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My Ranking of Phase 4 of the MCU…So Far

The MCU over the last thirteen years has been broken into phases, with each phase culminating in a special event that changes the scope of the franchise forever. The Infinity Saga covered the story of our first wave of Avengers which eventually culminated into the fight of the century against the Mad Titan, Thanos. It was an incredible showdown that produced two movies that surpassed the $2 billion mark at the box-office, with Endgame actually nabbing the top spot for highest-grossing film of all time.

But that was two years ago.

Now we’re onto a new era of the MCU. One that’s not only more diverse than ever but is telling stories in a way we hadn’t gotten before; through movies and television. This year we will supposedly be getting ten! Marvel Studios properties with four already having come out. In case you’re scratching your head wondering what else we have left to see this year let me remind you what the rest of the year is bringing.

August 11: What If…?

September 3: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

November 5: Eternals

December 17: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Late 2021: Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye

Yeah, we’ve still got all of that left. The thought of having so much Marvel content in so short a time is staggering but I am here for every bit of it. But today, I’m going to rank the installments we’ve gotten in Phase 4 so far. Enjoy!

4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 7.5/10

When The Falcon and the Winter Soldier first came out I couldn’t have enough of it…and yet it’s only been a few months since it concluded and it’s already begun to lose its appeal.

The story of Sam Wilson’s imminent turn as Captain America was a good one with plenty of heartfelt moments, and maybe even some iconic ones, but there’s something less rewatchable about this entry than most previous entries in the MCU.

The racial context at times is a bit heavy and not something I want to revisit, the story moves at a snail pace and gets a little boring, Karli/The Flag Smashers are probably my least favorite Marvel antagonists, and Sharon Carter being the Power Broker is a good development for her as a character but is still kind of a lame twist overall.

But I do have to acknowledge the stellar standout performance from Wyatt Russel as John Walker. He brought a level of insanity to the role of Captain America that was both terrifying and riveting at once.

All in all, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is good, especially for first-time viewers, but it just doesn’t hold up over time.

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This Concept Art for ‘Loki’ Is Mind-Blowing

There is concept art…and then there is concept art! That may not make a lot of sense but when you see the concept art for Loki‘s finale you will inevitably understand what I’m talking about.


Dark, broody, and very mysterious, it’s incredible that Marvel Studios was able to bring this concept to life in such an eye-popping way.

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Ranking the Romantic Moments in the MCU: From Worst to Best

I’ve already written this post for the Star Wars franchise (Ranking the Romantic Moments in ‘Star Wars’: From Worst to Best) so…well, I felt like I had to write this post for the MCU…especially after that Loki finale. So, here goes nothing.

(This will not include EVERY romantic moment in the MCU nor will it feature The Incredible Hulk.)

24. Jane Foster Kisses Thor Too Hard

Natalie Portman will play Thor in 'Thor: Love and Thunder.' Here's how it  happened in the Marvel comics - Deseret News

The romance in Marvel varies from great and well-established to sometimes awkward and icky and the first two Thor movies feature the ickiest romantic storyline in the MCU.

Jane Foster’s infatuation with Thor was cute…until that kiss. It was so unnecessary and so gross-looking I’ve only seen it twice even though I’ve watched the movie maybe four or five times.

In fact, I think that kiss contributed to Hemsworth’s wife standing in for his kissing scenes in Thor: The Dark World to be honest.

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A Special Fan Art Tuesday

It’s time for another special edition of my Fan Art Wednesday posts because Loki is over and I’ve seen some stunning (and hilarious) art focused on the series to feature. Enjoy!

Council by Uzuri Art

Inspired by the events of the fourth episode, I loved this picture because it was one of the few pieces of art that I saw highlighting Ravonna Renslayer. She’s such a fascinatingly complex character (no, I don’t really think of her as a villain) and I loved that the show gave her such a prominent presence that will extend into Season 2.

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The Multiverse Is Open But Iron Man Should Remain Dead

Loki has changed the scope of the MCU forever with a chance for Marvel Studios to take this story in any way it wants thanks to the multiverse being created. With the arrival of the multiverse it seems like anything is possible.

Have you ever wanted to know what Emily Blunt would’ve been like as Black Widow? Or John Krasinski as Captain America? The multiverse could make it happen.

Do you want to see Chris Evans return as Captain America? There’s been rumors that he’s eyeing a return to the MCU and I’m pretty sure after what’s happened with Loki that’s going to happen. Hugh Jackman may have even teased a reprisal of his iconic role as Wolverine in the MCU via his Instagram page a couple of weeks ago.

Or do you want Deadpool to meet The Avengers? We’re in the multiverse now. Anything could happen.

So yes, the Multiverse is open and that means Kevin Feige can run wild with his imagination but there are some things that need to remain permanent and one such instance is Iron Man’s death.

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Loki and Sylvie: How The ‘Loki’ Finale Established Their Potential Journeys for Season 2

Loki was quite a ride wasn’t it? It transitioned from a hilarious buddy-detective plot to an epic love story drama that ended with one of the best and biggest cliffhangers in the MCU so far.

Honestly, I’m still reeling a bit after that finale but, of course, my mind is always looking to the future. A future that seems to have been brilliantly set up to be something truly special next season. But to understand where these characters’ stories can go we have to look at what the show and the finale revealed to us about Loki and Sylvie.

(This will be a longread.)

Loki’s Story

To understand Loki’s incredible six-episode transformation in the series we have to think about his roles in Thor and The Avengers.

Beb ; Loki era on Twitter: "Loki's and Thor's eyebrows in the first Thor  movie hit different… "

In Thor, we get to see Loki go through an emotional rollercoaster of a storyline. He starts off as the jealous brother who tries to keep Thor from being king by secretly inviting the Frost Giants into Asgard to crash the party. His plan veers out-of-control when Thor decides to take revenge on the Frost Giants, resulting in his banishment. Meanwhile, Loki on Jotunheim discovers when touched by a Frost Giant that his skin turns blue like them. It suddenly clicks why he’s always been treated so differently than Thor, why he was never groomed for the throne even though he was the smartest of the two brothers.

He learns that he’s adopted and it shatters Loki, driving him on a villainous path that he hopes will conclude with him being King of Asgard. His plan fails but he turns to Thanos, becoming his pawn and in return he would become King of Midgard a.k.a Earth.

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