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QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-One

Qi’ra vs. Enfys Nest

Qi’ra knew Enfys Nest would be a tough opponent but she still was surprised by her strength. It took all she could to keep from being hit by the rebel’s electro staff which would’ve instantly incapacitated her, giving Nest the chance to finish her.

So, she danced about, staying out of range of Enfys’s lethal swings as mayhem ensued around them. There were explosions and laser fire, ships and Cloud Riders zipping by, and through all of this, Qi’ra continued to wonder, had T-38 and Nienye obtained the coaxium, because if they hadn’t…this plan of hers could be the worst mistake she had ever made.

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QI’RA: Chapter Nineteen

Old Friend, New Enemy

As soon as Dart landed the ship was bombarded by blaster fire but as Qi’ra charged from the craft, her blaster in hand, a passing ship overhead took care of the enemy forces immediately facing them. She continued forward, her gaze absorbing the burning buildings covered in long banners providing bursts of color through the soot and ash left behind by the fires. Her army of warriors, led by herself, T-38, and Nienye, followed close behind while her ships continued to fly overhead, providing aerial support. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Nineteen

QI’RA: A Rebel Rises: Chapter One

A freighter, sucked of all power, was floating derelict in space. An old but functional Rebellion ship approached the rundown vessel before docking. From out of the Rebellion ship a few masked marauders board the freighter, their blasters in hand.

Onboard the Rebellion craft, the leader of the masked individuals, Enfys Nest waits patiently for their report. It comes quicker than she expected.

“Hey Nest, you may want to come and take a look at this,” one of her people say over the communications channel.

Her jaw clenches. She turns to Weazel, her right-hand in command of her gang of Cloud-Riders.

“Keep an eye out for enemies,” she tells him.

“Yes, marm,” he replies with a dip of the head. Continue reading QI’RA: A Rebel Rises: Chapter One

My Fanfiction: The Sequel to QI’RA Has Arrived

Qi’ra has become my favorite Star Wars character to highlight in my fanfiction because I just found her storyline to be interesting. She has this dark side but there’s a sense of goodness to her, as well. This side of her is what drew me to her.


In my last fanfiction series, QI’RA, I tackled her storyline for the first time in an original setting (my first story with her involved a fanfiction series called If Only She Could Tell the Truth, which featured her side of the story in Solo). QI’RA is set directly after Solo and tells the story of her rising as this fierce, dangerous, feared leader of Crimson Dawn.

At the end of the series, following the betrayal of her Top Lieutenant/lover Nienye, she goes to defeat Maul on Dathomir and through an epic confrontation wins. Suddenly, she’s the one calling the shots. Now this character, who had elements of good in front of the bad, has become a leader of one of the cruelest and ruthless crime syndicates in the galaxy. It’s the exact opposite of Han’s storyline, as he was first a smuggler and then became a rebel leader.

She’s also now allied with some of the most dangerous people in the galaxy; the Empire, Emperor Palpatine, etc. Yeah, she’s turned to the dark side essentially.

After I finished QI’RA I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to continue this story in a way that sheds a light on her evolution as a character in a thoughtful and fulfilling way. I also wanted to touch upon another character that I have found very interesting to write and that is Enfys Nest.

In QI’RA I had Enfys Nest play a brief role in the story. Now, in QI’RA: A Rebel Rises, Enfys Nest is sharing the spotlight. This is a development that I have been really excited to share but that’s not the only surprise I have up my sleeve. Here’s the official poster.


Yes, there are a lot of changes in this new story.

Set six months after the destruction of the first Death Star, the galaxy is in turmoil. Qi’ra, an essential ally to the Empire, and Enfys Nest, a lingering presence in the Rebellion, are navigating the galaxy as polar opposites of one another…but are they as different as we first think and will their storylines cross again? 😉

Qi’ra’s long hair is now cut short, giving her a new look that I am totally in love with. Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo will play small roles in this story because…why not! I’m making sure not to include them too heavily into the story in order to keep them from outshining Enfys Nest but…they’re in it. (So excited!)

And as you can see there’s a new boss for Qi’ra to meet. One that far exceeds Darth Maul and that is Darth Vader. Qi’ra has constantly been defiant against those with power or those who she feels use their power to bully others. How will she fare in the same presence as the Sith Lord? It should be interesting.

I can’t wait for you to read this series which will simultaneously arrive every day along with my current Episode X: The Reckoning series starting tomorrow. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the surprises both of these stories have in store.

I thank you for taking the time to read this post (and read my fanfiction series) and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

If Only She Could Tell The Truth: Part 31

This was turning out to be a very interesting day. Enfys Nest wasn’t the ruthless pirate that Qi’ra thought “he” was. He was actually a she and her motives were surprisingly noble. Enfys was trying to help those around the galaxy who were facing the same sort of oppression that the people at Savareen had faced. And it was the Crimson Dawn, the very criminal faction that Qi’ra had sworn fealty to, that had hurt these individuals of Savareen.

It made Qi’ra feel bad. Horrible, actually, for her place in this story. Here she was, listening to this horrifying tale and she was secretly a part of the very people that were the perpetrators of this crime.

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If Only She Could Tell The Truth: Part 30

Tobias Beckett caught Qi’ra before she could knock him to the ground in her hastiness. He gave her a long look and she suddenly felt conscious of the tears in her eyes.

“You alright?” he asked.

She laughed. “Of course. Just dust in my eyes.”

She knew it was a terrible lie but she honestly couldn’t think of anything else to say. Beckett let go of her arms, gazing at her with a suspicious stare.  Han emerged from the tent from behind her, turning the situation a bit awkward.

“Come on,” Tobias said. “I’m dying of thirst.”

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