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Cassie Lang Is Undoubtedly Going To Be One of Marvel’s Next Superheroes

Ant-Man and the Wasp was a very contained film as it refused to set up sequels, prequels and introduce new or already developed superheroes into the movie. But one thing the writers didn’t mind hinting heavily at was the idea that little Cassie Lang, Scott Lang’s (Ant-Man) daughter, would eventually don a suit of her own one day and possibly stand alongside her father as a crime-fighting superhero.

Minor Spoilers Ahead!


When we first are reacquainted with Scott Lang he isn’t out thwarting bad guy plots and saving the day as Ant-Man but is rather playing with his daughter, Cassie throughout his humble abode. They pretend to be robbers on a top-secret mission to retrieve a special cup and it’s a sweet scene that clearly seems to be setting up more with the potential superhero dad/daughter dynamic.


This is all the more apparent when later on in the movie she presents to Scott that she wants to be his partner and help him fight bad guys. He, of course, tells her that she can’t but her determination to be a hero like her daddy isn’t a coincidence in the slightest. Marvel presents all sorts of hidden references to the future of their movies in their various films (think about the Stephen Strange reference in Captain America: The Winter Soldier) but this was about as blatant as Hope van Dyne being set up to become a hero herself towards the end of Ant-Man.

And what makes this theory even more valid are certain theories surrounding Avengers 4. Theorists believe there will be a considerable time jump between Infinity War to Avengers 4 thanks to some leaked behind-the-scenes photos and it’s been rumored that we’ll get our first look at a teenage Cassie in this next Avengers movie.

In the comics she was a superhero who went by the name of Stature and with the theory that the Young Avengers (this is a group of young superheroes who ended up creating their own Avengers team) are slowly starting to come to fruition the idea of Stature debuting in Avengers 4 seems all the more plausible.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? I think I would lose it (in a good way) if I saw Ant-Man and his daughter taking on Thanos together but rather it happens in Avengers 4 or a later film I think it’s destined that Scott and Cassie will be a father/daughter superhero duo we’ll all love immensely.

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