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‘Frozen II’ Arrives Early On Disney+

If you have Disney+ and have been eagerly awaiting the addition of Frozen II to the streaming service wait no longer. Frozen II has come early to the streaming service, meaning you can soak in all of the film’s new songs and lovable moments. I can’t wait to see it and write my review. I’m intrigued to discover the movie’s more mature and darker themes, as the critics and casual viewers expressed.

With this taking place, is there a chance Avengers: Infinity War and The Rise of Skywalker could arrive at earlier dates on Disney+? I sure hope so.

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Disney+ Is Set to Remake a Bunch of Movies, Including ‘Home Alone’

In case you forgot, Disney+ is set to remake a bunch of beloved family films such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Night at the Museum, and the Christmas classic, Home Alone. Who knows what other fascinating original content one we’ll be able to explore in the coming years.

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Throwback Friday: Which Characters Should Appear in Cassian’s Live-Action Series?

When it was announced that there was going to be a live-action series on Disney+ focusing on fan-favorite Cassian Andor I couldn’t believe it. I was and still, am so excited about this news. Cassian is my favorite Rogue One character and with this series, he can finally get the backstory that he so absolutely deserves. But there’s another exciting element to this news and that is the idea that other awesome characters can make appearances in this series. Characters we all know and love and haven’t been given enough time to shine. So, on that note, here’s a list of characters that I think could make some surprise appearances on the show.

Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma has played an important leadership role in the Rebellion for many years and as obvious from the movie she has a relationship with Cassian as his superior. I think it is inevitable to see her make an appearance or two in the series.

Darth Vader


While it’s pretty likely that Cassian and Darth Vader will most likely never cross paths there is always a slight possibility that it could potentially. Maybe on one of Cassian’s spy missions, he’ll see Vader from afar or just barely manage to avoid him. That could be very entertaining.

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The Pros and Cons of Disney Plus

Disney Plus has arrived to bring joy to millions around the country and I was definitely one of them. Being a Disney fan, Disney Plus is truly a dream come true. Some of my favorite Disney movies that were previously hard to get a hold of are now at my fingertips to watch as many times as I want. It’s fantastic!

However, just because I’m a Disney fan doesn’t mean I’m blind to the cons of this streaming service and I am relieved to tell you they are far and few. So, here are the pros and cons of Disney Plus.

The Cons

If you were on Twitter yesterday you may have noticed the trending topic that kept popping up, #DisneyPlusFails. That’s because the site kept crashing, making it hard for a lot of people, including me to watch the highly-anticipated Disney Plus original series, The Mandalorian. And The Mandalorian wasn’t the only choice on the streaming service that I was finding difficult to watch.

For hours I had to struggle watching Disney Plus as it crashed intermittently but by the afternoon the site was running as smoothly as ever.

However, this was to be expected considering that Star Wars fans were destined to bum rush the site to watch The Mandalorian. So, the biggest con of Disney Plus is its navigational weakness.

Where’s the Go Back button?

Instead of having tabs for these categories (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, or National Geographic) in the main menu stationed at the top of the site alongside the other open options you have to continuously go to the Home Page to find things to watch.

There’s no Go Back button/arrow when you click into a series, making you feel somewhat trapped with no outlet to go back and look at something else. So you’re forced to go to the Home Page and perform a number of other maneuvers to get back to where you were. It’s a bit tedious and sometimes annoying, especially if you’re browsing the site and trying to discover what you want to watch.

Hopefully, Disney Plus has a forum for users because I will definitely suggest a Go Back button/arrow for this situation.

The Pros

I think it’s pretty obvious what the pros are. All of that outstanding Disney content. From the animated classics to the newest Disney XD animated obsessions and all of the original content in between, Disney Plus has a lot to love.

And over time the amount of content will only grow and more films and television series will become available to watch. But I’m not even thinking about that.

My sister and I have Star Wars: Rebels to binge-watch and then I just learned that the 1990s’ Marvel Spider-Man cartoon is also on Disney Plus. I’m going to be locked into Disney Plus for months!

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I’m Geeking Out Over ‘The Mandalorian’!

I can bring you in warm… Or I can bring you in cold.”

-The Mandalorian

Those were literally the first words spoken by The Mandalorian in this premiere episode and let me tell you, it was a precise barometer of what to expect for the next thirty-seven minutes or so.

I’ve seen a lot of tv show pilots. Some immediately grip you and make you feel invested in the story. Others leave you underwhelmed and questioning whether you want to return back to see the show the next week. I can assure you, The Mandalorian‘s first episode was the greatest tv show pilot I have ever seen.

At every turn, my wide eyes were made even wider through the dialogue, the nostalgic fan service sprinkled throughout nearly every shot, and those INCREDIBLE action scenes.

Let me tell you, bounty hunting is a difficult profession according to The Mandalorian and what he has to face in what appears to be a matter of a day or two. He meets fascinating characters, some mysterious, all immediately likable. There’s a bit of backstory to unveil a bit of the mystery surrounding him which culminates into a reasonable but shocking decision he makes at the end of the first episode due to a shocking reveal you will never see coming.

The music was OUTSTANDING. Ludwig Gorransson is a phenomenal composer, delivering powerful, heart-swelling scores that one won’t soon forget. I absolutely loved his works on Creed and Black Panther and The Mandalorian is no exception. He knows how to make the viewer very, very happy with his music.

All in all, while I will refrain from spoilers due to the fact that it isn’t available to those around the globe I will say this, it was totally worth the wait.

I’m giving this first episode 100 out of 100 and 5 out of 5 stars. I’ve already watched it twice. I’m pretty sure I’m going to watch it again tonight at some time just because it was that impressive.

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