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‘Black Panther’ Makes History Again

Last night I watched the SAG Awards on TNT and at the end of the night when the winner of the Best Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture was announced my jaw literally dropped when Black Panther‘s name was called. I couldn’t believe it. Black Panther had won, which makes sense when you look at the reward it won, but it was still a shocking surprise.

Here’s Chadwick Boseman’s rousing speech after the movie won.

Chadwick Boseman’s speech was raw and unpracticed, making it all the more special. His words were profound, his gratefulness was even more so, and the looks on all of those actors’ faces as they made history by standing on that stage as the winners were incredible.

Is this an indicator of Black Panther‘s chances of taking home the big prize at the Oscars? It definitely could be. ArgoBirdmanSpotlight, and No Country for Old Men were Oscar-winning films that also won the award for Best Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture during the SAG awards so Black Panther definitely has a chance.

After this exciting development last night my excitement for the Oscars has risen that much more. How do you feel about the win? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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‘Black Panther’ Becomes the First Ever Superhero To Be Nominated for Best Picture!

Remember when Black Panther came out last February? Remember how it broke records left and right and became an instant cultural phenomenon? And remember when it, just a few weeks, was surprisingly nominated for Best Picture for the Golden Globes? Well, this Black Panther train ride hasn’t ended yet because it just got seven nominations, including the most prestigious nomination every filmmaker could ever dream of; a nomination for Best Picture.

I waited and waited, growing more and more surprised at all of the nominations the film was receiving, but when it was announced that Black Panther was indeed one of the eight films nominated for the grandest movie award in Hollywood I was downright thrilled.

Yes, there will be those that say Black Panther doesn’t deserve the nomination. And yeah, even I’m a bit surprised considering that clearly, my favorite superhero film is The Dark Knight which I think–even eight years after its release–is still better than Black Panther. But the reason why Black Panther was nominated was that it was something we’ve never seen before that impacted not just the inhabitants of the United States but the world.


We got to see black women portrayed as powerful, smart, independent, kind, and naturally beautiful which is something that has never really been portrayed in cinema.


And we got to see black men with so many different facets. They were villainous and triumphant, benevolent and cruel, powerful and weak. These were fascinating characters with depth, something you don’t often see with characters of color.

Black Panther may not be your favorite superhero or mine but it is powerful and it’s that power that has allowed it to receive such praise and accolades in Hollywood.

Are you excited about this news? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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‘Black Panther’ Is Nominated for the Golden Globes!

Black Panther made history earliest this year as it broke box-office records left and right, making just over $1.3 billion dollars, and wowing moviegoers around the world. Most superhero movies aren’t usually considered for the Oscar race but this film, set with a story that was not only well written but resonated heavily with the theme of race, which is a huge topic these days, has garnered the praise, and attention, of many. When Bob Iger decided earlier this year to place Black Panther up for consideration for the Oscar race I was excited but didn’t think it would amount to much.

Well, I was wrong, as the Golden Globe Nominations just dropped today and, to my great surprise and elation, it was one of the nominees. I couldn’t believe my eyes. If I’m not mistaken Black Panther is the first superhero movie ever nominated for the Best Motion Picture-Drama category. That is downright outstanding. And the movie deserves all the praise it can get.

Black Panther is easily the best written Marvel film that has ever been made (Avengers: Infinity War is still my personal favorite) and I couldn’t be happier about this news. Of course, it most likely will not win the award but the simple fact that it was recognized for its incredible storytelling is a sign that maybe Hollywood is starting to understand that superhero movies can be just as impactful and incredible as any complex or thoughtful film set to the backdrop of an “incredible true story”.

Black Panther has done the impossible; gotten a Golden Globe nomination. Next stop; Oscars. 🙂

How do you feel about this news? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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If you’d like to see the whole list of Golden Globe nominations you can see them here.

I’ve Been Nominated For the Versatile Blogger Award!

It’s been an exciting few months for me as I was given the opportunity to write for an up and coming pop culture site named and now thanks to 18CinemaLane (whose link you can see here) I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Isn’t that exciting? So, since I have gotten nominated I must fulfill the four rules that’ll make this nomination complete.


Rule 1: Thank Whoever It Is That Nominates You

As you can see I have already completed that rule in the first paragraph of this post.

Rule 2: Link Your Nominator’s Blog

I have also already done that as well.

Rule 3: List 7 Seven Fun Facts About Yourself

Okay, here are seven facts about myself that I’d love to share.

  1. I love to run. There’s something about the exhilaration of smelling and feeling the air while running that’s unbeatable.
  2. I love ‘Star Wars’ as you all know. 🙂
  3. I love to read. Reading was my first passion as a young girl. A book can take you to another world that sometimes even movies can’t. And that’s why I still enjoy the pleasure of sitting down and reading a good book every now and then.
  4. I’m an aspiring author and screenwriter. Not only do I love to read but I love to write. I’ve been writing fictional stories since I was five-years-old and I don’t plan to stop writing anytime soon.
  5. I’ve been to New York City over twenty times. At one time the Big Apple was one of my bucket list destinations but now I know the city backward and forward and I’m very proud of that.
  6. My favorite dessert is ice cream (with cheesecake at a close second.)
  7. I can read a 500+ page book in two days (and I’ll enjoy every word of it.)

So, those are the seven fun facts I wanted to share about myself.

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