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Revisiting The Last Jedi: Part 9

I’ve gone on and finished The Last Jedi over the weekend and it’s no surprise that the book was amazing. From the final moments with Snoke in the throne room to Luke’s confrontation with Kylo Ren on the salt flats of Crait, The Last Jedi keeps throwing out riveting scenes, concluding in a jaw-dropping finale that is just…wow!

I know the book cannot fully justify the flaws in the movie but Rian Johnson’s vision for the story is absolutely brilliant and the novel highlights that fact abundantly.

I’m very intrigued in seeing how the aftermath of the story presented in The Last Jedi will drive the characters’ stories forward.

So yes, the entire book is a solid A+ and a definite must-read for any Star Wars fan.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day. May the Force be with you.

Revisiting The Last Jedi Novel: Part 8

The Last Jedi novel has been an absolute blast to revisit, once again refreshing my memory on why I love this book so much and how much better it makes the movie. Yesterday, I missed writing part 8 of this elongated review so today will be a longer review. Enjoy!


Chapters 21-24 are expectedly entertaining, delving into the nitty-gritty of the story. Rey’s encounter with the dark side in the cave is haunting, her confiding in Kylo Ren about her experience in the cave is not only riveting but telling, and Luke’s determination to finally help her only to once again turn the cold shoulder when he discovered her with Ben Solo is kind of heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, Poe Dameron is practically losing his mind and Rose’s feelings for Finn is starting to grow. Luke’s moment with Yoda and the burning of the Force tree, hence the burning of the Jedi symbol, is powerful and a beautiful moment both in the film and on the pages.

The Last Jedi is a great story that has divided the fanbase straight down the middle but it’s very obvious that Rian Johnson was really thinking about the Star Wars story as a whole while making this film.

It’s reminding me why I was so thrilled at the idea of Rian Johnson having his own trilogy. He’s a good storyteller and I want to see what he can do with a story from scratch.

I rank these four chapters at a solid A.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a mesmerizing day. May the Force be with you.

Revisiting The Last Jedi Novel: Part 7

The two chapters yesterday, Chapters 16 and 17, were very enjoyable. Today, it’s time to see where the next few chapters will take me on this thrilling journey. Enjoy!


Chapter 18 is a short deleted scene of sorts that showcases Poe’s annoyance with Holdo, the desperation of the dwindling Resistance, and a private moment he has by Leia’s side as he hopes she returns from her unconsciousness.

It’s an interesting chapter that once again reiterates his distrust in Holdo and why he eventually, understandably, blew up. Holdo was annoying in the sense that she led with such secrecy. Even though she was doing the right thing she kept her plans close to her chest and it caused more harm than good. It’s kind of a shame. Continue reading Revisiting The Last Jedi Novel: Part 7

Revisiting The Last Jedi Novel: Part 6

Yesterday’s three chapters were absolutely amazing. I found myself enjoying the chapters so much that honestly, having to wait until today to read the next three chapters has been agonizing. But, today has arrived and now it’s time to read Chapters 16 and 17. So much fun!IMG-2863

Chapter 16 delivers a detailed account of Finn and Rose’s arrival at Canto Bight and it. Is. Fascinating! Canto Bight is a beautiful place with beautiful people everywhere and it’s no surprise that Finn was so taken by the casino. It’s a lovely place.

Rose’s annoyance, however, is highlighted at full blast and it is so interesting. This is the striking difference between her story in the actual movie and the book. There’s even a moment when her annoyance at Finn’s caring for Rey is revisited and she challenges him by reminding him that when she returns she may not be the same person that she was when she left, considering that she’s going to learn the ways of the Jedi.

He doesn’t want to believe that Rey will be any different but we, of course, know that she will be a very changed person by the time of her return. As Rey grows more distant will he be able to help her or will she stray further into the ways of the Force (or the darkness??)

It feels like The Last Jedi novelization is setting that storyline up for The Rise of Skywalker, which is always exhilarating. Continue reading Revisiting The Last Jedi Novel: Part 6

Revisiting The Last Jedi Novel: Part 5

Oh, I’m so excited to see where 13-15 will take me. I’ve already seen that Chapter 13 is apparently the chapter where Kylo Ren and Rey have their first Force connection so it should be fun reading this riveting interaction in detail. Here we go!


Chapter 13 is expectedly entertaining as it portrays Rey and Kylo Ren’s first Force connection and her first lesson with Luke.

Pertaining to the Force connection, there are a lot of fascinating elements to garner from this scene but what I found to be the most interesting were two distinct things.

One; it says that when she first noticed him as he was getting his scar tended to it almost felt like she could feel the robot helping him touching her own cheek. That proves how very STRONG their bond actually is. For her to feel the things he feels means they’re connected in a way that could very possibly potentially mean they could be family. You just never know.

Two, there’s a moment in the chapter that I found to be very interesting. As she’s thinking about her troubling confrontation with Kylo Ren she harks on her first moments with him on Takodana and StarKiller Base.

It says here: Kylo had urged to let him be her teacher–had pleaded with her, almost. She had rejected him–only to be rejected, in turn, by Luke.

It’s this moment where the seed begins to plant in her mind that maybe the differences between her and Kylo Ren aren’t so drastic but rather they may have more in common than they both realize. Continue reading Revisiting The Last Jedi Novel: Part 5

Revisiting The Last Jedi: Part 4

The first three parts of this series have been fascinating and now I’m very interested in seeing where Chapters 10-12 will take me. Let’s see what happens next.


Chapter 10 takes us through the motions of Rose and Finn’s first interaction on the Raddus. We are given more detail to Rose’s side of the story and how she reacted to losing her sister mixed with her very blatant awe for meeting The Finn for the first time. Of course, this awe is shortlived after she realizes he was trying to jump ship.

This is when a grumpier version of the character that we didn’t get to see in the actual movie is introduced. Continue reading Revisiting The Last Jedi: Part 4