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What’s Next for Kylo Ren?

Kylo Ren is my favorite character in this current Star Wars trilogy because he’s such an intriguingly complex character. In The Force Awakens he was a confused assassin who struggled between the pull of the light and the darkness. After killing Han Solo he supposedly cemented his stance as a pupil of the darkness but the terrible sacrifice only weakened him instead.

In The Last Jedi Rian Johnson humanized the “monster” that he was as he revealed the backstory to how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren. He turned the First Order commander into a victim rather than a crazed psychopath who just wanted to kill everything he once knew and loved. Kylo Ren is placed in a different light as he experiences this strange bond between him and Rey and we see him as a human being who just wanted some love and companionship for crying out loud. He killed Snoke for the opportunity to make a new galactic order with Rey but of course she didn’t go along with his plan and Kylo Ren became his same old bitter, angry self again.

Long story short, he had a showdown with Luke, he lost the confrontation miserably, missed his chance to wipe out the last of the Resistance due to the mirage Luke distraction, and vowed to destroy Rey. So when we see the young Ren again what will he be up to? He’s now the Supreme Leader but he can prove to be a powerful leader or will his anger issues get in the way and ultimately become his downfall? These are some of the topics that I will discuss as I theorize what should happen next for Kylo Ren. Enjoy!

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Kylo Ren Is A Tragedy

One of the greatest things about The Last Jedi was the characters’ developments. The middle chapter of a trilogy is usually designed to challenge the heroes and make them better by the end of the movie going into the final entry of the trilogy and that definitely is the case, at least for most of the characters, but for Kylo Ren his arc throughout The Last Jedi is an emotional ride that when observed closely is kind of heartbreaking in retrospect. I discovered the deeper meaning to Kylo Ren’s story the last time I watched The Last Jedi a couple of days ago and I just had to share my thoughts with all of you. Enjoy!


So, to understand his story arc in The Last Jedi you have to go back to his story in The Force Awakens. Now in Episode VII he was treated, from a creator’s standpoint, as more of a villain type than he was in Episode VIII. When he appeared in the movie he was this scary guy behind this mask who emitted a nostalgic modern Darth Vader vibe that I liked and disliked. Kylo Ren was a cool character but the fact that he felt too much like Darth Vader made me feel that he wasn’t original enough for my liking. Now, to find out that his character was trying to be like Vader made Kylo Ren’s imitation of the dark lord palpable but what really made this new villain of a generation stand out was his, of course, relations to Han Solo and Leia as their son. That’s when he became interesting and a character who wasn’t just a one-note villain who could be easily discarded like a Marvel villain.


Kylo Ren’s involvement in The Force Awakens solidified how evil he was throughout the film but as he killed his father that was the moment that I really took the hollering antagonist seriously. The fact that he eliminated such an iconic character in Star Wars proved that the writers weren’t afraid to make him the real deal and I truly despised Kylo Ren through the rest of the movie. It’s why when Rey defeated him it was such a powerful moment. No one was able to stop him except for her and that was just (I’m getting chills just thinking about it) incredible. Okay, now fast forward to The Last Jedi.

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Kylo Ren Is the New Anakin Skywalker

Ever since I’ve watched The Force Awakens I have been constantly struck by the incredible similarities between Anakin Skywalker and his grandson, Ben Solo. There have been so many parallels between the two characters and here are some of the most striking examples.

1. Their Features


So here’s Anakin with his scar, that long hair and dark brown robes.

kylo-db-history-staring-at-rey_d9e604a5 (1).jpeg

And then you have Kylo Ren who looks nearly identical in everything but his face. His hair is long and curled like his grandfather’s, he bears a scar eerily similar to that of Anakin’s, and he wears dark robes like he did.

2. They Both Despise Masters


Anakin didn’t entirely trust the tutelage of his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or that of the Jedi Council and that led him to eventually joining Emperor Palpatine as the Sith Lord promised him power and everything that he desired.


And Kylo Ren didn’t fully trust Luke Skywalker either, that’s why when he saw his uncle over him with a drawn lightsaber he was so quick to turn against him and join Snoke. He even turned against his master Snoke. Both of them had issues with masters and both of them joined the dark side.

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Kylo Ren’s Greatest Moments

When Disney bought LucasFilm in 2012 and announced that they were going to make Star Wars movies I could only imagine who the new villain would be. When I saw him in the first teaser for The Force Awakens I immediately knew he was going to become an iconic villain in Star Wars because he was that cool. His awesome crossguard lightsaber, the black robes and short hooded cloak, he was perfect. Now three years later Kylo Ren has become the most interesting character of this new trilogy to me. He’s both sides of the spectrum, good and evil, and Adam Driver portrays the character of Kylo Ren so perfectly that I can’t imagine anyone else playing the conflicted villain. So today, I’m going to share with you my favorite Kylo Ren moments. Enjoy!

