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Sharon Carter and Helmut Zemo Are Reported To Appear in the ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Series

Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame brought dozens of characters laced throughout the MCU back to the fold, even Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster! There were still some characters, however, that didn’t make the list and one of the most striking lack of appearances was Sharon Carter.


She was established in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War as a love interest for Steve Rogers. The last time we saw her she had defied the Sokovia Accords, giving Captain America and Falcon their suits back, before FINALLY getting a long-awaited kiss from Steve Rogers which, now that I’ve seen Endgame, seems even ickier considering that Steve would end up going back in time and being with Peggy for the duration of his life. I now think of that scene in the same way that I think of that one unforgettable moment when Leia and Luke kissed in The Empire Strikes Back. *shudder* Yikes.

What makes it even worse is that Sharon would not get invited to the massive Avengers party, leaving her storyline very much in the dust. But now it seems that she will finally get the role that she deserves as it’s being reported that she may join Falcon and Bucky in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series on Disney+.

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‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ Gets Some New Posters

Spider-Man: Far from Home is the third and final Marvel film set to come out this year and I am excited. It will follow the events of Avengers: Endgame, becoming the last movie in the current Phase 3 of the MCU which most likely means this film will have some rather interesting developments moving forward. We’re just over a month away from seeing the movie and Marvel has released some cool posters to get us excited for the film. So, on that note, here they are.



We see Peter Parker sporting the red and black version of his classic Spidey-suit. It’s very intriguing seeing all of the different variations of his suit in this film.

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I mean, there’s the Iron Spider suit, his first suit given to him by Tony Stark, the classic red and blue one, the new red and black one, and his super cool looking all-black suit. His suit game has gone up. But why? Is it possible that really he only has one suit and it can change styles like Captain Marvel’s suit can change to different color combinations as well? Or, does he now have a closet full of Spidey-suits? I guess we’ll find out right?

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How Women Have Evolved in Marvel: Part 1

Marvel has made twenty-two movies in the last eleven years and through this fascinating journey that Marvel has taken us on we have seen an evolution of the franchise right before our very eyes. Take The Avengers for example. In its heyday, it was the talk of the town, the groundbreaking movie that broke creative barriers that people didn’t know could be achieved as it proved that a superhero film could be successful with multiple heroes. It broke records and set a precedent for the Marvel movies that would come afterward. Now it’s just an old example of the first steps Marvel was taking to create this fantastic journey that has led up to the events of today’s current Marvel films. But as great as The Avengers was it’s always a little jarring seeing how much it lacked diversity compared to how the franchise looks now.

The only major women in The Avengers was Black Widow and Agent Hill and the only person of color to participate in the film was Nick Fury. Marvel, at that time, was still heavily centered around white male characters and in the last few years that dynamic has changed a lot, making the franchise that much more enjoyable. So, through the course of the next two days, I’m going to look at how the roles of women have evolved throughout the years to what the MCU is now. Enjoy!



In the MCU’s first installment, Iron Man, the one major female presence was Pepper Potts whose character was the typical hot assistant that the rich guy, in this case, Tony Stark, couldn’t keep his eyes off of. She was merely a part of the movie’s story as Tony’s imminent love interest and soon to be damsel-in-distress.

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Hawkeye Needs to be in the Black Widow Movie

It’s official. Hawkeye and Black Widow have one of my favorite friendships in cinema history. We’ve seen their friendship highlighted before, mainly in The Avengers, but Avengers: Endgame took that storyline and really brought things into perspective through an emotionally impactful conclusion between the two friends. But that’s just the thing. There was an ending to their friendship.

There are major spoilers ahead but if you haven’t seen the film by now you probably weren’t that excited about it to begin with so…

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