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An Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Like The Bad Batch

I’ve been watching a marathon of The Clone Wars for the past month and it has been so much fun but now I’ve reached the final season and I’ve got to say, I’m not a fan of The Bad Batch.

New Star Wars series featuring the Bad Batch coming to Disney+ in 2021

These four clone troopers feel like the brain child of a dumpy guy on a couch who decides to create four clones that he thinks would be cool. These bro-tastic clone characters are so sickening in their personalities and independent abilities that honestly, they drive me a little batty.

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It’s One Week Away from ‘The Clone Wars’

I cannot fully express to you how excited I am to see The Clone Wars next week.

A couple of years ago I binge-watched the animated series and quickly determined why I enjoyed it so much as a child. But since that binge-watch session, I haven’t revisited these episodes so with The Clone Wars getting its long-awaited final season I was thrilled, of course, but I had forgotten what was going on.

Well, Disney+ is very thoughtful of individuals like me who needed a bit of catching up to do, so they listed twenty essential episodes to watch and guess what, I watched eighteen of them (two of them I had seen recently so I chose not to watch them.)

The earlier episodes were good, the later episodes were phenomenal! I watched all eighteen episodes in the span of three days and now I’m fully prepared for the story ahead. Continue reading It’s One Week Away from ‘The Clone Wars’