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My ‘Black Panther’ Experience

My tributes to Chadwick Boseman are not finished and today, I want to look back at the first time I ever watched the film that would make him an instant icon: Black Panther. Enjoy!

Guess what?! I’ve seen Black Panther and spoiler alert, it’s magnificently, wonderfully, incredibly, awesome! I knew this movie was going to be good but boy, I wasn’t expecting it to be this amazing. From the first scene all the way to the last this movie had me beaming with pure joy and pride as I watched this film. I’m telling you, I’ve never been more proud to be a woman of color. This movie is literally a dream come true. To see so many powerful, smart black women and men was just…in a word, glorious. And that’s not the only reason why this movie was so enjoyable. The story was impeccably told, the visuals were jaw-dropping and captivating, the action, oh my goodness, the action was mindbogglingly epic, the outfits were gorgeously designed, and the characters were magnificent.

Marvel has clearly sent a message to the world with this movie and, I hate to say it, but it made Wonder Woman (another historic superhero movie) look like a joke in comparison. Black Panther was everything I wanted it to be…and more.

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What’s So Bad About ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’?

Okay, before I start this review let me provide a disclaimer; I don’t know anything about the X-Men comics or the classic X-Men animated series or really anything about their characters and their storylines. The first X-Men that I watched all the way through was X-Men: Days of Future Past which my father took me to see in the movie theaters. I enjoyed it but I wasn’t ultimately enticed to see what the other movies are about. The second X-Men movie that I decided to watch with my family one night was Logan which was also pretty good but didn’t make me want to see what the other movies were about. And my third X-Men movie experience has been Dark Phoenix as of yesterday.

I vaguely know about Jean Grey’s comic book storyline as Dark Phoenix and I have a strong hunch that it was not represented properly in the film. However, as someone who isn’t an X-Men fan and is just watching the movie for the superhero action, I found this movie to be mildly enjoyable.

No, it wasn’t the best movie I’d ever seen. Nor was it as good as nearly all of Marvel Studios’ movies but it was far better than I expected after hearing the horrible reviews. Continue reading What’s So Bad About ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’?

Movie Trailer Flashback: ‘Black Panther’ Has A New Trailer!

February is not a month where movies are known to be to anticipated but this February is going to be an entirely different story with the arrival of Black Panther’s standalone film. I am beyond excited. Black Panther stole the show in Captain America: Civil War with his beautiful feline suit and his vibranium claws and now his movie looks so amazing. Check it out.

There are so many things that are right this trailer but I’m not going to talk about every single thing because then this post would be about three thousand words long, but I will elaborate a little on how awesome this trailer is. So, let me start elaborating.

1. The Visuals


This is definitely one of the more visually enticing films Marvel has made. There so many shots in this trailer that were absolutely incredible. From Black Panther’s ship passing through what looked like the barrier surrounding Wakanda to him walking through a gorgeous field in Africa with the sky a brilliant array of pinks and blues and purples. Watching this movie in IMAX is going to be a serious treat.

2. The Action


This movie is already proving to have some of the best action scenes out of any of the Marvel films. And the cool thing is Black Panther is not the only one to have some incredible fighting scenes in this movie. The Dora Milaje, King T’Challa’s female bodyguards, seem to have plenty of time in this movie to display their jaw-dropping skills. I’m so excited!

3. The Technology


Wakanda might’ve hidden from the world but it didn’t matter, for their scientists and engineers have created a place unlike any other. The technology in this movie is enough to rival Tony Stark. There are gadgets, beautiful ships that are piloted with only the use of the hands, suits that can materialize out of thin air, it’s going to be mind-boggling watching this film.

The Overall Trailer


I’m just simply ecstatic to see this film. I loved the fact that even though this trailer had so many awe-inspiring shots and moments I still have only a vague clue of what the movie is about. That is always exciting to see because that means there’s a reason why they’re not showing a lot.

I hope you enjoyed this trailer as much as I have and I can’t wait to see it in February. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.