1. Entering the Jakku Village

This was the perfect entrance for Kylo Ren into The Force Awakens. Just like Darth Vader did in A New Hope he entered into the movie out of a cloud of smoke, surveying the battlefield that his stormtroopers had razed the same way Darth Vader surveyed the dead rebels aboard the Tantative IV. Awesome! And then seeing him freeze Poe’s blaster in midair was a total drop-the-mic moment for me. Kylo Ren had only been in the movie for a few minutes and he was already stealing the show. His distorted voice sounded amazing too. 🙂

2. Finding Rey


This is just a cool scene in itself. Kylo Ren, at this point in the movie, is at his scariest. He’s basically a First Order assassin and he looks it too. The black robes and silver streaked helmet provide him an air of menace and I feel every bit of Rey’s fear as she runs from him. I would be just scared as her, maybe even more so. It’s also a really cool scene because it’s the first time they interact with each other. So cool!

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The Defining Moments of Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren has become my favorite character in Star Wars, so far. He’s complex, Adam Driver is a ridiculously remarkable actor, he looks really cool, and every time he’s in a scene the scene gets ten times better. Now I have to admit, I wasn’t as huge a fan as I am now of Kylo Ren after The Force Awakens but The Last Jedi shed a new light on his character and he has become just a blast to watch.

So, today on the final segment of The Defining Moments, I am going to tell you all of the moments that I think have defined his character throughout The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Enjoy!

1. Confessions


When we meet Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens he’s a troubled and angry individual. He destroys equipment off of a whim, he killed Lor San Tekka just because he said something that upset him, and he emits gloom. Then we find out he’s Han’s son and it’s like, okay, now we’re starting to get an idea of who this character exactly is but there’s still a great deal of mystery surrounding the Knight of Ren.

When he confesses to his grandfather’s Darth Vader mask about feeling the call to the light his story instantly becomes more than that of just a scary villain. At that moment we see another side to him, a vulnerable side that he can’t hide, even with the mask on. It makes us wonder if he’s really a villain or if he’s going to eventually crack and become good. This, of course, won’t be the last time we see a conflicted Kylo Ren but it is the first.

This scene also subtly hints towards Snoke’s distrust in Kylo Ren as he tells “Darth Vader” how the Supreme Leader senses the conflict within him. That distrust will lead to a lot of things happening in The Last Jedi.

2. Finding the Girl


At the Battle of Takodana Kylo Ren went to find the missing droid and instead came upon the girl who helped the droid, and the stormtrooper, escape. This scene is very important, for it’s the first time he comes into contact with his future arch-nemesis/ally and it subtly hints towards Kylo Ren having a slight attraction to her.

I mean did he have to pick her up and take her to his personal ship? No. And he surely didn’t give that courtesy to Poe Dameron. He could’ve easily had the stormtroopers take her aboard their craft and that would be the end of that but no, he had to capture her himself and take her to his transport. Mmm-hmm, we see you Kylo Ren.

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Should ‘The Last Jedi’ Be Part of the Oscar Conversation?

When you think of Star Wars the Oscars doesn’t immediately come to mind. The Force Awakens only got nominations for Best Original Music Score, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, and Best Sound Editing, and it didn’t get a single win for these nominations. And Rogue One only obtained two nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Mixing. Now it’s The Last Jedi‘s turn to hit the Oscars and I think it should get a lot more recognition than its two predecessors.

First, I believe it should be nominated for Best Picture and this is why.


Rian Johnson put so much thought and work into the making of this movie that it would be sad to see him get zero recognition for his hard work. And it’s not like the movie was poorly reviewed. Critics and fans loved the film for its bold choices and its impeccable storytelling. Because The Last Jedi was one of the more thoughtful Star Wars movies in a long time I think it should be nominated.

Two, Adam Driver needs to be nominated for Best Actor In A Supporting Role because his performance in The Last Jedi was utterly perfect.

MV5BMjA5MDczNDU5MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODczMjIyMzI@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,744_AL_ (2).jpg

I hated Kylo Ren at the end of The Force Awakens but The Last Jedi humanized him. I felt his sorrow, his inner conflict, his anger, his pain, I understood Kylo Ren and that could only have been achieved because of Adam Driver’s impeccable acting. He made Kylo Ren believable, relatable, and he’s now my favorite character in the trilogy.

One of my favorite scenes with Kylo Ren is his final scene in the movie when he enters the rebel base on Crait. He had just found out he wasn’t as powerful as he thought he was when he faced Luke’s mirage and he was an emotional wreck. When he sees Han’s golden dice and watches as they melt away it’s such a powerful moment. The expression on Kylo Ren’s face is that of pure sorrow and I can’t believe it but I truly feel sorry for him.

Adam Driver is a remarkable actor and even though he probably won’t be nominated I he should be.

Three, Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley should also be nominated for Actor and Actress in a Leading Role.


They are both incredible actors and whenever they were onscreen, whether they were together or not, they infused the movie with a sense of mystical wonder and realism that made the movie that much better. I’m sure they won’t be nominated because, well, they’re starring in a Star Wars movie but if the committee can look past that and recognize how incredible their acting was I would definitely give them consideration.

Well, this is how I feel about The Last Jedi and its chances with the Oscars. I know for a fact The Last Jedi won’t be part of these major categories but if it does I am going to be a very happy Star Wars fan.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.