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Throwback Friday: A Revelation About Rey

A while ago, I wrote a post detailing my theory on who Rey could be, which was linked to the Star Wars novel, Star Wars: Bloodline. Here’s a look back at that theory and how close I was to discovering the secret. Enjoy!

So I have just recently finished reading Star Wars: Bloodline which was really good by the way. This book is set, I think, six years before The Force Awakens and is focused solely on Leia and what she was doing at that time. Not only was it fun reading about that time period and all of its political struggles and so forth but it also gave me one of the largest hints about Rey that I’ve gotten in the last twenty months and I’m so excited to share it with you. Continue reading “Throwback Friday: A Revelation About Rey”

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The Brilliance of Rian Johnson’s ‘The Last Jedi’

I continue to say it. After The Rise of Skywalker, my appreciation for The Last Jedi (even its flaws) has grown exponentially. There’s no denying the fact that Johnson worked hard on this movie, throwing detail after detail while ultimately conceiving a Star Wars movie, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. However, in essence, The Last Jedi is simply an ultra-fancy and well-written rehash of The Empire Strikes Back, but instead of J.J Abrams’ tactic which led to The Force Awakens literally copying A New Hope‘s playbook, Johnson reverses what we come to expect, delivering a powerful storyline that’ll leave one flabbergasted at the end.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a side-to-side comparison of each film’s structure from beginning to end and how Johnson manages to tell a story that deserves the praise it received.

The Rebels Take a Beating


In The Last Jedi, Johnson speeds up the process of the rebels getting their you-know-what’s kicked by having this space battle take place at the very beginning of the movie but it resembles the moment the rebels are attacked on Hoth who also are forced to retreat if they are to survive.


But what makes Johnson’s version more moving storywise are the layers he brings to the scenario. We’re talking about Paige’s heroism which leads to an unfortunate death, Leia’s shaky control on Poe and her anger with his cockiness/brashness that ends up leading to the rebels’ ultimate defeat (rather than a win), and beneath all of this, General Hux’s failure and his inadequacy as a leader of the First Order is also displayed. All of this is fleshed out in the span of an epic space battle. Continue reading “The Brilliance of Rian Johnson’s ‘The Last Jedi’”

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QI’RA: A Rebel Rises: Chapter Three

Enfys Nest returned to the ship, removing her mask. Her expression said it all. Little Loddi had been taken to the back of the vessel where the meager quarters resided. That allowed her the ability to talk freely.

“How bad was it?” asked one of her Cloud-Riders, a bald caramel-skinned woman with a single tattoo of a bird spreading its wings on her cheek.

Nest shook her head. “Everything was destroyed.”

When Weazel removed his mask his expression emitted anger. “It was Crimson Dawn. The barbarians.”

The mood of everyone in the ship darkened as they heard the name of the crime syndicate that had taken their loved ones and homes away from them. A Chiss female named Torrul, a brawny but gentle giant with a mane of black hair framing her blue face, approached Nest.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Enfys nodded. “We have to get out of here before more enemies arrive. Plus, we need to get Loddi someplace safe. Head to Baam!”

The Mimbanese warrior named Yetsha stood from his seated position, grabbing Enfys’s arm as she moved to head to the cockpit.

Do you think it’s safe to take this child to the Rebellion’s base? he spoke in his native Mimbanese language. She could be a spy.

Enfys looked at him with shock. “She’s a child! The last surviving person of her village, of her family. I don’t ever want to hear you say that again.”

He dropped his head, backing away from her in compliance. She glared at him for another second before going into the cockpit where ZE-4 was already directing the ship for liftoff. As she sat in the chair alongside the protocol droid she took a deep breath.

“Let’s get away from this place.”

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My Fanfiction: The Sequel to QI’RA Has Arrived

Qi’ra has become my favorite Star Wars character to highlight in my fanfiction because I just found her storyline to be interesting. She has this dark side but there’s a sense of goodness to her, as well. This side of her is what drew me to her.


