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Leslie Jones Made My Day Yesterday

One of the funniest comedians out there right now is Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones who recently made Twitter her very own comedy bubble by sharing videos of herself watching the news and commenting on people’s backgrounds via Zoom calls. Now she’s done it again by live-tweeting her entire experience watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League and it’s honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

To give you an idea, here’s a single tweet from her hilarious thread.

This tweet alone is absolutely hilarious and that’s just a speck-sized portion of the thread. If you’re looking for a laugh this will do it.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

‘Tropic Thunder’: What the Heck Was That?

I like comedies. My favorite comedy that I’ve seen over a hundred times (and this is no exaggeration) is Rush Hour 2. My family and I watch every chance we get and we pretty much know every line in the movie. A good action comedy film can be so much fun but can have those exhilarating moments that you get with a classic action movie and Rush Hour 2 embodies that perfectly. My second favorite action comedy movie is now Tropic Thunder.

Tropic Thunder Director and Actor Ben Stiller Explains Why The Movie  Probably Couldn't Be Made Today - Bounding Into Comics

Starring the likes of Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. in a role that garnered him only his second Oscar nomination, Tropic Thunder is an insane plot that is written so hilariously, outrageously, and bluntly that it’s almost a miracle it was ever even made.

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‘Coming 2 America’ Is the Perfect Sequel To ‘Coming to America’

When I heard that a sequel to Coming to America was coming out I was skeptical. Coming to America is such a classic and staple in the African-American community that to make a sequel and then ruin it seems pretty blasphemous.

It was supposed to come out last Christmas but we all know what prevented that from happening. COVID scared the production companies so badly that Amazon Studios bought the highly-anticipated sequel for $125 million. At the time, it seemed like a good move, but now it’s kind of obvious that maybe Eddie Murphy should’ve held out for theaters after all.

With theaters finally beginning to open again in major cities like New York, Coming 2 America would’ve made a killing because this film was so good!

Coming 2 America' Trailer: Eddie Murphy in 'Coming to America' Sequel |  IndieWire

When I mean “good” I don’t mean good in the sense that the movie had a storyline filled with twists and turns because it was very predictable throughout but it was still so much fun!

With cameos galore and callbacks to the original in ways that didn’t feel too corny but instead inspired heartwarming (and sometimes tear-inducing) nostalgia Coming 2 America is a fun movie to bring the family together and laugh for roughly two hours.

It’s the best long-awaited sequel that I’ve seen since The Force Awakens and that’s saying something. And like I said, the cameos… Eddie Murphy called a lot of people to be in this movie and they delivered!

Plus, the addition of Leslie Jones, Wesley Snipes, and Tracy Morgan was perfect.

I think what I loved most about this sequel is that it kind of made Coming to America better while also adding a storyline that I will accept as canon whereas Terminator: Dark Fate‘s storyline was so upsetting I’m not thinking of it as a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day but rather as just another ridiculous Terminator movie.

All in all, if you watch it I think you’ll enjoy it. Like I said before, the plot is very predictable but it is fun. And don’t turn the credits off immediately because there are some fun moments there too.

I’ll give this movie 87 out of 100 and 4 out of 5 stars.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day.

Which Movie Am I Looking Most Forward To This Month?

March is going to be a busy movie month. There’s Chaos Walking and Raya and the Last Dragon, Coming 2 America and Justice League: The Snyder Cut, and of course, Godzilla vs. Kong. Of these five movies which am I most looking forward to?

Chaos Walking

This film starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland was supposed to come out years ago but extensive reshoots (because the movie was reportedly unwatchable) led the film to being delayed over and over again. Then COVID hit and it was delayed yet again but now, it’s finally coming out this Friday.

Will I be watching this movie? Definitely not. I love Ridley and Holland but honestly, I don’t want to see them in a movie together. Ridley’s blond wig looks ridiculous and clearly doesn’t even look like she would have hair like that. And honestly, the thought of her and Holland having a romance is just icky to me. That’s a fandom crossover that I don’t want to see.

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5 Movies To Watch this Independence Day

It’s the day before our beautiful country’s official birthday, the 4th of July, and on a celebratory holiday like this, it’s nice to sit back, relax, eat some delicious grilled delights, and watch a movie. But what movie is best to watch with the family on such a glorious summer holiday? Well, here are five films that I think are great Independence Day movies. Enjoy!

Independence Day


Well, this is a duh moment. Independence Day is a 90s’ classic starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in a science-fiction action-packed blockbuster that has stood the test of time. If you’re coming in from the sweltering summer heat to watch a fun movie with the family this is one to turn on. Continue reading 5 Movies To Watch this Independence Day

Movie Review Flashback: Two Netflix Originals, Two Adam Sandler Movies, Two Opinions

Yesterday my family and I went on a Netflix binge involving watching two Adam Sandler comedies; Murder Mystery and The Week Of. One was hilarious and truly enjoyable, the other was disturbing, totally awkward, and yet hearteningly believable. If you’ve seen both of these films you probably can tell which description fits which movie. After watching both Netflix Originals I found myself feeling a palpable sense of joy and as I went to bed I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning and share with you my experience watching these films. So on that note, here are my reviews of The Week Of and Murder Mystery.

The Week Of 


The Week Of is a very long, very disturbing, very awkward, very realistic take on what would happen if two families of a bride and a groom have to stay together for a week. Personalities clash, everything is just…strange, egos are high, it’s just a hot mess. And yet, with its rotten 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.1 out of 10 rating on IMDb, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s not regarded highly by its viewers. However, as a writer, I found an appreciation for the movie simply through the incredible sense of storytelling provided by Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel.

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