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The Chosen One: Chapter Thirty-Three

The Search Continues

Ever since Ben Solo had crawled out of that temple on Malachor he knew something was wrong. He had been stranded on that planet with no means for an escape. Through his sheer will and determination to find Rey he trekked across the planet, eventually coming across a bunch of acolytes who were foraging through the world’s ruins to find Sith relics.

He stole their ship and hightailed it to Carcuun only to find the planet completely changed. The vast ocean was now reduced to massive lakes as a grey stone covered in ice and snow reaching from the flat plains to craggy mountains made up the planet’s topography. Where New Alderaan had been now lied a lake covered in a sheet of white ice. Every trace of the Resistance was gone.

Shocked and equally mortified he began searching through the galaxy for Rey and still, to this day, he had not been able to locate her. Many believed she was dead but he refused to give up hope. If she was dead he would know. There was a feeling, an everlasting link that connected them. No matter how many lightyears separated them he knew she was out there…somewhere.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Thirty-Two

15 Years Later

Whispers of hope. That’s all that was left in the galaxy underneath HER reign.

Worlds were demolished, civilizations unwilling to bend to HER will destroyed, and sadness prevailed. Crime syndicates were allowed to thrive, sending the galaxy into a chaotic, ugly place. Heroes were mown down, leaving the villains to rule in HER stead.

Children growing up in these oppressed times knew only to survive.

But, there were rumors. Rumors of a small band of rebels that were hiding in plain sight, waiting for the day when the last remaining Jedi of the past, the legend named Rey who was powerful enough to pull a Star Destroyer from the sky, would return.

That day seemed less and less likely with each passing year but hope was not lost. At least not for the children of the galaxy who woke up every day gazing at the sky waiting for Rey’s grand arrival upon the saddle of a great beast known only from legend; the Mithomaur–a gigantic four-legged creature with a massive jaw filled with teeth the size of buildings and claws the width of mountains.

Her arrival was clearly aggrandized through the children’s’ wildest fantasies but it was the bit of joy the children could find through the miserable days.

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The Intermission

My fanfiction for Episode IX has reached a point where I’m giving you all a pause as I give this story an intermission.

Yes, for the next week, you will have to wait until the next half of the story which is set to be filled with even more plot twists and emotional moments. During this week, be sure to keep an eye out for an exciting poster pertaining to the second half of the story provided by yours truly, Uzuri Art.

Until Chapter Thirty-Two, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first half of this story I’ve created.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

The Chosen One: Chapter Thirty-One

The Whisper Arrives

The Battle of New Alderaan was heating up as the First Order broke through the planet’s shields, descending their advance on the Resistance.

Inhabitants of the city were trapped, forced to watch as their beloved city was bombarded by the terrible anger of the First Order. Resistance cruisers and First Order Star Destroyers were duking it out while TIE fighters and X-Wings zipped by overhead in heated dogfights. First Order Stormtroopers were marching through the streets but they confronted a prepared army of Xipher warriors with their young Warden leading the charge, rebel stormtroopers led by Finn, a squadron of feisty mechanics helmed by Rose took their skills to the test as they attacked the First Order with all sorts of lethal contraptions of course, and finally Commander Chewbacca and his unit of Wookie warriors.

The war was in full swing and neither army could seem to defeat the other. Poe Dameron swooped by in his black-and-orange X-Wing, BB-8 beeping frantically as three TIE fighters chased after him.

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