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Ranking the Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 1

The MCU is getting bigger and bigger, meaning more and more characters are being introduced to this massive franchise. After Black Widow, and considering that there’s a good chance we won’t be getting any new characters until Hawkeye later this year, I thought this would be as good a time as any to update my ranking.

(This ranking will include mostly heroes but will also include my favorite villains, or villains who will surely show up again in the future as potential antiheroes.)


57. Ghost

Ant-Man and the Wasp is a fun film but its weakest element, undoubtedly, is its villain. Played by Hannah John-Kamen, Ghost is a character who’s kind of interesting but ultimately pretty lame. But I am intrigued to see her story continue in the future and how she could potentially be utilized in a potential Thunderbolts movie.

56. Quicksilver

Quicksilver was cool…in the X-Men movies. In Marvel Studios, he’s one of the more forgettable characters.

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Why I Love Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange came out four months ago but until recently I had only seen it once in the movie theaters. When I saw it again at home my love for this new installment was reawakened. Back when it first came out I couldn’t be sure if I truly liked Doctor Strange as much as I thought as I did because sometimes when I watch a movie twice it’s worse the second time. I’m glad to say this was not the case. This movie is full of humor, epic fighting scenes, and fantastic characters that are more memorable than even some of the Avengers(mainly Hawkeye.) And even though this is one of the shortest Marvel films at a time of an hour and fifty four minutes it’s packed with so much content it feels about as long as an Avengers movie. So on that note let me delve a little deeper into why I loved this movie so much.

Doctor Strange


He is definitely, at the moment, my favorite superhero that has been introduced to Marvel. Having Benedict Cumberbatch play Doctor Strange was a perfect idea. He embodies the essence of Doctor Strange so well that he’s really made that character his own. He’s also surprisingly funny which was a shock considering all of the other roles that he’s played. The thing that makes Doctor Strange wonderfully unique compared to the other Avengers is his unwillingness to kill his foes. Until Doctor Strange I had never really realized how easily the Avengers take their enemies’ lives without a single remorse. Having Doctor Strange’s perspective in the Avengers on how to defeat terrible foes will be very interesting. After I finished watching the movie and I saw the mid-credits scene where he’s conversing with Thor November just doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough. Yes I’m excited for Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man but the thought of a Marvel movie with Thor, The Hulk, and Doctor Strange in it is too exciting. I foresee a very, very epic fighting scene in Thor: Ragnarok at the end of the year.

The Action Sequences

From the very beginning to the end the action scenes in this movie are simply mind blowing. I love that the movie starts off by showing you this is not your normal Marvel flick. The Ancient One faces her traitorous disciples with a masterful grace that’s breathtaking. It’s definitely the perfect way to start the movie. I can’t say what my favorite action scene is because there are so many good scenes. I really love when Doctor Strange first fights Kaecilius and his zealots at the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York. It’s filled with humor, mind boggling special effects, and Doctor Strange’s amazing cloak. I think it’s hilarious when Doctor Strange grabs that glowing pot and Kaecilius just stops and looks at him like what are you doing. That is very funny.

The Characters

Not only was Doctor Strange a joy to watch but the characters around him were also great. First off I am so glad Rachel McAdams’s character, Christine Palmer, was in the movie as much as she was. If she had been in the movie any more she would’ve definitely been a nuisance. Her being with Doctor Strange in the midst of all that stuff that was going on would’ve been more ridiculous than Lois Lane being on that island when Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman were fighting Doomsday. That’s pretty bad. Her role as the sort of anchor to his normal life was perfect and really helped remind viewers that he was previously a doctor before he became a sorcerer.

The Ancient One was so awesome in this movie that I’m kind of sad that she died. I get it, she had to die because why else would Doctor Strange be important to the Avengers but it’s still sad. She was very, very cool. I think that they should’ve maybe given her a little more time in the spotlight before killing her off because I didn’t even get to truly see how powerful she is. She was a great character though.

Wong is also awesome. He has a very austere countenance but that’s what makes him great. I can’t wait to see him in the next Avengers.

And last but not least there is Mordo. He is definitely an essential piece to this movie. This film is just as much about his fall as a sorcerer as Doctor Strange’s rise as a sorcerer. When you first meet him he’s the Ancient One’s right-hand man, her most loyal disciple. After he finds out that she uses the powers she forbade everyone else from using he feels deeply betrayed. In his eyes everyone is doing the wrong thing. Doctor Strange fiddles with time as if he’s making coffee, Kaecilius veered away from the natural order of things and has contacted Dormammu, and his teacher, The Ancient One, has used Dormammu’s great power to prolong her life and give her great power. When he walks away from it all I understand his point of view. Everything he’s believed in has been false. He believes that he’s doing the right thing and that makes me very excited to see what he’ll be up to the next time we see him. Will Doctor Strange be able to convert him back to his side or is too late? I can’t wait to find out.

Well that’s the main reasons I love Doctor Strange. If Captain America: Civil War didn’t have such an epic story line it definitely would be my second favorite Marvel movie under Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And even though there has been no announcement of a Doctor Strange 2 at least he’ll be in Thor and the next Avengers so that’s exciting. Until then I’ll enjoy watching him fight Kaecilius and his zealots with his fire whip.