In my last fanfiction series, QI’RA, I tackled her storyline for the first time in an original setting (my first story with her involved a fanfiction series called If Only She Could Tell the Truth, which featured her side of the story in Solo). QI’RA is set directly after Solo and tells the story of her rising as this fierce, dangerous, feared leader of Crimson Dawn.

At the end of the series, following the betrayal of her Top Lieutenant/lover Nienye, she goes to defeat Maul on Dathomir and through an epic confrontation wins. Suddenly, she’s the one calling the shots. Now this character, who had elements of good in front of the bad, has become a leader of one of the cruelest and ruthless crime syndicates in the galaxy. It’s the exact opposite of Han’s storyline, as he was first a smuggler and then became a rebel leader.

She’s also now allied with some of the most dangerous people in the galaxy; the Empire, Emperor Palpatine, etc. Yeah, she’s turned to the dark side essentially.

After I finished QI’RA I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to continue this story in a way that sheds a light on her evolution as a character in a thoughtful and fulfilling way. I also wanted to touch upon another character that I have found very interesting to write and that is Enfys Nest.

In QI’RA I had Enfys Nest play a brief role in the story. Now, in QI’RA: A Rebel Rises, Enfys Nest is sharing the spotlight. This is a development that I have been really excited to share but that’s not the only surprise I have up my sleeve. Here’s the official poster.


Yes, there are a lot of changes in this new story.

Set six months after the destruction of the first Death Star, the galaxy is in turmoil. Qi’ra, an essential ally to the Empire, and Enfys Nest, a lingering presence in the Rebellion, are navigating the galaxy as polar opposites of one another…but are they as different as we first think and will their storylines cross again? 😉

Qi’ra’s long hair is now cut short, giving her a new look that I am totally in love with. Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo will play small roles in this story because…why not! I’m making sure not to include them too heavily into the story in order to keep them from outshining Enfys Nest but…they’re in it. (So excited!)

And as you can see there’s a new boss for Qi’ra to meet. One that far exceeds Darth Maul and that is Darth Vader. Qi’ra has constantly been defiant against those with power or those who she feels use their power to bully others. How will she fare in the same presence as the Sith Lord? It should be interesting.

I can’t wait for you to read this series which will simultaneously arrive every day along with my current Episode X: The Reckoning series starting tomorrow. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the surprises both of these stories have in store.

I thank you for taking the time to read this post (and read my fanfiction series) and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

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It’s Six Days Away from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’!

Yesterday I highlighted the posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rogue One. Today it’s time to look at the posters for A New Hope. Enjoy!


This is an international poster and while I can’t read what the words are saying this is a very interesting looking poster. Continue reading “It’s Six Days Away from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’!”

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Who’s Your Favorite Jedi Master?

The Jedi are a major factor to the Star Wars franchise. They are the superheroes, the good guys, the ones who will stop evil at all costs and inspire hope throughout the galaxy. But they are also flawed and their flaws have led to the drama that is Star Wars.

The dark side and the light are at the middle of this great conflict that has spawned decades of storytelling and the Jedi are the vessels of the Light.

In short, Jedi are awesome.

So, for this week’s Who’s Your Favorite?, I wanted to highlight the Jedi masters in the franchise. Mind you, there have been a lot of Jedi masters, so I will be sticking to the major ones in the films. Enjoy!

Continue reading “Who’s Your Favorite Jedi Master?”
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Revisiting The Last Jedi: Part 9

I’ve gone on and finished The Last Jedi over the weekend and it’s no surprise that the book was amazing. From the final moments with Snoke in the throne room to Luke’s confrontation with Kylo Ren on the salt flats of Crait, The Last Jedi keeps throwing out riveting scenes, concluding in a jaw-dropping finale that is just…wow!

I know the book cannot fully justify the flaws in the movie but Rian Johnson’s vision for the story is absolutely brilliant and the novel highlights that fact abundantly.

I’m very intrigued in seeing how the aftermath of the story presented in The Last Jedi will drive the characters’ stories forward.

So yes, the entire book is a solid A+ and a definite must-read for any Star Wars fan.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day. May the Force be with you.