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‘Black Panther’ Resides In Its Own Corner and That’s Why It Is Such A Great Movie

After recently watching Black Panther for the first time after owning Avengers: Endgame on Blu-Ray I was quickly reminded why this became the first superhero movie to garner an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. This movie is SO good, written with a deceptively complex storyline that pleases both the masses and the most snobbish critics. So, because I had such a fun time watching this film last night, I decided to revisit a post I wrote about it last year that perfectly sums up how I’m feeling right now. Enjoy!

The main reason Black Panther was so successful is that, while it definitely feels like a Marvel movie, the writers didn’t incorporate too much of the MCU into the film, which they easily could’ve done. Continue reading ‘Black Panther’ Resides In Its Own Corner and That’s Why It Is Such A Great Movie


‘Avengers: Endgame’: A Hero’s Redemption Part 2

Clint Barton. The butt of so many Avengers jokes.

Being one of the original six Avengers, lots of fans found him to be the most uninteresting addition to the superhero team for his lackluster storyline. The writers tried to spruce up his involvement in the MCU by revealing that he had a family but he still sat on the bottom of the totem pole. And even now, in a recent poll, I did on Twitter asking people which Marvel Disney+ series they were most excited for Hawkeye’s series was unsurprisingly the least voted for.

Hawkeye may get a lot of flack for being the most…regular Avenger but I love him. And his storyline in Avengers: Endgame was truly the icing on the cake. So, with no further delay, here is the story of his redemption. Enjoy! Continue reading ‘Avengers: Endgame’: A Hero’s Redemption Part 2

This Concept Art for ‘Eternals’ Is Freaking Me Out

Last month during San Diego Comic-Con we got our first official look at the cast who would be bringing The Eternals to life in the highly-anticipated dive into more cosmic weirdness next November in the form of the film, Eternals. With A-list stars like Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Kumail Nanjiani one can only get excited about what to expect.

Yesterday concept artist Rodney Fuentebella revealed concept art featuring the Celestials, who in turn created The Eternals and, if I’m not mistaken, the Infinity Stones, and it is some freaky looking stuff. Check it out.

Our first delve into the cosmic universe was via Guardians of the Galaxy and while that was fun and energetic this is just straight down odd. Eternals is going to be unlike any other superhero film brought to the big screen and I am both excited and totally weirded out at the same time.

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‘Black Widow’ Is a Prequel, But It’s Not Set as Far Back as You Might Imagine

(MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame ahead!)

If you’ve seen Endgame like the millions of other people around the world then you know how Black Widow’s story ended in the film. To retrieve the Soul Stone from Vormir it came down to a brief but fierce duel between her and Hawkeye over who would sacrifice themselves for the stone. And, because she has always beaten Hawkeye in their individual duels, she won, hence she was the one to die in order to get the Soul Stone.

Many were devastated/shocked about Black Widow’s outcome. And to only rub salt into our collective wounds, we got a tremendous all-female Avengers scene and she wasn’t a part of it. Ouch!

But, Marvel Studios did a good job preventing a wave of outrage from fans by announcing that Black Widow would be getting her own film next May. And now, even more news about the movie has arisen.

When it was announced that Black Widow was set to be a prequel, fans and critics alike began to suspect that the film would obviously take place before Iron Man 2. Turns out, we were wrong. It’s actually going to occur after Captain America: Civil War.

In the days after she decided to become a fugitive, Black Widow goes to Budapest where she finds herself thrown back into having to save the world when evil forces arise to make her life only that more complicated.

The film’s creators have promised to flesh out Black Widow’s background and give us a greater understanding of who she is as a character by the time she becomes a Secret Avenger alongside Captain America, Wanda Maximoff, and Falcon.

To hear this news is truly, truly exciting stuff and I can’t wait to see this movie!

It premieres May 1, 2020.

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You Wouldn’t Believe Who’s Missing from the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Credits

After watching the AMAZING credits for Avengers: Endgame for the first time yesterday I was thoroughly pleased in seeing so many important characters throughout the MCU highlighted in the credits. It truly made it feel like this was the end of an era. The end of the Infinity Saga.

But after watching the credits my sister pointed something out to me and once I realized it I was stunned. Paul Bettany, who of course plays fellow Avenger/keeper-of-the-Soul- Stone, Vision was not included in the credits. My jaw dropped. How could this be?!

Vision is easily one of the most important characters in the MCU and Paul Bettany’s involvement in the franchise goes back to Iron Man when his only role was to voice Tony Stark’s AI companion, JARVIS. How in the world could Natalie Portman who, until Endgame and now the upcoming Thor sequel, Thor: Love and Thunder, had practically been written out of the franchise be in the credits but Paul Bettany couldn’t. I don’t know whether to be outraged or simply saddened by this egregious blunder.

What happened? Did Paul Bettany accidentally leak Endgame spoilers and so they said he couldn’t be acknowledged in the credits? Did he step on Marvel Studios execs’ toes? Why is Paul Bettany not in the credits?!

It’s honestly a blaring shame.

I thank you for reading this saddening observation and I hope you have a tremendous day.