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A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Captain America

Before I became a Marvel fan I knew nothing about these superheroes. I vaguely knew who Captain America was but I didn’t like him very much because he just seemed like a wack superhero. I mean, come on. The red, white, and blue colors, the wings on the helmet, my only response to the character was yikes. The first time I saw Captain America in live-action was in The Avengers and at the time I didn’t like him. He seemed too serious, his suit was as tacky as it could get, and I just hadn’t warmed up to the character. But, after he was redeemed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I was a bona fide Captain America fan.

Now, five years later, the end of his journey has arrived and it’s kind of really sad. I mean, he’s such a fantastic character and to think that this is the end is just…wow, it’s a lot to think about.

So, on that note, let’s take a look at his amazing character posters through all four Avengers films. Enjoy!

The Avengers


Steve Rogers would return to save the world with a new outfit inspired by the tighter, more spangly suit he wore in The First Avenger when he was used as practically a mascot for the army. While of course, the suit could be better (MUCH BETTER) he still manages to look heroic on this character poster.

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Is This Tweet By Chris Evans A Spoiler for ‘Avengers 4’?

A little earlier this week Chris Evans announced in a tweet that he was done filming Avengers 4 but that wasn’t the issue that wracked the internet. It was the unsuspected gloominess of the tweet. Check it out.

From the sounds of it it pretty much seems that Chris Evans is, in fact, done playing the role of Captain America after all. It seems so sad to think that after Avengers 4 the man who has made Captain America a hero worth caring about is going to be gone. *sniffle*

But here’s the thing. Is he practically confirming the rumors and theories that say Captain America is going to die in Avengers 4? If so, I’m going to have to brace myself because the waterworks are undoubtedly going to spill and it’s not going to be pretty.

What do you think about this tweet? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have beautiful day.

Wow, ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Is Kind of Good

It has been a glorious Saturday for me and what better to do on a Saturday morning than watch a good movie? I filed through Hulu, trying to find a film that I like, to a certain degree, but haven’t watched very often and I stopped on Captain America: The First Avenger. The last time I watched the film I enjoyed the first half but I kind of went blank on the second half of the movie. It seemed rushed, poorly edited, and a little bit corny, if I was being honest. But, for the most part, it is a Marvel movie (I love Marvel films) so I decided to give it a try today. I’m so glad I did.


Even though I’ve seen the movie before the last time I watched it was a long time ago so I forgot so much. This time I was able to fully concentrate on the film and it was kind of fascinating seeing all of the references that the later Marvel movies took from this one film. Like Captain America’s suit in The Avengers for example.


I never understood why Marvel would give him such a horrendous suit in The Avengers when his classic suit was clearly so much better. Today I just figured out the story behind the ultra tight Captain America outfit.


When Steve Rogers first became “Captain America” he was presented as a figure in advertisement to make people want to join the army and his suit was a super tight suit. When Agent Coulson told Steve that his new suit was fashioned off of the original design now I get it and I have to admit, that’s pretty cool.

His suit in The Avengers is still the wackest rendition of the iconic outfit but at least now I understand why it looks the way it does.

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Is Captain America’s Selfless Heroism His Shining Triumph or a Narrative Failure?

I watched a bit of Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night and after watching Infinity War it’s been the first Marvel movie I’ve watched since then that focuses on this patriotic Avenger. As I watched the film and Steve Rogers I began to think to myself, Captain America is basically, in fictional terms, the perfect human being. He’s incredibly strong and fast, he’s handsome, he’s cordial, he does everything he possibly can to protect citizens from harm, he is what you would imagine Captain America being. But is that a good thing or his biggest flaw?


One of the reasons why I didn’t like him that much in The Avengers (besides the terrible suit) is because he felt too uppity compared to the other Avengers. You see, every other member of the Avengers had flaws and they learned to deal with those flaws and could handle being in the presence of other imperfect beings like they were. Steve, on the other hand, is perfect, remember? He’s the poster boy for patriotism. He’s willing to sacrifice himself for the lives of others. And then you have characters like Tony Stark whose every other sentence is a joke and doesn’t take life very seriously. Steve was practically bursting at the seams with annoyance for Tony and Tony was feeling the same way about the stuck-up Captain America. And I was feeling the same way. Who was this guy who thought he was so much better than everyone else even though he clearly was the lamest of them all?

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The Evolution of Captain America

I didn’t know anything about Captain America until I watched The Avengers. Captain America might as well have been a brand new superhero for me and when I first saw him I truly didn’t like him that much but my despise for the character didn’t last long. I soon grew to like Captain America more and more and now he’s truly become one of my favorite superheroes. So, today I’m super excited to share with you his amazing evolution throughout the years. Enjoy!

Captain America: The First Avenger


The First Avenger could’ve been a GREAT movie but it, unfortunately, fell a little flat about halfway through the film. But watching him go from a scrawny Army recruit who wanted nothing more than to serve his country to becoming a superhero who ended up saving the world was pretty fascinating. Steve Rogers is just a good, righteous guy, he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body, and that’s part of the reason why he’s so great. I love Captain America and I definitely had fun seeing the first leg of his journey.

The Avengers (2012)

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The first time I ever saw Captain America on the big screen was in The Avengers and that was not a great introduction to his character. First of all, the suit is TERRIBLE. It’s way too tight, the stripes on his stomach make him look like he’s got a gut even though he doesn’t, the face mask is just horrendous, and overall he just looked very bad. The writers also didn’t know how to fully incorporate his perfect soldier attitude without making him seem too stern or out of place with the other Avengers and that also wasn’t a great thing for his character’s chances of being cool.

The Avengers didn’t really develop his character in the slightest. It only added him to the superhero team. Thankfully his next movie would completely change my view on the patriotic hero.

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