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Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-FIVE)

It was nighttime in London and spirits were low. Londoners were afraid to leave their homes and local businesses were closed. It was only the international chains and hotels that were still functioning along as normal. But the fear was definitely in the air.

Under the cloak of darkness, ten SUVs rolled up to Parliament, dodging the smoking wreckage still littering the streets. Each of these cars held powerful rulers of the world who had all been summoned there to speak with the terrorist that was spreading terror through the globe and the tension was palpable.

Secretary Ross sat in the SUV with the President who looked grim as ever.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-FIVE)

Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-THREE)

T’Challa woke to find himself chained to a stone wall in a dark room. He yanked at his bonds but to no avail. Breathing heavily and with his head pounding he continued to fight against his restraints. That is until he heard the heavy slam of a nearby door.

His head whipped toward the source of the noise and when he looked Dr. Frost was entering the room, her hands clasped behind her back.

“If you’re thinking of torturing me for information about Wakanda you might as well forget it,” he told her. “I will not talk.”

“When I planned to conquer this world your capture was not part of the plan,” she told him. ‘Trust me when I say I do not care about your precious Wakanda. At least…not yet. But you will help me.”

I will never help the likes of you, he spoke in ixiXhosa.

Even though the HYDRA scientist couldn’t understand him she did notice the defiance in his tone. A hint of a smile touched her lips.

“I’m not surprised by your defiance but I’m confident that it will be shortlived. Bring her forward!” Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY-THREE)

Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY)

The mood around the world was low as they beheld London and the scene that was taking place there. Everyone had watched the riveting confrontation between members of the recently illegalized Avengers and the powerful HYDRA terrorist and her enhanced bodyguards. And together they had all witnessed the Avengers’ and the Wakandans’ surprising defeat. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (TWENTY)

Captain America: Secret War (ONE)

To most, it seemed like a normal day in New York City but to Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter, they knew better. They walked down the city’s busy streets, their eyes locked on the skyscrapers around them as if they were simple tourists, but they were really looking for three HYDRA agents whose next step in a diabolical plan was going to get thousands killed.

They stopped at a crosswalk. “We’re never going to find them,” Sharon said, flicking her dyed black hair over her shoulder agitatedly.

Steve’s narrowed eyes surveyed the windows in the skyscrapers surrounding them. “They’re here. Any moment now they’ll show themselves. They always do.” Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (ONE)