Zorii Bliss: A Day in Kijimi: Chapter Eleven

Captain Anjor, a blond-haired human, was a stern woman whose goal to rise in the ranks of the First Order wasn’t happening quick enough for her liking. She had been stuck with the task of overseeing the operations on Kijimi; a job that proved a lot more difficult than she expected.

The pesky rebel cell in the city had hounded her every operation, catching the First Order by surprise. There were rumors. Rumors that she would be replaced and sent down even lower in the ranks if she continued to make a bad impression on the First Order. She couldn’t afford that to happen.

And yet now, as she stood in a small room on the uppermost level of the base gazing out of the window that overlooked the valley before her, she felt a true sense of fear. The valley was filled with explosions and blaster fire from a small group of masked individuals in thick coats who hounded her forces with vicious impunity. She thought she had escaped the rebels. She thought she would be safe here. But that wasn’t the truth, was it?

Her mother’s disapproving looks she would always give her as a child returned to her mind. Her mother who seemed to hold the very wisdom of the galaxy in the recesses of her small brain.

“Power is not obtained from greed, young one,” her mother would tell her.

Maybe, finally, Anjor was beginning to comprehend those words. But it was too late. She could hear blaster fire outside and she knew, with her eyes closing, the rebels had come for her.

Zorii made her way through the rebel base with relative ease…if taking down small squads of stormtroopers around every corner was easy. The DISC helped matters as it floated alongside her shooting at everything in sight. Its tracker was set on the First Order captain and it wasn’t long before they had found the captain’s whereabouts which lied expectedly at the end of an ominous hallway on the top level of the base.

She leaned against the wall to catch her breath. She glanced at the hovering droid.


The droid responded with a simple deep bloop. She nodded.

“Okay then. Open the door.”

The droid obliged, hurrying over to the keypad and attaching itself to it, thus hacking the system. The door slid open but not without a cost. A volt of electricity coursed through the DISC, frying its inner circuitry in a mere second.

“DISC!” Zorii cried out.

The droid didn’t respond as it clattered to the floor, lifeless. Blaster fire filled the space in front of her as the captain within the room sent a barrage of blaster fire through the open door. She pressed herself against the wall to avoid being caught in the deadly onslaught.

She could hear approaching footsteps. If she didn’t act now she would be trapped and most likely killed. To her great relief, the barrage ended for just a second but it was long enough. She rolled into the room, aiming her blasters at the sweating, trembling woman on the far side of the room by the window. The captain’s blue eyes were wide as saucers and full of fear. It made Zorii hesitate from pulling the trigger.

“It’s over, Captain. Give me your medallion and I’ll let you live.”

“I don’t barter with rebel scum,” the captain spat.

She held up her left hand and when Zorii looked her eyes widened. She noticed the detonator just as the captain pressed down on the stark red button. Bliss closed her eyes, expecting to feel a great heat and then experience nothing more. To her great surprise, nothing happened. She opened her eyes and found the captain staring down at the detonator in sheer horror. Bliss would’ve laughed if her heart wasn’t beating so hard.

“I’m going to say it again. Give me the medallion.”

The First Order captain, white as a ghost and trembling like a leaf, threw the medallion o Bliss. “Here. Take it and get out. I’ve called for reinforcements so you’re not going to get very far anyway.”

Zorii picked up the medallion just as she heard the patented whining motor of a TIE Fighter engine. She raised her gaze to the window where she could see three TIEs approaching with clear intention to destroy. She sighed.

Things are never easy, she thought to herself.

She set her left blaster to stun and shot the captain who cried out as she crumpled to the floor. Zorii turned as if to leave the room when she noticed a squadron of troopers rounding the corner.

With TIES coming to send the valley into a mess of flame and troopers at her front there was only one thing she could say.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”


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