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My Tribute to Carrie Fisher

[This is a repost for Carrie Fisher’s birthday.]

Star Wars is a franchise that has lived and transcended generations. The cultural phenomenon began way back in 1977 and now, after 40 years, the excitement for this seemingly unending franchise is even stronger. The question is, what was it that made this science-fiction space opera resonate with so many people? Was it the lore of the story, was it the music, was it the characters? I believe there was a collaboration of all of these different aspects but the characters were a huge part of why A New Hope 40 years ago became such a global hit.

You had Luke, the simple farm boy who wanted to explore the stars and follow in the footsteps of his “dead” father. Then there was Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi, the wise mentor. You had the rascally Han Solo, a scoundrel at first meeting but a hero at heart.

And finally, you have Princess Leia, which this post is dedicated to.


At the time when A New Hope entered theaters in 1977 princesses were defined as damsels in distress stuck in towers. Princess Leia rewrote that narrative.

Princess Leia didn’t run screaming from the stormtroopers, she shot at them. Princess Leia didn’t whimper in the face of Darth Vader, she patronized him. This was pretty much unheard of in that day and age of movies.

She was one of the pioneers of all the strong women you have in film today. Throughout A New Hope she never played the role of damsel in distress. And yes, she was rescued, but she didn’t treat her rescuers like they were “her heroes.” She instead told them off for not coming up with a better escape plan. Continue reading My Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Throwback Friday: My Ten Favorite Movie Heroines

It’s International Women’s Day and what’s a better way to celebrate such a wonderful day for women than to list my ten favorite movie heroines for Throwback Friday? It’s perfect. 🙂 I hope you enjoy and Happy International Women’s Day!

I love movies because they’re very fun to watch. I love seeing stories play out on screen, I love watching actors portray different characters that I will either love or despise, I love action films, but most importantly, I love a movie with an off-the-chain heroine. There are hundreds of great films with male heroes but when a woman can come into the fold and kick butt alongside the men that’s when a movie, for me, gets really awesome and lately that’s become a regular occurrence.

Two years ago Wonder Woman finally got her own blockbuster film after being around for decades and there have been a bunch of critically acclaimed indie films and television shows led by women in the past year. The last three Star Wars films have been led by women and have made billions of dollars, an idea that at one time would seem preposterous to the Hollywood elite. 2017’s highest-grossing films were all led by female leads; Beauty and the BeastWonder Woman, and The Last Jedi. And now, Marvel’s first female superhero to lead her own film (Captain Marvel) is literally coming out…TODAY!

So, because women are clearly awesome, I’m going to share with you the ten movie heroines that I have come to love the most, at least, so far. Enjoy!

10. Dorothy

The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember seeing this film as a child and it was one of the most magical films I have ever seen still to this day. To think that this movie was made in 1939! is beyond incredible and in the center of this epic tale is Dorothy.

Dorothy is a special character. She has those ruby slippers, she sings like an angel, Toto is the cutest dog ever and she’s so sweet. She’s a regular farm girl trying to run away from home because a mean old lady wants her dog to be taken away and just so happens to end up embarking on an incredible journey in a magical world unlike any other. She faces flying monkeys, an evil witch, and many other obstacles but at the end of it all she survives the adventure and helps save the Land of Oz while never refraining from being herself. If you really think about it, Dorothy is very brave. To face all of that strange stuff; a talking scarecrow, a talking lion, a tin man, munchkins, witches, etc. without utterly freaking out is very impressive.

Without Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz would not be the same magical movie that it has been for almost a century and that’s why she is one of my favorite heroines.

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The Teaser for ‘Frozen 2’ Is Here!

Oh my goodness, I love Frozen! I never thought I would say that because so much hype has surrounded the film but yes, I’m a fan. Frozen retold the classic princess fairy tale in an exciting way, hence making a film that children and adults can fall in love with. When it was announced there would be a Frozen sequel I was skeptical but excited. And now, finally, the official teaser trailer is here. Enjoy!

This is a perfect trailer. It shows the characters that we have grown to love embarking on a mysterious journey to who knows where to face an unknown foe, threat, or whatever they’re trying to find. I love it.

This trailer sucked me in for its two-minute runtime and when it concluded I found myself ready for more. That’s the beauty of a teaser trailer. It shows you all of your favorite characters but keeps the film’s plot a massive secret. I love it.

Disney is making a push with their movies and so that leaves me with the obvious question. Will we something from Episode IX sooner rather than later? Only Mickey Mouse knows. Lol.

What did you think about this trailer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magical day.

Is Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Already Greater Than Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman?

DC Comics beat Marvel at having the first female-led superhero film two years ago with Wonder Woman. It was an exciting time to finally see a female superhero get the recognition she deserves with a standalone movie that was not only led by a woman in front of the screen but behind the screen as well with a female director, Patty Jenkins. It would end up becoming the third highest grossing film that year with $822 million dollars and it was instantly heralded as the franchise’s best film.

Now Marvel is releasing the first standalone movie featuring a woman of their own with Captain Marvel and the anticipation is high. People are already selling out theaters so that girls get a chance to see this powerful woman taking charge and kicking butt and it’s already slated to have a massive opening weekend north of $100 million, which will indeed be larger than Wonder Woman‘s $103 million dollar opening weekend.

I, for one, am super excited to see this movie. It took until last September for any news of this film to arrive and gradually more and more content has presented itself and now, with less than 50 days left the movie is fastly approaching; an exciting prospect.


And even though I haven’t watched the movie yet I’m warming up to Brie Larson as Captain Marvel more and more. In fact, I can’t wait to see her in this movie. She’s tough, she looks fantastic in the suit whether it’s the green and blue version or the iconic red, yellow, and blue look, and she looks like a character worthy of her own film.

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‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Is More Than a Beautiful Movie

A Wrinkle In Time was one of the most anticipated films early in the year but when the film received terrible reviews it quickly became something I didn’t care to see. But, thanks to Netflix, I decided to watch it yesterday and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.


One thing I knew going into this film was that it is undeniably gorgeous and this was elaborated many times in the course of the movie. But the beauty of the film, surprisingly, wasn’t the main aspect of the film that pulled me in. It was, in fact, the story.


A Wrinkle in Time is a film, at its root, that is about accepting one’s faults and letting those imperfections shine in the most beautiful ways. That concept leads to the movie’s lead character, Storm Reid’s Meg.

Meg is your typical insecure tween girl. She gets bullied at school which makes her feel hateful toward her image in the world. She doesn’t want to give in to the sadness that lives within her because of her father’s disappearance so she shuts everyone else out and treats everyone in a cold manner. She doesn’t allow herself to be the powerful warrior that she can be because she believes she’s not good enough. But during the course of her wild adventure with her adopted younger brother Charles Wallace and her newfound friend Calvin, she learns to love herself and feel confident in the incredible person that she is.

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Leia or Rey: Who’s Your Favorite?

Princess/General Leia and Rey are two of the most important heroines in cinema history. Each character was a groundbreaking development for the portrayal of women in Star Wars and have paved their own legacies through this wonderful franchise. Now as one character’s story continues and another’s has fallen their inspiring paths are all the more brilliant to observe, especially when the two strong women are in the same presence as one another. But of the two who is the greater heroine?

Each of these characters has inspired girls and women around the globe by showing how powerful a woman can be through young and old age. It seems unthinkable to distinguish one above the other but they do have their differences. Their strengths and weaknesses are the things that we individually identify with the most. So, on this segment of Who’s Your Favorite, I am celebrating the heroines that have brought much happiness to so many people around the world. Enjoy!

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