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Stunning With a Capital S

Often I find myself utterly stunned by the art my sister creates and I like to share that beautiful art with you all as well. My sister, who, like me, loves Star Wars and is just as excited about The Rise of Skywalker as I am, created a beautiful picture to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars finale. When I saw it I HAD to let you all see it too. Enjoy!


I love this picture SO much. There’s a simplicity to this picture and yet it’s so complex at the same time. The TIE fighters and the Millennium Falcon are perfect. The stormtroopers beneath the looming Kylo Ren really make Kylo Ren look like the new Supreme Leader. And Rey, well, Rey is just amazing, right?

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.


A Deeper Analysis of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Title

Last Friday Star Wars fans were finally provided with a tantalizing teaser for Episode IX where we not only got to see our favorite heroes and villains again but also were introduced to the name of this Skywalker saga finale, The Rise of Skywalker. The title was met with mixed thoughts. Some loved it and immediately began to theorize about what the name could mean, while there were those who didn’t like it and thought it was just a straight up stupid name. For me, I found myself in the middle of both realms. On one hand, I like the title and then, on the other hand, I find myself confused by the title’s pronunciation, for it doesn’t flow off the tongue as easily as some of the other Star Wars titles.

But last night, after watching The Last Jedi, I realized that there may be way more meaning to this name than first conceived. There are plenty of theories out there in the world about the title and what it could mean for the movie. One of the theories is that “Skywalker” is a new term for the supposed Jedi. While that may seem silly (and clearly not right) I think these theorists may be closer to the answer behind the meaning of this title than they think and I think I may have solved at least a portion of the title’s meaning. So, on that note, here’s a deeper analysis into the title: The Rise of Skywalker.

(The words in bold are to emphasize certain points in the post.)

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Here Are More Photos to Enjoy from ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’

During the Episode IX panel in the Star Wars Celebration, there were, of course, interviews with nearly all of the film’s most important characters and during this amazing panel, we were shown not only the teaser trailer and title of the film but also some thrilling photos that gave us deeper looks at the heroes. So, on that note, here are those fun pictures.

Lando Calrissian


As Billy Dee Williams joined fellow Star Wars alumni, Anthony Daniels on stage we got to see the first look at an old Lando Calrissian and clearly, I got excited. Oh my goodness, he’s back! I almost can’t believe it. And he’s back to pilot the most wonderful ship in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon.

Rose Tico


While Rose may not have made an appearance in the teaser we did get to see her during the panel in this fascinating picture. We get to see her in a new outfit that’s definitely an upgrade from the mechanic clothes she was wearing in The Last Jedi. It also seems that she’s got a new hairstyle which also is an evolution to her character. And on top of that, she’s sharing this picture with Rey! Oh my goodness, Rose and Rey, interacting, in one scene! I am totally freaking out (in a good way!)

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The Chosen One: Chapter Two

The Beginning of an Escape Plan

Tordan, it was a unique place governed by harsh rulers. Before the First Order’s arrival, it was a planet controlled by the Crimson Dawn, a crime syndicate in the underworld that ruled systems with an iron fist. But the faction would prove no match against the hungry pursuits of the First Order’s reign.

They were practically decimated in an attempt to fight the First Order and the new order began using the metropolis as their capital of the galaxy titled the True Republic.

Tordan was a beautiful world rich with resources but it wasn’t the First Order that harvested the goods of the planet. It was the slaves, captured from systems all over the galaxy, that foraged the planet’s materials.

It made the planet a cruel place hidden behind a dazzling facade that made up the city. The planet’s red clay floor was strikingly bold against the towering structures that covered nearly 80% of the world’s surface. These massive buildings that stretched toward the sky were crafted from the finest minerals, making the capital all the more mesmerizing.

The airways and streets were filled with traffic but there was one speeder that wasn’t part of the evening rush hour. It sat dormant in a dark alley between two lofty buildings made of emirite, a shimmering greenish-grey mineral that was truly stunning.

Upon this speeder sat a figure whose face was hidden beneath the hood of their brown cloak. The individual was patient, waiting for the moment when it would be time to move.

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