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The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY)

Gloria Ramirez couldn’t believe what she was seeing through Robin’s eyes. Pandemonium erupted as masked hooligans from what appeared to be the sewers appeared, driving headlong into the procession and murdering innocents left and right.

Robin responded not with a response but instead by swinging down from his perch, vaulting into the melee and using his staff to whack bad guys left and right. Screams of terror permeated the scene. There were gunshots left and right. Police officers were joining the fray, attacking the violent gang of thugs.

Gloria rose from her seat.

“I have to help him,” she said. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (SIXTY)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-NINE)

Pamela Isley and Harley Quinn liked The Penguin but they weren’t his loyal compatriots. They were simply his partners and sometimes, as partners, they needed to put their foot down.

The Penguin wanted to kill Robin. They understood that. But before him sat a true opportunity to shock the city in a way that would truly leave everyone shaking in their boots. The Penguin was on a straight-and-narrow path but he lacked a vision for the legitimate psychological domination of Gotham. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-NINE)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-EIGHT)

Commissioner Lynx knew she would have to keep her emotions in check but as she stared at the decorated casket containing Commissioner Gordon’s body within its confines she was finding it very hard to.

The rain had begun to appropriately fall from the sky, casting everything in a gloomier light. People were starting to arrive at the procession, meaning she would have to regain composure quickly. Behind her, she heard footsteps approaching but she didn’t turn to look. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-EIGHT)

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-SEVEN)

Jokes and pleasant chattering aside, Blake Lively had a job to do. The Commissioner’s funeral was arriving in a couple of hours and that meant Lynx would be exposed as she proceeded with the unfortunate occasion. He needed to be there as a silent guardian to ensure her survival and that meant he couldn’t stand around continuing to frolic with these newcomers.

And he relayed his concerns to everyone who had made their way into the eating room as they spoke over a quick brunch.

“Can I come with you?” Gloria asked him.

He shook his head. “Not this time, I’m afraid.”

She seemed upset by this answer, that is until he ensured her that she would still be a part of the mission as they would communicate with one another over two commlinks. And, apparently, she would be able to see everything as he would through a camera in the visor of his mask.

The woman, Katherine Waterson, would join the proceedings under her true disguise; herself. Donning the Batsuit would take the focus from Commissioner Gordon’s funeral and that would be selfish.

“Are we ready to get out of here?” Blake asked.

Katherine nodded. “Yes.”

And so, they left the cave to go to the funeral.

The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-SIX)

The early morning, alive with the feverish buzz of Gotham’s citizens following the return of the city’s beloved knight, Batman, had left The Penguin seized in a fit of anxiety. The late morning, however, brought great news he wasn’t expecting.

After days apart from his dangerous female partners, Harley Quinn and Pamela Isley they returned, not as failures, but with the information he needed to get rid of his current greatest enemy; Robin.

Clasping his hands as he sat behind the desk in his office, he rocked back and forth in his rotating chair, thinking carefully. “Today is a big day for us,” he began. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FIFTY-SIX)