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The Tragedy of Love in ‘Star Wars’

Last Valentine’s Day, I shared a post ranking the romantic moments in Star Wars from worst to best. This year, I decided to take a vastly different approach by focusing on the tragic outcomes of these romantic relationships in this incredible franchise. I mean, think about it. Every love story ends badly. Don’t believe me? Well, read on.

 Cliegg Lars and Shmi Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker carries his mother

When Anakin Skywalker left Tatooine with Qui-Gon Jinn his mother Shmi was left behind. However, a man named Cliegg Lars would go on to marry her and they would have a happy life together…until Tusken Raiders captured her in the night and tortured her to death. Talk about a tragic ending. Continue reading The Tragedy of Love in ‘Star Wars’

Reflection: Kanan Jarrus

Kanan Jarrus has easily become one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all time. With a riveting storyline that reaches a grim but satisfactory ending, Kanan has a greater storyline than nearly every character in the franchise. I mean, he’s absolutely SPECTACULAR! But what makes him even more fascinating are the characters that he echoes.

Whether we’re talking about his Han Solo-esque charm and roguishness, his Qui-Gon Jinn-like appearance and benevolence, or his storyline that greatly resembles Finn’s at times, Kanan Jarrus is a myriad of interesting characters and their traits blending into a Jedi knight who is easily one of the greatest additions to the franchise…for sure! So, with no further delay, here’s a closer look at how Kanan connects with these beloved Star Wars characters. Continue reading Reflection: Kanan Jarrus

‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season 3 Review

The first two seasons were building upon the characters’ storylines, providing challenging obstacles that they would have to face and grow as a family to overcome and Season 3 only continued that plotline in a very interesting and legitimately enjoyable fashion. The end of Season 2 was beyond epic, delivering some very fascinating moments with some pretty fantastic Force-wielders, including that imminently epic showdown between Ahsoka and Darth Vader. But Season 3 did not disappoint either and so, let’s get to this review.


When last we saw Ezra Bridger he was still just a kid who didn’t fully understand the dangers of the Force, particularly the dark side. He trusted Maul only to be betrayed, his nifty blaster/lightsaber was destroyed by Vader, and he barely escaped Malachor alive.

When next we see the young Jedi the little boy that we knew had grown up! The artists did a great job evolving Ezra in such an exciting way, shaving his floppy hair to a short hair-do and adding a bit of muscle definition into his arms to show that he was older. Not to mention that he was finally tall!

And not only had he grown up, but his power with the Force since last time we’d seen him as well. He had a new lightsaber but he was also beginning to embrace the dark side. It led some rather interesting storylines later down the road in Season 3 that would turn out to craft Ezra into a better person. Continue reading ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season 3 Review

Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla: The Greatest Love Story in ‘Star Wars’?

I say it all the time. I’m a sucker for love stories. Love stories can help intensify the emotional stakes of a film and, subsequently, leave you in a puddle of your own tears if anything sad (or happy) happens. Star Wars is practically one gigantic love story that’s transcended the generations.

First, it was Han and Leia, then it was Anakin and Padme, and now it’s…well now it seems that a love bomb has stricken the Sequel Trilogy, resulting in a bunch of different love-story shipping categories that hopefully will reach a conclusion in The Rise of Skywalker.

However, love has not escaped the other projects in the Star Wars universe, whether we’re talking about Han and Qi’ra’s passionate romance in Solo: A Star Wars Story or Cassian and Jyn’s subtle but just as blatant romance in Rogue One. And now, thanks to Star Wars: Rebels, I have been introduced to a new love story that I previously had little knowledge about and have now been emotionally touched by thanks to a rapid binge-watching session of the series.

And of course, that love story belongs to Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Rebellion leader Hera Syndulla.

My first contact with Kanan and Hera and their beautiful relationship began with the novel, A New Dawn. Continue reading Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla: The Greatest Love Story in ‘Star Wars’?

‘Star Wars: Rebels: Season 2’ Review

Before I begin this post I just want to say this. I binge-watched the last three seasons of Star Wars: Rebels in a matter of two days and I am still not fully recovered from the emotional toll the final few episodes of Season 4 placed on me. Even now, as I write these words, I am overcome with emotion to the point of getting teary-eyed because of the tremendously heroic (and heartbreaking) moments that happened in Season 4.

Star Wars: Rebels is the best cartoon I’ve seen since Avatar: The Last Airbender and that is not an exaggeration. This show was so fantastic, from beginning to end, with such a profoundly good story that I’m just overwhelmed by how perfect it was. However, for the next three days, I will share my thoughts on each season and the moments, in particular, that I loved the most. So today, we look back at Season 2.


Okay, the final three episodes of Star Wars: Rebels impressed me but it would be soon very clear that this wasn’t going to be one of the shows that has a good first season but eventually dies down in quality. Oh no, Star Wars: Rebels is a whole other story.

The very first episode of Season 2, The Siege of Lothal, was nothing short of extraordinary, delivering some fantastic action, some eye-widening suspense, and Darth Vader. Need I say more?

It became very clear that our rebels would face far greater forces than they had first encountered in the first season, which only rose the stakes and my overall excitement big time.

And throughout the rest of the season, there are plenty of other moments that stood out and brought me immense joy. Continue reading ‘Star Wars: Rebels: Season 2’ Review

‘Star Wars: Rebels: Season 1’ Review

I just finished the first season of Star Wars: Rebels and I am beyond impressed. With the spare bits of spoiler-heavy knowledge I’ve picked up over the years regarding the series I am surprised to learn there’s a lot more to this story than what I first expected and boy am I ready to hold on for the ride.

For the first four episodes, I was just getting to know the characters and the story and, to be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed. However, it wasn’t until Episode 5: Rise of the Old Masters, that I began to see the magic of the story.


Ezra Bridger’s first moment of desperation with the Force showcases his dark-side prone behavior, a behavior that is very akin to Rey’s own struggles in the Sequel Trilogy. This episode was the moment I began to really pay attention to these characters and actually care about these characters.

It, however, wasn’t until Episode 10: Path of the Jedi, that I was sold on the enjoyment of this series’ first season. Continue reading ‘Star Wars: Rebels: Season 1’ Review