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Have You Seen ‘Underwater’?

I love a good creepy thriller akin to the likes of Alien and Underwater, with its unoriginal storytelling, is basically Aliens underwater. But unlike Aliens it gets to the action instantly, a twist that surprised me in a good way.

As I watched the film with its hour and a half runtime, I was blown away by how riveted I was. The adversaries apprehending the characters were legitimately terrifying and the ending left me nodding with mild appreciation. Underwater is a film heavily based on the storylines of other greater films that have come before it but manages to be entertaining all the same.

Characters perish, there’s a bunch of screaming, I jumped quite a few times, and for once, the designs of the creatures in the film were legitimately terrifying.

No, Underwater is no masterpiece but it was very enjoyable throughout. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars and 93 out of 100.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

I’m Recasting The Alfred Hitchcock Movies: Part 1

If you’ve been reading my blog you may know that I am an Alfred Hitchcock fan. His movies are top-notch, his directorial vision is stellar, and he’s simply an inspiration. Being the Alfred Hitchcock fan that I am I decided to do something really fun; recast his most iconic films with current Hollywood stars that would be great fits for these movies. So, with no further delay, let’s begin with North by Northwest.

In this action-packed thriller filled with twists and turns you had leading man Cary Grant and his beautiful spy love-interest, Eva Marie Saint. Together, they carried this riveting story that doesn’t let up until the film’s abrupt conclusion.

So, who could play the confused-but-quick-witted businessman, Roger Thornhill and the beautiful-yet-cunning CIA agent, Eve Kendall?

Bingo, Idris Elba! I can just see him as the New York businessman-turned-hunted-CIA-decoy Roger Thornhill. He has the charm, he has that same Hollywood leading man quality as Cary Grant, and he’s someone easy to root for.

Now, there’s so many women I can imagine playing Eve Kendall but my immediate choice was…

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