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Watching ‘Rocky’ For the First Time

Rocky. Everyone in the United States knows who Rocky is. If you don’t, you’ve basically been living under a rock. Sylvester Stallone created a fictional character that is literally one of the most inspiring and iconic fictional characters of all time. I’ve been watching Rocky movies since I was a kid but I had only ever seen Rocky III (which is my favorite installment) and Rocky IV. Then I saw Creed and Creed II, which were also pretty good. But there were two important Rocky movies I had never thought about watching before and that was Rocky and Rocky II.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post sharing my ranking of all of the Oscar-winning movies I had ever seen but when I went to look at a list of all the Oscar-winning films my jaw dropped when I saw that Rocky was on that list. All this time I have loved these movies and I didn’t see the one that got a freaking Oscar for Best Picture! What?! So, because Netflix just released all five Rocky movies on their streaming service, I decided to watch it, and boy was I surprised. Continue reading Watching ‘Rocky’ For the First Time

My Review of ‘Creed II’

When I watched Creed for the second time I was blown away by the movie’s simple but impactful story. It set up the story for Adonis Creed, son of deceased boxer Apollo Creed, and when I heard there was going to be a sequel I was ecstatic. And then when I saw the trailer and found out his next opponent was going to be Ivan Drago’s son, Viktor Drago I was even more thrilled. I missed getting to see it in the movie theaters but yesterday I saw it was available to watch digitally so I watched it and I am proud to say, I enjoyed it.


Some people say Creed II is the greatest film in this franchise and I definitely disagree. It’s not better than Rocky III or even Rocky IV, for that matter, but it is a worthy addition to this story.

The film’s only fault is its lack of originality. It follows the same beats of Rocky III through and through while also resolving the decades-old rivalry between the Creed and Drago families. But what it lacks in original storytelling it makes up for with emotional impact.

If you’ve never seen Rocky IV then you won’t understand the importance of this film. This movie is solely made for those who know this franchise backward and forward.

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This Trailer Is Getting Me Pumped for ‘Creed II’

Since Rocky IV there hadn’t been a decent installment in this legendary boxing movie franchise until Creed. Creed, written by Black Panther writer/director Ryan Coogler, is an incredibly crafted story of a young man who’s chasing his deceased father’s legacy, Apollo Creed, while building a legacy of his own. It’s filled with raw emotion, incredible acting, and realistic moments that truly ground the film in ways I haven’t seen since Rocky III.

Now, Creed returns with a new challenge. He must face the son of his father’s killer in a boxing match of the ages. So, to get you pumped for that exciting event, here’s the second trailer of Creed II.

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