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Three Movie Reviews: ‘Malignant’, ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’, and ‘Police Story’

Well, I’ve seen three new movies in the past few days and it’s time to share my thoughts on these films. Enjoy!


Malignant' Twist: Critics Are Freaking Out About Crazy Third Act - Variety

I tried to watch James Wan’s latest horror film, Malignant, after I noticed it trending the other day on Twitter due to its surprise-twist ending but the movie was terrible. I’m talking next-level bad.

The acting was C-list, the story already didn’t make any sense, and the movie wasn’t even scary. And that’s coming from someone who is the ultimate scaredy-cat.

My sister and I decided to turn it off approximately twenty-five minutes into the film because it truly was that absurd and one thing I’m not a fan of is an absurd horror flick.

0.5/5 stars (And that’s only because the movie kind of made me laugh.)

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‘Aquaman’ Rules!

Okay, before I get to this review let me give you a quick rundown of my history with Aquaman. Before last night I knew next to nothing about Aquaman other than he’s a blond-haired, orange and green suit wearing superhero who can talk to fish. Yeah, I saw Justice League and while Jason Momoa’s refreshing take on the character was nice to see the movie didn’t give him any justice (no pun intended) and so I still felt like I didn’t know who Aquaman was. So imagine my surprise after watching Aquaman last night. It was basically a super epic crash course on Aquaman’s character and I. Was. Blown. Away! So, on that note, let me get to this review.

Before last night I was truly skeptical about the film’s chances of being good. I had heard the positive reviews but until I watched it I felt that there was no way the movie could be that good. Um…it is!

It is, by far, the best DCEU movie made so far. Wonder Woman may have held the top spot for greatest DCEU film but Aquaman is better than Wonder Woman by a mile. The story is easy to follow, the characters were awesome, and the action, oh my gosh the action was epic.

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