The 5 Reasons Why ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3’ Is the Future Marvel Movie I’m Most Excited to See

Avengers: Endgame wasn’t just a phenomenal conclusion to an amazing eleven years of storytelling. It was also the thrilling beginning of what will probably be eleven more years of breathtaking awesomeness. Yes we have had to say goodbye to some fan favorites like Iron Man, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Black Widow, etc. but there are some new heroes on the horizon that will surely make us look at this era in the way we look at The Avengers; it’s a great movie but gosh it can be boring…and old.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is one of the films we can look forward to seeing in the next couple of years or so and it’s destined to be a smash hit. With James Gunn returning to guide the movie to where it needs to be I have no doubt in my mind that it has the potential to be one of the best Marvel movies ever made. But what is it that has me so pumped to see the wacky Guardians for the third film? Well, that’s what I’m here to share with you. Enjoy! Continue reading The 5 Reasons Why ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3’ Is the Future Marvel Movie I’m Most Excited to See

There’s So Much ‘Star Wars’ Stuff To Look Forward To This Year

I remember when there was a time I could’ve only dreamed of a new Star Wars movie. Then Disney bought the galactic franchise and my dream came true. Last year was the first year in recent years where we got a Star Wars movie in May, which was a bummer, considering that the end of the year was devoid of Star Wars happiness. But, because we’ve had a brief hiatus from the franchise, it seems that LucasFilm has gone on turbo for Star Wars fans.

This fall is going to be packed with enticing Star Wars entertainment, from novels and comic books to games and episodic series, and finally The Rise of Skywalker at the end of it all. I’m so freaking excited!

So, to celebrate the wondrous end of the year, I’m going to share with you all of the stuff I’m most excited for. Enjoy!


A Marvel mini-series focusing on some of the greatest characters and villains in the Star Wars trilogy will arrive. The characters the series are highlighting will be Rey, Finn, Poe, Rose, Kylo Ren, and Snoke. While each series seems interesting the ones I’m most looking forward to are the ones focusing on Kylo Ren and Snoke.

Kylo Ren


Here is its synopsis: Anakin Skywalker casts a long shadow. Can Kylo Ren ever escape his infamous grandfather’s reputation? Or will he succeed where Darth Vader failed?

This series will focus on the young Solo in his years before The Force Awakens which I am SO excited about. I’ve always wanted to know about him in his younger years and finally, we’ll get to discover a piece of that relatively unknown past. Yes! Continue reading There’s So Much ‘Star Wars’ Stuff To Look Forward To This Year

Throwback Friday: My Experience Watching ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Oh my goodness everybody, Avengers: Infinity War is no joke! I’ve watched all of the Marvel movies and this is undoubtedly not only the best one but truly the entire culmination of the last eighteen movies. I sat in that movie theater waiting in silent anguish for the movie to start after all of the many trailers and once it did it latched on and didn’t let go literally from beginning to end. The audience was incredible. There were many laugh-out-loud (and silently funny) moments that had the audience in stitches. There were some fantastic character moments that just had the audience cheering with excitement. And then there were some legitimately heartbreaking moments that caused quite a bit of sniffling in the theater. When I walked out of that movie after its two hours and thirty-two-minute long run I was stunned. I felt like a young woman who had just seen the most amazing Marvel superhero movie that she had ever seen and couldn’t believe how shocking the film’s ending was…because that’s exactly what I was. My feet were lead, my eyebrows were furrowed in stunned confusion, and my mind was racing in an utter “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”

As I was walking out of that movie theater I saw this super awesome display for Solo: A Star Wars Story and I just had to take a picture with it.

Yeah. It’s just me sitting in the Millennium Falcon cockpit with my Star Wars buddies. 😊

Isn’t that an awesome display?! I’ve seen some cool displays in my time but this one takes the cake. Just imagining myself sitting in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon was an awesome experience. So then after that, I went to find the Infinity War display so I can take a new movie photo and when I did I was so excited.

This is the look of someone who just came out of Avengers: Infinity War. Yeah, it was a ride.

That expression on my face isn’t the look of disappointment. It’s the face of someone who doesn’t know what just happened. I’m telling you, the end of Infinity War is so unexpected and out of this world that usually an audience roars with applause at the end of a really good movie but this audience was mostly silent with the occasional murmur. All of us were legitimately stunned at what had just transpired.

All in all, Avengers: Infinity War will be a movie experience that I will undoubtedly remember for quite a while and it’s given Avengers 4 a very high bar to try to surpass.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magical day.