’m going to need you and the runners to cause a big ruckus. One that’ll pull the troopers and Walkers down into the valley while I sneak into the base and get the medallion.”

“It won’t work…and you’ll get killed,” Gibble protested.

“Don’t worry about me,” she said, tapping the DISC on her back. “I can handle myself.”

“I don’t like the sound of this,” he said, still sounding skeptical.

“Hey, neither do I but if we’re going to get off this planet we have to take chances,” she said. She placed her hand on his shoulder. “Be brave, Gibble.”

He scoffed. “We’re Spice Runners. We don’t have morals or bravery. You know that.”

She grinned beneath the helmet. “Well, it’s time for a change of attitude.”

“Why do I always get myself into these pickles because of you?!”

“Maybe because you actually like me,” she said.

He nudged her. “Good luck.”

With that, he and the spice runners were off to create the diversion while Bliss ran the other way, hurrying into the valley to await her moment. It wasn’t long before she heard the appropriately loud explosion followed by the distinct crash of an AT-ST Walker. Alarms went off, there was the noise of troopers and their running feet and the various pew-pews of blaster fire. When everything seemed to quiet down just a little bit she hurried forward, dashing toward the base. The First Order’s forces were disappearing further into the mountain, leaving her the opening she needed.

“Good luck, Gibble,” she said before hurrying into the base to find the medallion.

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