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The Golden Globe Nominations Are In and I’m Intrigued

Okay, the Golden Globe nominations are in and there are some choices that make sense and some surprise snobs that have left me a bit stunned but overall, I’m pleased with the picks and am looking forward to seeing who wins.

In terms of the snubs, I was surprised to see Delroy Lindo not nominated for his role in Da 5 Bloods, or Chadwick Boseman for Best Supporting Actor in Da 5 Bloods as well. The movie was one of the best of the year, delivering some powerful performances and directing that once again highlighted Spike Lee’s impressive movie making skills.

Minari was subjected to the Foreign Language Film category even though the movie was made in America by an American director who’s telling an American story. But the main language of the movie is Korean so…

Regina King was nominated for Best Director for One Night in Miami which makes sense. Viola Davis apparently did a pretty good job in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, hence her nomination. And so on and so on.

I’ll have more thoughts about the nominations on the way as I begin to watch more of these nominated films like Mank and Sound of Metal next but for now, it’s movie award season baby!

(And by the way, yay for The Mandalorian‘s nomination for Best TV Series-Drama. It totally deserves it!!!!)

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Should Chadwick Boseman Get a Posthumous Oscar for ‘Da 5 Bloods’?

It’s still heartbreaking to think that Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us but as time goes on so must we. I’ve pretty much dedicated this week to the actor in commemoration of his legacy and as such I wanted to write this post which points out the obvious; Boseman needs to be nominated for a posthumous Oscar next year.

It’s happened before. Heath Ledger was nominated posthumously for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight, a nomination that culminated into a win for his chilling and very memorable performance. The last movie I watched featuring Chadwick Boseman was Da 5 Bloods and to say he was extraordinary as the commanding soldier, Stormin’ Norman is an understatement. I didn’t see Black Panther and that is saying something considering how great of a job he did as the Marvel superhero.

His role was small in the film but every scene he graced he commanded with such power. He undoubtedly deserves an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor for that role and yes, maybe even a win. That’s how great he did and I’m not even exaggerating. Just watch the film and you’ll see for yourself.

Do you think Chadwick Boseman deserves a posthumous Oscar for his role in Da 5 Bloods? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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‘Da 5 Bloods’: The Best Movie of the Year (So Far)

As I’m still paying tribute to the greatness of Chadwick Boseman I’m looking back at my review of his latest film, the Spike Lee Joint Da 5 Bloods. Enjoy!

I am speechless. Of course, that’s figurative because I have to write this review but…just…wow. What a movie!

I’ve seen four Spike Lee Joints now. Do the Right ThingMalcolm XBlacKkKlansman, and Da 5 Bloods, and each film has far surpassed my expectations but Da 5 Bloods just may be the most poignant of these four movies.

Spike Lee has never been one to soften his story for the casual viewer. He makes movies that leave a lasting impact on you, will teach you something and show you just how difficult is to live the black experience in America.

Da 5 Bloods is an extraordinary film and undoubtedly, in my opinion, Netflix’s greatest original movie to date. It tells the story of four Vietnam veterans (joined by one of the vets’ concerned sons played by Jonathan Majors) and their quest to venture back into Vietnam to retrieve the remains of their lost brother-in-arms (Chadwick Boseman) and the treasure worth $17 million in gold that they buried there.

What transpires over the course of two and a half hours feels like a history lesson, a social awareness campaign for soldiers’ PTSD, a testament to the ugliness of war, how money can corrupt even the best of men, and the travesties of the Vietnam War all wrapped into a dark and almost sadistic gift box of emotion. Continue reading ‘Da 5 Bloods’: The Best Movie of the Year (So Far)