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Was Kylo Ren’s Conclusion Rewarding or Disappointing?

Kylo Ren. He was my favorite character of the trilogy, hands down. He was just so…cool! Dressed in black, wielding a crossguard red lightsaber that crackled, armed with a fierce temper and plenty of lovable inner conflict, Kylo was the character that I was most interested in. And then The Rise of Skywalker happened.

Suddenly, this character who had the most intriguing storyline of anyone in the Sequel Trilogy was reduced to wearing a ridiculous mask covered in red lines, Force-skyping his lady friend like a creepy stalker, and becoming Ben Solo for a maximum of maybe five minutes. Why J.J?!


Anakin’s fall from grace and eventual redemption as Darth Vader was beautifully told (even if you may despise the prequels), giving him the conclusion he deserved. Seeing Luke Skywalker standing before that bonfire with Darth Vader’s burning in tribute is not only one of the best shots in all of Star Wars but it feels so emotionally moving.

Kylo Ren didn’t get this. Continue reading Was Kylo Ren’s Conclusion Rewarding or Disappointing?

What’s Your Favorite Sequel Trilogy Film?

Well, the Sequel Trilogy has reached its end. There have been some ups and there have been some lows. Some incredible moments worth remembering and moments worth forgetting. But all in all, Disney gave us another trilogy. One that gave us new characters, new worlds, and new stories. Sadly, the trilogy has come to an end, meaning we won’t have any more Star Wars movies for a small while. Thankfully we’ll have plenty of Star Wars-related Disney+ series to watch until the mysterious film arrives in most likely 2022.

Until then, here’s a brief look at the Sequel Trilogy.

The Force Awakens 


The Force Awakens, based off of the brilliance of A New Hope, tells a story of a new beginning for fresh young heroes and villains. Filled with adventure, stakes, and Star Wars galore, The Force Awakens was a bright start to a new journey. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Sequel Trilogy Film?

J.J Abrams Destroyed ‘The Last Jedi’: Here’s How

When J.J Abrams signed on to The Force Awakens there was definitely a bit of worry. Would he ruin Star Wars? Did he know what he was doing? The Force Awakens would end up becoming a gigantic success and giving Star Wars fans something to love. Rian Johnson wrote and directed The Last Jedi and while the film was heralded by critics and fans, there were a lot of people who were surprised by Johnson’s choices. Choices that directly contradicted Abrams’s vision and tore down expectations.

It was immediately apparent that the movie would be different when Luke chucked the lightsaber over his shoulder and the cliff. It was a startling contrast to what we expected and a blunt revelation that this wasn’t the same Luke from Return of the Jedi.


Snoke was killed. Rey was deemed a nobody. Luke was a grumpy hermit. Poe was a raging, mutinous lunatic. Finn’s Force-sensitivity was flushed down the drain and placed second to Rose. Admiral Ackbar was blown off of the bridge in a VERY unceremonious way. Over and over again, Rian Johnson flipped the script and clearly, Abrams was not pleased.

Yeah, he may continue to express in recent interviews that he likes the directions Johnson took the story in The Last Jedi and yet why were there so many things in The Rise of Skywalker that directly contradicted Johnson’s story? Have you ever seen directors/writers fighting via screenplay? That’s what The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker look like?

A war of ideas, culminating into a clearly incohesive last two films that features Rian Johnson first trashing Abrams work and then Abrams destroying Johnson’s work, leaving us dealing with the whiplash effects of the story.

So, with no further delay, here’s a list of all of the things (that I can remember) showcasing how Abrams destroyed The Last Jedi. Continue reading J.J Abrams Destroyed ‘The Last Jedi’: Here’s How

Rey’s Lineage Revealed: Why Am I Still Unsatisfied?

Since The Force Awakens, there’s been one searing question that fans of the new trilogy couldn’t help clamoring for; who are Rey’s parents? At the end of The Force Awakens, the two most popular theories saw Rey as Luke’s daughter or as a Solo. Those theories were aggressively debunked as Rian Johnson changed gears and told all of us that Rey was the daughter of “nobodies” who had abandoned her for drinking money. But I knew this was a cruel ploy Kylo used to try to get her to join him. I even wrote a post about it a couple of years ago.

I Have The Proof That Kylo Ren Didn’t Tell the Full Truth About Rey’s Parents

I was saying it all throughout last year. Rey was a Palpatine. There was nothing that could convince me otherwise. So when I watched The Rise of Skywalker and Kylo told her, in a specifically momentous point of the movie, that she was Rey Palpatine, I wasn’t surprised, nor was I that happy either.


The concept of Rey’s connection to Palpatine was a brilliant idea in theory if done correctly, but the way J.J Abrams handled the reveal and the following storyline surrounding this tale of lineage felt a bit…if I’m being honest, corny. Continue reading Rey’s Lineage Revealed: Why Am I Still Unsatisfied?

Palpatine Returns! Was it a Good Thing?

The Rise of Skywalker would bode the end of the Skywalker Saga. Meaning, J.J Abrams and co-writer Chris Terrio had to find a way to tie in all of the previous eight films into one film. One such character that could’ve easily brought the three trilogies together was indeed Palpatine/Darth Sidious who was believed to be dead in Return of the Jedi. But after hearing his infamous cackle at the end of the teaser trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, it seemed clear that Abrams had something fantastic up his sleeve. Unfortunately, that would not be the case.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue reading Palpatine Returns! Was it a Good Thing?