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Did You KNow Disney Is Making a Live-Action Movie Featuring an African Princess?

Disney, for the past several years, have made live-action movies featuring some of the greatest fairy tales and stories; Alice in WonderlandThe Jungle BookBeauty and the Beast, the list goes on. And now it’s been reported that a new live-action film is in the works featuring the story of an African princess named Sade. Um…AWESOME!

Here’s the current synopsis: Sadé centers on a young adult African girl named Sadé who, when her kingdom is threatened by a mysterious evil force, accepts her newly discovered magical warrior powers to protect herself and her people. With the help of the kingdom’s prince, Sadé embarks on an adventure that will allow her to embrace what makes her special and save the kingdom.

As of right now, Rick Famuyiwa (The Mandalorian) is set to produce the film. Sounds amazing, right?

After Black Panther‘s surprising success it seems that Disney is looking to find more ways to incorporate stories of black heroes and heroines into their various franchises. I honestly couldn’t be more excited to hear this news. This is great news to hear and I hope to hear more about it in the coming years.

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Counting Down My 20 Favorite Trailers: #11-‘Mulan’

I love Mulan. I have since I was a child. When they announced they were going to make a live-action version of the film I was excited, then I saw the trailer and got even more excited.

There have been several trailers of the film but it is the official one that has impacted me the most. Here it is.

I don’t know why but this trailer always almost brings me to tears. I think it’s the use of the music for “Reflection” as the background for the story of this trailer that just utterly ruins me! Plus, it just looks like it’s going to be really fun to watch.

I love this trailer!!!

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The First Reactions to ‘Mulan’ Paint a Romantic and Action-Packed Picture

Mulan is the latest live-action Disney adaptation to hit theaters and I am beyond excited. The animated classic is easily one of my favorite Disney films as it showcases a powerful heroine doing what is right to save her country. When I learned it was being adapted into a live-action film I was beyond excited. The trailers and tv spots have only increased my excitement, and so have the first reactions. Here they are.

But not everyone is as enthusiastic as these three. Continue reading The First Reactions to ‘Mulan’ Paint a Romantic and Action-Packed Picture

‘Mulan’ Features Six Amazing Posters

I cannot fully express to you how EXCITED I am for Mulan. I already loved the cartoon but the trailer for the live-action version has utterly blown me away. And now six fascinating character posters have arrived. Here they are.

The Emperor


Famous actor Jet Li portrays The Emperor in this fascinating poster. Continue reading ‘Mulan’ Features Six Amazing Posters

My Review of ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

Mary Poppins Returns was the musical delight of last Christmas, bringing back to life an iconic Disney character in Mary Poppins. As someone who’s never seen the original Mary Poppins movie but knows two of its songs–“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “A Spoonful of Sugar”–I knew the importance of this character being brought back to the big screen and I was definitely intrigued.

Seeing Emily Blunt in the starring role was a surprise but I’m glad to say she did a great job bringing the sassy magical nanny to life. Unfortunately, Mary Poppins Returns isn’t one of Disney’s greatest live-action movies. In fact, it was kind of dreadful, in a tolerable way.


As someone who has acquired a legitimate fondness for musicals after seeing An American in ParisMary Poppins Returns pales in comparison. The choreography was often corny and not that great. The songs were plain and couldn’t even make me tap my foot or crack a smile on my face. Of course, the Oscar-nominated song “The Place Where Lost Things Go” is expectedly beautiful and touching enough to make one maybe want to cry but it alone cannot save this film.

And Dick van Dyke’s inclusion in the movie, while it was nice to see him, felt awfully forced. It wasn’t like seeing Darth Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story. It felt like the writers were trying to find a way to incorporate him into the movie and decided upon putting him in the story at the most convenient time which resulted in a rather corny moment, in my opinion.

Of course, this review is from an adult speaking. I know for a fact, as a child, I would’ve loved this movie. Filled with imagination and fun characters in Mary Poppins and her handy sidekick, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Jack, this movie will be a delight for little children.

I’m giving this 85 out of 100 and 3.5/5 stars. While it wasn’t anywhere near the best Disney movie I had ever seen it was decent enough to watch all the way through.

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Do You Remember What the Last Positively-Reviewed Live-Action Disney Remake Was?

The live-action Disney remakes have been met with less than fond praise, at least by critics anyway, and yet Disney doesn’t mind, for many of the live-action films have made the studio plenty of money through the love of casual viewers. But, get this, six out of the nine live-action remakes that have been brought to the big screen have had rotten Rotten Tomatoes scores. That’s kind of terrible. In fact, can you even remember the last positively reviewed live-action Disney remake?

If you can’t that’s not a problem because it was a while ago.


The last positively-reviewed live-action remake was Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, Disney has not made a well-received live-action Disney film in two! years. That is insane.

And yet, Disney doesn’t seem to mind as they prepare to give us even more live-action remakes in the near future. From Mulan to The Little Mermaid, Disney is determined to peddle out mediocre films that have just enough to appeal to land them near-billion dollar hits with every release due to the incredible amount of hype. And why these movies continue to make so much money despite critics’ disdain is that they’re still better than most of the animated children’s movies. So when families go take their little ones to the cinema what are they going to take them to see? The Lion King.

Gosh, Disney is smart.

So yes, the only positively-reviewed live-action Disney remakes on Rotten Tomatoes (by critics) have been CinderellaThe Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast. That means less than 30% of Disney’s live-action remakes have been, according to critics, not good. Ouch.

Will Mulan be Disney’s first live-action remake since 2017 to garner a positive Rotten Tomatoes score? It has all the makings of being a decent movie. They even got rid of the songs! Or will it once again fail to impress? I am definitely intrigued.

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