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QI’RA: Chapter Fourteen

Maul’s Misgivings

It wasn’t but a few steps from her quarters when Top Lieutenant Nienye, clad in a black tunic, pants, and boots enhanced with leather across the bodice, shoulders, elbows, and knees, approached her.

“Lord Maul is contacting you,” he said.

At other times her heart would’ve skipped a beat and she would find herself trembling with worry or worse, fear. Instead, she simply nodded, passing him in the hall and heading to the meeting room. He stared after her with a concerned expression.

She entered the room and immediately went over to a nearby console where she pressed a button. The windows darkened and a hologram appeared revealing Maul sitting as he always did with that hood hiding his black and red face in shadow.

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Qi’ra,” were the first words he spoke.

A smirk touched her lips. “So I’m guessing you already understand the situation.”

“I know more than you know,” he replied.

She didn’t like the way he said that. Was he possibly watching her at all times? Did he listen in on her conversations? If so, she would have to be careful where she said things in the future.

“I also know that it’s too dangerous to try to reclaim the coaxium from the rebels,” he continued.

Her eyebrow cocked. “It’s dangerous to take back what is rightfully mine?”

He leaned forward as if angered by her arrogance. “You could die, jeopardizing Crimson Dawn’s reputation. My reputation.”

“And if we let the rebels keep the coaxium for their own gains instead of delivering to the Empire like we were supposed to we don’t look bad?”

“At least we won’t look foolish.”

“I’m a gambler, Maul. I’ll take the risk.”

Darth Maul took off his hood, revealing the true extent of his anger. His temples bulged and his yellow eyes flared with venom.

“And when did you suddenly decide that you were special enough to practically take on a suicide mission?” he asked, his voice oozing menace.

“It’s not a suicide mission if I survive,” she replied confidently.

His jaw clenched. “You’ll be heading into enemy lines with barely an army. Who’s going to help you because believe me, I’m not sending any of Crimson Dawn’s forces or allies to your rescue.”

“I don’t need a rescuer. I have my own team to handle this.”

As quickly as his anger had arrived he leaned back in his chair, regarding her with a careful gaze.

“You have gumption,” he said quietly. “But I guess that’s why I wanted you to be the new face of Crimson Dawn.”

She smiled. “The coaxium will once again be ours, Lord Maul,” she announced.

With his expression still grim, he said, “Words are cheap. Prove it.”

With that, he ended the transmission. Qi’ra’s jaw clenched and her hands tightened into fists. All her life people had looked down on her. Believed that she wasn’t good enough to lead or to trust.

Well, she would show him, as she showed everyone else.

QI’RA: Chapter Three


Maul’s intense gaze averted from Qi’ra long enough to look at the other Crime Syndicate leaders. Qi’ra inwardly sighed with relief, for his stare felt like the intense glare of heat from the sun.

“This is Qi’ra, Dryden Vos’s top lieutenant,” Maul spoke.

The intrigue in the Crime Syndicate leaders’ eyes was apparent as they looked at her. Obviously, her reputation as a ruthless agent of the criminal underworld had spread.

“We are gathered here today because Dryden Vos has been killed by a smuggler he hired,” Maul continued. Each leader grumbled in disgust.

Working with the scum that made up the criminal underworld was sometimes a risky business, for bounty hunters and smugglers could make a name for themselves if they had the chance to brag that they had killed someone of such high importance. It was a scenario they all wished to avoid.

“And that means we need a new head of Crimson Dawn.” Maul’s yellow gaze turned to Qi’ra. “I have faith that you will be the perfect face of this syndicate.”

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QI’RA: Chapter Two

The Shadow Council

The planet of the surface was just as unsettling as it had appeared from space. The sky was a harsh red, bathing everything in a crimson hue that added an extra hint of gloom to the planet. A forest of brambles that curled and twisted into dense thickets hid whatever creatures lurked beneath watching the First Light’s elongated vessel flying overhead. Vast craggy mountains with sheer cliffs that reached toward the blood-red sky sat at the edge of the forest like towering guards sneering down at the land below.

Qi’ra did as the mysterious woman had ordered; sending the craft to the coordinates that had been given before setting down in what was the first clearing she had seen on the planet. As First Light came to a stop she took a deep breath.

As soon as she stepped foot from this ship she would be vulnerable in a foreign world where the very nature’s aesthetic screamed terror. There was something wrong about this place. Something…dark. She now understood why she had never heard of Maul until now. Why he never had been seen conversing with Dryden Vos in person. One could live on this planet for the duration of their years and never be found, for who would ever think to come to a place like this?

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‘The Clone Wars’ Gets Even More Epic!

The Clone Wars has had seven seasons and several episodes that have managed to exceed expectations but oh my goodness, the current storyline stretched over four final episodes, The Siege of Mandalore, is freaking blowing my mind.

The Siege of Mandalore takes place during the events of Revenge of the Sith but it does so in a way that makes this story feel fresh and new. Instead of following Anakin and Obi-Wan’s side of the story, which was fleshed out in the actual movie, we get to see Ahsoka’s side of the story during this crucial timeline, and boy is it riveting!

She faces Maul, we get to see what was happening with the Mandalorians at the time, and it’s all leading to the tragic event of Order 66. I’m so scared. The suspense is killing me! Two episodes left and I have a feeling the next couple of episodes are only going to get better.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

The Five Best Lightsaber Duels: Cartoons Edition

There are some fantastic lightsaber duels in Star Wars, obviously, but you may be surprised to know that some of the best lightsaber duels are actually in the cartoons. And, with The Clone Wars returning this weekend, I thought it prudent to highlight these hidden gems found in the cartoons. Enjoy!

5. Kanan vs. The Grand Inquisitor


The first season of Star Wars: Rebels is pretty good but it’s not until this fateful duel that I began to actually understand how amazing the series could be. Kanan Jarrus believes that Ezra is dead and in an incredible moment, he faces the Grand Inquisitor with every bit of zen and belief in the power of the Force imaginable, resulting in a powerful duel that allows Kanan to grow immensely. Continue reading The Five Best Lightsaber Duels: Cartoons Edition