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I Miss Marvel

When Avengers: Endgame concluded I knew I had seen the end of an era. An etch in a stone that had been such a part of my life for so many years. And even though Spider-Man: Far from Home was the MCU film to officially bring Phase 3 to an end it still feels as if Endgame was the last true Marvel Studios movie.

Now, everything is a blank. The story has to start over. Black Widow isn’t a sequel to a previous film. It is a prequel that is taking us back to shortly after Captain America: Civil War, leaving me still feeling a bit abandoned considering that I don’t know what the heck is going on moving forward!

After watching several Marvel movies over the weekend and concluding my partial marathon with an emotional viewing of Captain America: The First Avenger last night, I truly feel the ache of the loss of these Marvel films.

For so many years, we’ve gotten MCU movies at a steadily increasing pace. Of course, by now we would have gotten another film in Black Widow if not for the deadly virus COVID-19 and that only makes waiting for another Marvel movie even more agonizing.

Gosh, I can’t wait until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision later this year. I need to see my superhero peeps because honestly…I miss them.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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You Won’t Believe How Many Disney Movies are in The Billion-Dollar Film Club

Disney has solidified itself as one of the most beloved companies in the world, delivering powerful films that continue to wow and inspire people of all races across the globe. And these movies happen to make a lot of money!

While reading the list of billion-dollar movies on IMDb I couldn’t help noticing that Disney movies take up 23 of the 42 films on this list and so, I had to share it with you. Enjoy!

42. Aladdin


Aladdin would become Will Smith’s highest-grossing film at a whopping $1,012,437,181.

40. Zootopia


I would never have known that Zootopia is part of the billion-dollar club, which is very interesting. But I’m not surprised. It was a good movie.

$1, 023,784,195 Continue reading “You Won’t Believe How Many Disney Movies are in The Billion-Dollar Film Club”

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Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eleven

The storm lasted for three days. In the meantime, the four challengers, Valkyrie, Grunt, Hilda, and Maan rested and healed from their injuries. Now, under a cloudless blue sky, with the sun shining more beautifully than the Asgardians had seen in years, the crowning of a King had arrived.

Before the Great Hall, the whole of New Asgard’s population stood, awaiting their first female King in their people’s history. Valkyrie stood inside the Great Hall, her heart pounding in her breast as she prepared for the first time to stand before her fellow Asgardians as their official ruler. Continue reading “Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eleven”

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Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Ten

Valkyrie grinned savagely as Grunt charged her. She had been waiting for this moment to teach him a lesson. His thundering approach shook the ground but as he came within a leg’s length away she rolled out of the way, unsheathing her sword in the process. There was a roar from the crowd and when Valkyrie chanced a look she saw Hilda and Maan going at it fiercely across the clearing, their silhouettes bathed in a fiery glow amidst the flames.

There was another roar, this one much closer since it came from Grunt, as he twisted in mid-charge to assault her. Valkyrie nearly committed whiplash to evade his swinging punch at her face before bringing her sword up to slash him. To her great surprise, he grabbed her blade in midair and slammed a fist into it, providing a substantial dent in the metal.

Valkyrie stumbled backward, her mouth agape in disbelief. Grunt saw her shock and grinned ferally. Continue reading “Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Ten”

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Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Nine

On any other night, the storm would’ve sent the Asgardians hurrying into their homes to take shelter from the relentless rain that poured upon the city. But this was no ordinary evening. The Test of Valor would crown a king and every resident in New Asgard, young and old, wanted to see who that would be.

That’s why, even as lightning flickered overhead and thunder crashed ominously, the Southern Cliffs were packed with families awaiting a showdown of the ages. Continue reading “Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Nine”

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Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eight

As the storm’s power increased Valkyrie hurried through New Asgard, ignoring the cheers of her supporters or the jeers of those hoping to see her fail. Through the noise of the thunderstorm, she could hear Grail’s voice calling after her but she didn’t have time to stop and chat. She had the battle to prepare for.

When she entered her small home and slammed the door shut behind her she stopped, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. She paused for several seconds, forcing herself to remain calm and to forget the raw fear she was feeling deep down. She could still run.

“But you won’t,” she spoke out loud to herself.

With that declaration, she exhaled a long breath and turned on the light. Continue reading “Valkyrie: The Kings of Asgard?: Chapter Eight”

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My Top 20 Favorite Scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 4

Okay, the moment has arrived for me to share my top 5 favorite scenes in the MCU. So, with no further delay, here they are.

5. The Peter Tingle


Every superhero has their moment. You know. That moment when they realize their full potential as a hero and become greater than they already were. In the last bout against Mysterio and his killer drones Spider-Man finally fits the missing link to his abilities; his Spidey-sense or as they call it in these films, the Peter Tingle.

It’s a scene crafted from epic proportions as Spider-Man, with his eyes closed, takes down Mysterio’s drones in a musicless rampage of awesomeness that puts goosebumps on my goosebumps every time. I love this scene! Continue reading “My Top 20 Favorite Scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 4”