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Boba Fett or Cara Dune: Which Disney+ Series Would Be Better?

As with all acclaimed series spinoffs are imminent and there have already been some rumors that we may end up seeing several spinoffs spawn by The Mandalorian. Two of which focus on fan favorites: Boba Fett and Cara Dune.

Boba Fett has been an obscure character in the grand scheme of this series so far. He’s only been seen twice and fleetingly but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to play a large role moving forward.

These next four episodes of The Mandalorian are bound to hold plenty of surprises and what does that mean for Fett’s inclusion in this series? And is his story in this show destined to spring his very own Disney+ series featuring the retired bounty hunter and his adventures on Tatooine? Or could this series give Boba the chance to get offworld and continue his story in a way that feels both original and vastly rewarding?

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Let’s Talk: ‘The Mandalorian: Chapter 12’

This week’s episode of The Mandalorian is joy wrapped in an epic 40-minute long gift wrap filled with humor, some thrilling moments, and some serious story building elements that happen to make this series suddenly a lot more serious.

So, let’s just get to the nitty-gritty of this week’s episode.


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We’ve Got New Character posters for ‘The Mandalorian’!

It was only a matter of time. You know, that time for character posters featuring the main cast of characters of the highly-anticipated show. So, with no further delay, here they are.

I like the posters. They’re simple, just like the ones for the first season, but…is it just me or is The Child looking a bit older? Like he’s starting to turn more into Yoda than being Baby Yoda? Hmm…

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day. May the Force be with you.

An Updated Ranking: The Ten Most Awesome Women in ‘Star Wars’

When last I wrote this post The Last Jedi hadn’t even come out yet and I hadn’t seen Star Wars: Rebels yet. Over the past few years, women have become a central asset to the franchise in new, exciting ways. On the last day of January, I thought it would be fun to update this list and shine a new light on my ten favorite women in Star Wars so far.

10. Captain Phasma


Powerful, fierce, this chrome-domed villainess was everything the trilogy needed…and more. It’s sad that she met her demise in The Last Jedi but when she graced the screen her authority rang supreme. She was such a fascinating character. Continue reading An Updated Ranking: The Ten Most Awesome Women in ‘Star Wars’

Could Omera Return in Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’?

The Mandalorian introduced us to a sprawl of fascinating new characters. Some had multiple appearances through the eight-episode first season while others had starring roles that were relegated to only one episode. One such character was Omera who appeared in the season’s fourth episode, The Sanctuary.

In the episode, she became a brief love interest to Mando as he found himself rather smitten by the widow. But there is something more to that storyline, one that wasn’t touched upon in the actual episode. Continue reading Could Omera Return in Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’?

Let’s Talk: ‘The Mandalorian: Chapter Four’

(This post contains spoilers.)

The Mandalorian: Chapter Four has arrived and yes, it was fantastic yet again. Like I said in my spoiler-free review, the storytelling was allowed a lot more time to grow, dialing down the intensity to put the series on pause. Gone is the nail-biting suspense and peril replaced with character growth for The Mandalorian as he finds himself faced with a life he could have. One that sees him shedding his armor to settle down with a beautiful woman named Omera on a farm in the middle of nowhere.


(The Mandalorian’s got a girlfriend. Ha-ha!) This was the best element of the episode as we got to have a lot of questions answered, mainly the helmet-removal conundrum that permeated our thoughts with each passing episode.

However, learning that he doesn’t take his helmet off in front of others (“This is the way” he says to Omera) did have me scratching my head a bit. In The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels we are introduced to many Mandalorians, Mandalorians who actually walk around with their helmets off, even in front of others who aren’t a part of their people. So when did this idea that The Mandalorians have to stay covered up in presence of others originate? During the “Purge” that was spoken about in the last episode of The Mandalorian? Is this a defense mechanism for these people because of what the Empire did to them in the time since Star Wars: Rebels? Or is this a rule designated by a certain clan that our title hero, The Mandalorian, is a part of? I hope this question is answered in the coming episodes.


Cara Dune’s introduction could’ve been better but I’m not complaining. She was brought into the series in a fascinating way as we were immediately given a crash course on her toughness. Watching her knock The Mandalorian flat to the ground with one punch was definitely jaw-dropping!

This is a bit of spoiler but I know she will be in the final two episodes of the series, meaning we’ll get to see her being awesome again in a few more weeks. I mainly appreciated that the relationship between The Mandalorian and Cara Dune wasn’t sexual but rather featured mutual respect between two powerful characters who can take care of themselves very well. What a duo!


But one of the aspects to the episode that was very entertaining was the fascinating action sequence where the villagers had to take on the raiders and the AT-ST walker. It was thrilling, action-packed, and we were once again allowed to see how awesome newcomer ex-rebel shock trooper Cara Dune is.

While this isn’t my favorite episode–that honor still rests with the second episode which feels me with immense joy every time I watch it due to the directing, cinematography, music, and the several situations presented throughout the episode, the fourth episode manages to tell a great story and help move the series forward.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.