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The New ‘Cinderella’ Movie Is the Worst Musical I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve seen a growing number of musicals over the years. Most are pretty good but there are some that are legitimately terrible; namely Into the Woods and In the Heights. However, the new Amazon Studios Cinderella film is honestly the worst musical I have ever seen.

It’s so bad that I was wincing the entire time I watched it, and that was only twenty-five minutes of the film. I was trying to watch it long enough to see Billy Porter’s genderless Godmother and to see why the heck James Corden was in it but I couldn’t even make it that far.

Cinderella' (2021) Review: Camila Cabello Charms in Reimagining | IndieWire

I was honestly surprised Amazon Studios would release a film so bad to the public. The CGI on Cinderella’s mice were clearly unfinished. The acting from everyone involved, even the seasoned veterans like Idina Menzel and Pierce Brosnan, felt either cringe-worthy bad or unbearably stilted. The songs were terrible and to include remixed versions of “Rhythm Nation” or “Material Girl” was just next-level egregious.

I love the latest wave of diversity in media but this musical felt like it was stuffing every progressive cliche down our throats and it was SO ANNOYING!

All in all, do yourself a favor and don’t watch this movie. It’s honestly that bad.

This movie gets a resounding F.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

P.S. (And can this finally be Hollywood’s last attempt to placate James Corden’s yearning to be a musical mogul. Every musical he touches turns to sludge.)

The First Image for Amazon’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Is Here!

Okay, I’m going to try and act like a person in control and not get too hyped over an image that has no bearing on the story, acting, or overall series at all BUT…the first image for Amazon’s billion-dollar The Lord of the Rings series has been released and well, take a look.


This image is literally stunning. A work of art that I can only link to something as beautiful and jaw-dropping as the world of Middle-Earth. Is this our first look at Númenor, the island where the Dunedain, Aragon’s ancestors, originated from? Or is this the Elven capital Lindon, where it’s been rumored that the series will debut for audiences for the first time?

Ah, I don’t know what we’re looking at or who that is in the picture (I’m going to guess it’s Galadriel considering that I think the series will be featuring a young Galadriel played by Morfydd Clark) but she looks like an elf from the beautiful dress she’s wearing. (!!!!!)

All in all, if this image is anything to go by, and considering all of the secrecy surrounding the series’ filming, we finally may have another addition to this world as brilliant and as incredible as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy twenty years ago. Now that’s something I thought I’d never say again.

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My Review of ‘One Night in Miami’

Ever since it was announced that One Night in Miami, a film that sees four of the greatest African-American legends in history–Malcolm X, Mohammed Ali, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke together for one night in Miami–was Regina King’s directorial debut this movie has been getting Oscar buzz and now that it’s out on Amazon Prime Video I decided to give it a look myself.

I’ve seen two other Oscar buzz films so far. Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods and Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 and I have to say, I think One Night in Miami is my favorite film of the three movies so far.

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Morfydd Clark is Set to Play a Young Galadriel in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Amazon Series

Every few months I check on the progress of The Lord of the Rings Amazon series which is still scheduled to arrive sometime in 2021 and a cast has been created for the show filled to the brim with actors and actresses I have never seen before. However, there was one actor that stood out, that being Morfydd Clark.

The series will transpire during the Second Age of Middle-Earth, meaning we may get a firsthand account of how Sauron created the One Ring and the incredible battle that transpired thereafter involving elves and men against Sauron’s mighty army. While the cast hired for the show is mostly for roles unheard of in The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit trilogies there was one familiar name among the bunch.

It appears that this actress, Morfydd Clark, will be portraying a young Galadriel in the series, which could be really exciting. Of course, we’ve supposedly seen a younger Galadriel in the opening narration of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring but that doesn’t matter because we saw Ian Holm as a young Bilbo in that film as well but, unsurprisingly, Peter Jackson recast the character with Martin Freeman bringing young Bilbo Baggins to life in The Hobbit Trilogy.

Honestly, this is exciting news and I truly hope this The Lord of the Rings series becomes the next Game of Thrones/The Mandalorian craze that’ll have fans clamoring for more.

How do you feel about the casting decision for a young Galadriel? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Latest Rumors in Entertainment: Amazon’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Series May Focus On a Young Aragorn

If you didn’t know, Amazon is preparing to create their own version of Game of Thrones with a Lord of the Rings television series that’s set to premiere sometime next year and rumors for the show have begun to start circling. One of the rumors was that Amazon is trying to get Peter Jackson to helm the new show as either a director or an executive producer which I feel the show will definitely need to feel credible to us viewers who might want to watch it. But now the latest rumor surrounding the show is that it will focus on a young Aragorn…which could and couldn’t be a great idea.


One of the reasons why The Lord of the Rings Trilogy were so great is because the characters were so memorable and engaging and Aragorn was one of those characters. People, including me, loved Aragorn’s journey in the films and the interesting thing about him is he has had quite the adventures because of his long age. In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies there was a reference towards a young Aragorn who was already a ranger at that time. Legolas was then told by his father, King Thranduil, to seek out the young ranger, for he was someone he wanted his son to know.

This show would be a fabulous way to explore that unknown past of Aragorn and maybe provide some cameos from Legolas, Elrond, Arwen, and Gandalf along the way. We’d get to see new lands, new villains, new obstacles for him to face, and through it all we should definitely feel the presence of Sauron lingering in the background. That could be quite awesome if written correctly.

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My Review of ‘The Lost City of Z’

Earlier this year The Lost City of Z came out and I had heard nothing but praise about this movie. I ended up missing see it in the movie theaters but because this movie happened to be free on Amazon Prime this December I decided to finally watch this film.

First, it is one of the quietest movies I have ever watched, and I don’t exactly mean that in a good way. I like films that force you to pay attention but this movie was so drab at times that it put to me sleep. Now, I don’t go to sleep on movies I’ve never seen before but this film was just taking too long for anything to happen. Let me explain.


This was the story of a British man who went down into the Amazon to chart new regions in the widely unexplored territory. On his first trip to the jungle he discovered that there was a secret civilization living within the forested area and so he made it his life’s mission to find this lost city.

Now what made this movie taxing to watch was the fact that he kept going back and forth between the Amazon and his home country of England. When he was in the Amazon I was engaged and genuinely interested in the movie. When he was in England, however, that was when my main goal was to try to keep my eyes open.

The movie led to a rather interesting ending but getting there was hard work. The movie is two hours and twenty-one minutes and I felt every second of it.

My Conclusion of the Film


This wasn’t the worst movie I have ever seen. It was just really quiet and boring. I was hoping desperately throughout the film that something interesting would happen but unfortunately it never did. The one good thing about this film was the fact that it was a beautifully directed movie. The cinematography was eye-catching and there were some shots that made me so, “Ooh, that’s pretty.” Besides that though this is one of those movies that after a few years I will have forgotten I ever saw this film.

Overall, I’d give it a 74 out of a 100 and 2.5 out of 5 stars. Like I said before, it’s not a terrible movie but it wasn’t fantastic either.

I thank you for reading my review and I hope you have a marvelous day.