‘Just Mercy’: How Could This Movie Not be Nominated for Best Picture?!

I watched Just Mercy for the first time on Juneteenth on TBS. I’m going to be honest. I was bored at first but then…once the story got moving it didn’t let up. Just Mercy is a depressing yet empowering story depicting the struggles of the common black man and how we find ways to overcome the prejudice that tries to beat us down. It’s an even more poignant film when you look at the world around us at this very moment, at the people of all races who are finally standing up and saying enough is enough.

Just Mercy on several occasions had me crying as I stared at the screen, either horrified by what I was witnessing or inwardly cheering at the triumphs that so many of my people don’t get a chance to enjoy.

It was a beautiful story, led by two brilliant performances by Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan, both of whom got snubbed at the Oscars and the Golden Globes despite giving some of the best performances of their lives.

Selma, a story told a million times through documentaries and personal accounts was nominated for Best Picture six years ago. So how could a movie that tells the story of a relatively unknown African-American whose deeds are just as impactful as Martin Luther King’s not be nominated for Best Picture also? Continue reading ‘Just Mercy’: How Could This Movie Not be Nominated for Best Picture?!

‘Ford v. Ferrari’: A Heck of a Good Movie

I knew when it was announced that Christian Bale and Matt Damon were going to star in a film about the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari that it was going to be a good movie. Turns out, I wasn’t wrong.

Ford v. Ferrari was one of eight films to get nominated for Best Picture last year and deservedly so. The movie tells a well-told story of the rivalry between the car companies and the classic bromance between two men who have a common purpose; that being highlighting Ford as the greatest car company that it could be at the time.

Based on the true story of race car driver Ken Miles, this movie never stops to bore you. It’s constantly keeping you on your toes, whether the scene is taking place on the race track or in a restaurant.

The screenplay is well-written and had me laughing an occasion of times. The actors cast for every role was perfect. And even though I would still award Parasite for Best Picture (for its blatant originality) this was definitely one of the best films of 2019 and is a definite must-watch.

I’m giving this 97 out of 100 and 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is darn near perfect and I honestly didn’t expect it to be that good.

It is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: A Decent Superhero Movie That Had Me Riveted

I’ve been very interested in watching X-Men movies lately and my latest venture led me to watch X-Men: Apocalypse. I’m one of those casual X-Men fans who watch the movies but don’t take the story that seriously, especially that I’ve watched the X-Men films in such a wrong order (X-Men: Days of Future PastLoganX-Men: Dark PhoenixX-Men: First ClassX-Men, and just now, X-Men: Apocalypse.)

Before I share my review of this particular film let me share with you micro-reviews of these other X-Men movies to give you an idea of how I feel about these movies.

X-MenNot a bad Marvel film, especially for 2000. A-

X-Men: First ClassSuper wack, especially the CGI. In fact, I couldn’t finish it because it looked so bad but I got the gist. C+

X-Men: Days of Future PastA heck of a good X-Men movie that actually takes its story seriously. A

X-Men: Dark PhoenixNot nearly as bad as the fans and critics say. There were some great action sequences that had me pumped. After watching all of these films, I’m actually kind of excited to maybe see this movie again. A-

LoganRaw, gritty, fantastically written, dark, the best X-Men movie ever made by far. A+

Okay, there are my micro-reviews. So now that you know how I feel about those films let me tell you, in greater detail, how I feel about X-Men: Apocalypse. Continue reading ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: A Decent Superhero Movie That Had Me Riveted

‘Interstellar’ Is the Perfect Movie for Father’s Day

It’s Father’ Day and that means it’s time to spend time with Dad in whatever way you deem worthy of such a special holiday. I love to watch movies with my father and the film that is not only one of the best movies ever made but is perfect for Father’s Day is Interstellar. Why you may ask? Because it highlights the beautiful relationship between a father and daughter, a relationship that isn’t often shown in most movies. And what a relationship it is.


It’s a love that transcends gravity, time, and space, culminating into one of the best science-fiction stories told on the big screen of all time. If you haven’t seen this movie yet I hope you will choose to watch it one day because it is truly remarkable (and should’ve been nominated for Best Picture.)

