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Poison Ivy Comes To Life In This New Poster for ‘The Dark Knight Lives’

As someone who isn’t very familiar with Batman villains beyond the ones in the films that I’ve seen it was fun to do some research and discover the characters that have been a real pain in the caped crusader’s butt.

The previous three posters for my upcoming fanfiction series The Dark Knight Lives have focused on two heroes and one villain; Robin, Nightwing, and Harley Quinn, all of which I can’t wait to introduce to you in my story. And now, the fourth poster focuses on a villainess that my sister and I are just learning about and we’re ultimately fascinated with named Poison Ivy. My sister was a little skeptical in bringing this character to life but once she got to work it was very clear that her vision would be outstanding, as always. Here’s the poster. Continue reading Poison Ivy Comes To Life In This New Poster for ‘The Dark Knight Lives’


‘The Dark Knight Lives’ Has a Release Date and a New Poster

For a few weeks now I have been releasing through tidbits of information and posters for my new fanfiction series, The Dark Knight Lives. I’m excited to announce that The Dark Knight Lives will arrive on September 25. Yay.

And here’s the newest poster, created by my sister, of course, featuring the one and only Robin.


If you may recall, at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Blake Lively was about to become Robin. I always wished to see what that version of Robin could’ve been like and I’m so excited to finally see that vision come to fruition.

Here, on this poster, is what would’ve been Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s rendition of the character. My sister kept the iconic red and green from his classic outfit but she relinquished adding any yellow elements, as it would’ve made the outfit way too gimmicky.

On the poster, he stands as a watchful protector over Gotham after Batman’s disappearance, making him an integral part in this brand new story.

The closer it gets for you to read this story the more excited I am becoming. (And, by far, this is my favorite poster. My sister provided a new vision of what the Robin character can be and I am in love with this rendition.)

If you want to see more of her fan artwork check out her newest website: Phantasy Studio. It’s really cool!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a mesmerizing day.

‘The Dark Knight Lives’ Gets Its Second Poster

As you may know, a new fanfiction series that I am bringing to you this September is a series focusing on what is essentially the unknown fourth film in The Dark Knight Trilogy that never happened. This story, set seven years after Batman’s “death”, focuses on a new hero who rises from the depths to save Gotham from a terrible threat, Batwoman. I can’t wait for you to read this story!

But, leading up to the debut of this new fanfiction series, I have partnered with my sister, who you already know is an incredible artist–and her new website which is a truly epic art gallery that goes by the name Phantasy Studio (you should totally check it out, by the way)–in this endeavor.

If you missed the first poster here it is.


Harley Quinn has actually become one of my favorite comic book characters and to bring her to this story has already been a fun experience for me personally. Continue reading ‘The Dark Knight Lives’ Gets Its Second Poster

Another Announcement Concerning my QI’RA Series

Last week I announced that I would be putting my Qi’ra series on hold but as the days go by I have realized, I can’t leave this story hanging. And, after this brief hiatus, I have become rejuvenated and motivated to write another twenty chapters.

Excuse me taking you on this rollercoaster of ups and downs with this series. I will try to get a chapter to every day until I hit Chapter 50 but that may not be possible. But I have to say, I am so moved that you have followed this story for as long as you did and I’m excited to share the next step in this series with you.

And, in case you forgot, here are the three posters my sister created for this fanfiction series. I feel a rush of excitement every time I see these posters.


I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Love This!

My sister and I weren’t sure if we were going to like Captain Marvel. Yeah, she was the first female Marvel superhero to get her own film. Yeah, she was clearly going to be the most powerful Avenger. And yeah, her character seemed pretty awesome but we were still skeptical.

We came away from Captain Marvel liking Carol Danvers but we weren’t entirely convinced. That changed after Endgame. Seeing her interact with our favorites heroes and Thanos, loving her new hairdo and outfit, we were changed. Suddenly, Captain Marvel lived up to the hype and honestly, we couldn’t be happier.

My sister, as an artist, LOVES drawing Captain Marvel. Whether it be a manga revision of the character or simply giving Captain Marvel a new look, Captain Marvel has become one of my sister’s favorite things to draw. And now she’s drawn yet another masterpiece. Check it out.

Carefree Captain Marvel

You have no idea how much I love this picture! Brie Larson’s smile is caught with such perfection, the hair looks amazing, the colors of the suit is amplified with just enough gusto to make this piece truly stand out. I’ve shared a lot of beautiful pieces that my sister has drawn but this, hands down, is one of my personal favorites.

Captain Marvel rules!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day.