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QI’RA: Chapter Ten

T-38’s Story

As T-38 was sent away by Qi’ra because she wanted to be alone with Top Lieutenant Nienye she couldn’t contain her scowl.

Throughout her life, T-38 had worked so hard to be in the position that she was in now. Growing up on Mandalore she learned to be a warrior. In her young adult years, she joined the rogue group, Death Watch. Their goal to make Mandalore a world to be feared was a vision that motivated her. Plus, the lust for battle filled her very being and there was promise for many battles as a member of Death Watch.

Then Pre Visla was slain by the wicked Zabrak opportunist, Maul, and she took it upon herself to rise in the ranks of his new coalition, The Shadow Collective.

After nearly dying during a terrible accident on the moon world of Concordia, she was forced to undergo a massive procedure involving all of her limbs and half of her head to be replaced with metal parts. At first, she thought the alterations would, in fact, change her for the worse but it wasn’t long before she learned that her accident was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Ten