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day.

‘John Adams’: A Beautiful Historical Nonfiction

I am a fan of books, mostly fiction. One day several months ago I started reading this book, John Adams, which was written by the Pulitzer Prize author, David McCullough. Within the first few pages, I was riveted. This was unlike any nonfictional book I had ever read. David McCullough brought a sort of fictional feel to this real story that happened centuries ago.

The Amazing Pictures in John Adams

One thing that made this book so fun to read were the pictures. There are three sections that show you some amazing pictures pertaining to that part of the book. There are paintings of historical figures like King George III, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and many other people. There are also letters you can read written by John Adams himself as well as drawings of some of the places he visited. These fabulous drawings and paintings were a quarter of the reason why I loved this book so much.

annlyelja2x (1).jpg

The People in John Adams

Not only did I learn a great deal about John Adams but I also got an in depth look at the people around him. One of my favorite bits about this book is his relationship with his best friend, Thomas Jefferson. It was fascinating reading about them taking trips through rural England, which from David McCullough’s descriptive storytelling, allowed me to envision the gorgeous places they visited. His love for his wife, Abigail Adams, was just as palpable. There were many love letters John Adams wrote that gave me a personal insight into their relationship. The growth of his children was another wonderful thing to read. It felt like by the end of the book I knew the children as well as I had gotten to know John Adams himself. David McCullough also gave a fascinating a detailed look into the people around him who founded Congress as well as the french leaders who he negotiated with as an American diplomat during the turbulent times of the American Revolution.

The Story of John Adams

It was amazing following John Adam’s journey throughout his ninety-one years of his life. From when he was but a young man traipsing after girls at Harvard to when he was a wise elder residing with his family after years of hard work for his country. It was enthralling reading about his diplomatic journey throughout Europe. My favorite part of John Adam’s story was when he was running to become president. It was exciting, riveting, and very interesting to learn of how he became the second president of the United States. Throughout all of these fantastic achievements, he obtained he never stopped loving his past and where he came from. He always dreamed of returning back to his hometown of Braintree, Massachusetts, and living a simple farmer’s life. His love of his humble beginnings never swayed and allowed him to never be corrupted by the fancy living he had during his diplomatic years in Europe. After I finished this beautifully written book I felt like I got to truly know John Adams as a person and his ideals as one of our founding fathers.

My Overview of John Adams

In the end I did grow emotional. Some things that happened near the end of his life were sad and unfortunate. It, however, was such a beautifully written nonfiction book that I am definitely going to read it once more. There were so many things that I missed that I would understand a lot more if I read it again. Another reason why this book is so good is it has made me curious to know a little more about the American Revolution, George Washington, the French Revolution, and Thomas Jefferson. Even though these events and these people were in John Adam’s life they were only on the periphery of his story.

This book is very thick and consists of 634 pages telling John Adam’s story. The rest of the pages are for the acknowledgments, the source notes, index, bibliography, and just the beginning of the book which contains a family tree and so forth.

It’s priced perfectly at less than twenty dollars and is well worth the buy. David McCullough’s work is one to admire and I will definitely read some more of his books.

Who’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Dad?

Star Wars is heavily wrapped around the basis of family and it’s Father’s Day! So, I’m asking you my fellow Star Wars fans, who’s your favorite Star Wars father? Here is my list of the galactic dads of the franchise.

Galen Erso

Galen Erso

Galen Erso is one of the secret heroes in the Star Wars universe as he purposely sabotaged the Death Star to eventually get blown up. He risked his life creating the diabolical plan and had to sacrifice so much to get it done. While he isn’t on the poster of Rogue One he was easily one of the film’s biggest contributors.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader just might be one of the most iconic movie fathers of all time. He may have played the part of the villain for the majority of the original trilogy but through all of those wires and that cold exterior was a heart of gold that couldn’t be denied. He helped end the reign of the Empire as he killed Palpatine and even though he died he perished doing what was right and that is why he’s such a great character.

Continue reading Who’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Dad?