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Throwback Friday: What Can the Next Trailer for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Possibly Show Us?

For both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, we weren’t given trailers in August to enjoy, making the marketing for The Rise of Skywalker a touch bit different than last time as we were given new footage with the D23 Special Look. In case, you’ve forgotten how awesome it was let this remind you.

While this new footage was expectedly cryptic it still felt like we were seeing way more than we ought to know with Dark Rey appearing at the end to blow the Star Wars fandom’s socks off.

The new footage was so interesting in fact that I almost feel like I don’t want an official second trailer in October, lest we learn even more juicy details about the film. But that’s the thing. With the first teaser revealing Palpatine via his iconic cackle and the second trailer highlighting a potential Evil Rey what can the next trailer possibly show us to top that? Kylo Ren with a green lightsaber fighting Palpatine?!

Like I said before, I almost wish we didn’t have to see another trailer because I’m already beyond excited to see the movie but another trailer we will get regardless. So, what can this next trailer provide us that we haven’t already been given? Well, for this week’s Throwback Friday, I’m here to share a few ideas that could make the second The Rise of Skywalker trailer an utter blast to watch. Continue reading Throwback Friday: What Can the Next Trailer for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Possibly Show Us?


Throwback Friday: The Five Best Scenes of ‘The Last Jedi’

The new trailer for The Rise of Skywalker is almost upon us. Like with all new movies, there’s a time when we don’t know what’s going to happen in the film or what to expect. And then, months after seeing the movie for the first time, we get the chance to watch it over and over again and the memories of mystery surrounding the film are gone.

Here’s a look back at a post I wrote after just buying The Last Jedi on Blu-Ray early last year. Enjoy!

Okay, so I’ve just recently owned The Last Jedi and after seeing the movie eight times now I am more blown away by the film than I was after I went to see it in the movie theaters all those months ago. The story is impeccably designed, the character development is riveting, the cinematography is beautiful, the action is phenomenal, and overall it’s undoubtedly, to me, the best Star Wars movie ever made. It even surpasses the genius of The Empire Strikes Back which is now boring in comparison.

(Present day: Too bad this elation dissipated. Rogue One has returned to being my favorite Star Wars film and The Empire Strikes Back has reclaimed its title as my 2nd favorite film in the franchise. I now have The Last Jedi sitting in 4th place just behind The Force Awakens, which is still pretty good.)

The only setback of this movie’s entertaining quality is the difficulty I’m going to have a hard time discerning my five favorite scenes from the movie because there are so many fantastic scenes it feels unfair to leave some parts out but I’m going to try my best. Continue reading Throwback Friday: The Five Best Scenes of ‘The Last Jedi’

I Think I’ve Found the Proof that Rey Is a Palpatine Clone

After recently watching The Last Jedi I was once again struck by the clear blatancy of Rey’s darker side. Throughout the film, she is bombarded by darkness, whether we’re talking about her first lesson with Luke Skywalker or her growing relationship with a very agent of the dark side, Kylo Ren, the darkness in Rey is very apparent.

Of course, throughout my experience watching the film, I couldn’t stop thinking of the infamous Dark Rey that we saw at the end of the D23 Special Look. There are a lot of theories out there about what that haunting scene could mean but I’m heavily leaning toward the idea that Dark Rey was a clone. And I feel I have the definitive proof of that fact.

Halfway through the film, Rey goes down to a cave where she has a haunting vision. Continue reading I Think I’ve Found the Proof that Rey Is a Palpatine Clone

What’s Your Favorite Luke Skywalker Look?

Luke Skywalker, like Princess Leia and Han Solo, has had his own style throughout the Star Wars franchise. In fact, his style in A New Hope helped act as a base for Rey’s scavenger outfit in The Force Awakens. There are a lot of things to love about Luke’s design and that’s why he’s the topic for today’s segment. Enjoy!

Tatooine Farm Boy


When we first met Luke Skywalker in A New Hope he looked like a science-fiction rendition of Arthur from the Disney version of The Sword in the Stone. With clothes fit for the sweltering temperatures of Tatooine and colors to match the sandy landscape of the planet Luke’s style in this film would become instantly iconic along with his fellow Star Wars heroes. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Luke Skywalker Look?

My Sister’s Opinion: Dark Rey Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight All Along

Sometimes, plotlines in Star Wars are in plain sight, and it only takes a certain point of view for those secret plots to reveal themselves.

Well, after thinking about Star Wars for no other reason than it was on my mind, I realized that Dark Rey has been hiding in plain sight and many haven’t been clever enough to see her.

Now, she’s not literally in plain sight, but figuratively. Dark Rey has been seen through the eyes of other characters around her, starting with The Force Awakens.


Remember when she was being interrogated by Kylo Ren? In attempting to see the map and discover Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts, Kylo Ren searched into Rey’s mind, but she was not like Poe Dameron. She pushed back defiantly, subsequently entering his mind, and uncovered his worst fears.


But is it possible that he saw her as Dark Rey at that moment? It’s obvious that she was using a dark tactic by searching for his weaknesses. Maybe at that moment before he cut his connection, he saw her in her most powerful state as a Sith, and it would explain the tremendous fear on his face when he looked at her afterward.

Even when he retreated to council with Snoke he says, “She is strong with the Force. Untrained but stronger than she knows.” Strong in the Dark Side? Continue reading My Sister’s Opinion: Dark Rey Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight All Along