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The Chosen One: Chapter Thirty-One

The Whisper Arrives

The Battle of New Alderaan was heating up as the First Order broke through the planet’s shields, descending their advance on the Resistance.

Inhabitants of the city were trapped, forced to watch as their beloved city was bombarded by the terrible anger of the First Order. Resistance cruisers and First Order Star Destroyers were duking it out while TIE fighters and X-Wings zipped by overhead in heated dogfights. First Order Stormtroopers were marching through the streets but they confronted a prepared army of Xipher warriors with their young Warden leading the charge, rebel stormtroopers led by Finn, a squadron of feisty mechanics helmed by Rose took their skills to the test as they attacked the First Order with all sorts of lethal contraptions of course, and finally Commander Chewbacca and his unit of Wookie warriors.

The war was in full swing and neither army could seem to defeat the other. Poe Dameron swooped by in his black-and-orange X-Wing, BB-8 beeping frantically as three TIE fighters chased after him.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Taking a Stand

Leia stood in the Resistance headquarters gazing at the sky where the First Order’s presence loomed like a terrible evil that she had gotten far too used to. Red lasers streamed toward the planet but were halted as they hit the planetwide shield.

Behind her, the doors flew open and she heard the unmistakable running of footsteps.

“General Organa,” she heard Finn say. “The First Order is here.”

“What are we going to do?” came Rose next.

Luke, who stood beside her, glanced at her. He and Leia locked eyes and when he saw her expression he smiled.

“We take a stand,” Leia said as she turned around. “Too long have we fled whenever the First Order arrives. Today, we fight back.”

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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Three

The Assassins’ Arrivals

Poe Dameron walked down a long hall lined with glass walls and a perfectly polished glass floor, providing a terrific view of the city, the ocean, and the ground nearly a thousand feet below him. Despite the obvious fact that he loved flying through the sky in his beloved X-Wing with his buddy walking down this glass walkway was very disorienting, as it made it almost seem like he was walking on air. So he kept his gaze straight and his gait was hurried as he strode quickly to the door at the end of the walkway.

Opening it, he found himself in the conference room where he found General Organa looking at a hologram. Luke, Lando, Lando’s wife Pearl, Admiral Sterk, and even John Skywalker, to Poe’s surprise, was also there, gazing at the hologram with Leia as she spoke. When Leia saw him she stopped to gaze at him approaching.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Nineteen

The Whisper

Soon after Maz Kanata left the room Leia turned to Luke.

“Care to explain?” she had asked.

Luke sighed. “It’s nothing. Just an old myth.”

His sister wasn’t convinced. “If it’s just a myth then what’s the ruckus? What was she talking to you about and why do you suddenly look pale?”

Luke wanted to assure her that everything was fine but to see Maz clearly shaken left a dark feeling over him. A feeling he had not felt since walking into the cave on Dagobah. That haunting cold that stuck to his skin like sweat on a humid day.

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